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31 Jul
1/The way this article talks about Rep. Karen Bass and Senator Kamala Harris is incredibly problematic. The press and @JoeBiden's team are falling back on old stereotypes of Black women. I am incredibly distraught by this.…
2/Painting Rep. Bass as "humble", "safe", won't "rock the boat," reinforces the idea that Bass will "stay her lane" do the work Joe asks her without having her own voice. She's to be seen, not heard. That's a stereotype placed on Black women.
3/Kamala Harris is getting almost all of the stereotypes: from "too ambitious" to "can rub some people the wrong way" (e.g. "too aggressive"). These white men (and women) don't seem to know (or care) that they're perpetuating old destructive tropes of Black Women, but they are. “My mentors talk to me about dimming my light”  It’s nHow Black Women Describe Navigating Race and Gender in the W
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19 Jul
1/One reason why Dems could lose this Fall vs. GOP: Old school Dems running for office are incredibly risk-averse. They're by the book all of the time, from fundraisers to interviews. The GOP? Not risk-averse at all. They'll spout bigotry as they keep your name off the voter roll
2/Republicans swing for the fences. They spend time studying how to stack, crack, and pack voters, how to 'legally' purge voters, and they speak in bumper sticker while using & harming their base. Dem should never emulate the GOP. However, Dems need to level w/us.
3/Dems (and the media) need to discuss the obstacles BIPOC voters are going to face this #2020election from voter suppression to "The enthusiasm problem." A poll today said Latinx voters prefer Trump by 32%. While Biden # is 2x that, it's still not great.…
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11 Jul
1/This article would make sense if @DrJasonJohnson had been on vacation since January 2020 w/o the use of cellphones, television, or the internet. However, I assume he was not. #BidenHarris2020 are more than ready to "knock out" Trump/Pence. Here is how:
2/The number one concern of those living in America and American's living abroad right now is #COVID19. Dr. Johnson is looking at this election pre-COVID, pre-BLM2020 protests. This election is different. The majority of us are worried about dying.…
3/Trump, of course, will attempt to peel off Black voters like he did in 2016 (he can't win w/o us), but he was able to do that w/ the help of the media, Bernie Sanders, Russia coupled with a MASSIVE dose of misogyny.
This is not that election. Why?
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28 Jun
1/ I just spoke to my father-in-law who is a psychologist. I asked him 'Why are so many white women reacting in this way'? He talked about the 'chronic unwanted uncertainty' we are all going through, but that these women are also feeling a challenge to their privilege.
2/The challenge to their privilege is on multiple levels. Perhaps many of these women never saw themselves as privileged. Now they perceive being told to 'wear a mask' as a challenge to that (unrealized) privilege. They're reacting w/defensiveness & anger.
3/Many of us would go out to dinner w/ friends as a form of soothing ourselves from daily anxieties before COVID. Some of these women's coping/soothing mechanisms are perceived as unavailable to them now. Healthy way of coping, wearing a mask. Unhealthy⬇️
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26 May
1/OK, so I said I would do a thread on this and here it is. This is a wider thread, with charts (because I love visuals) and supporting articles about what I am calling "Wealthy Republicans-Libertarian Billionaires: aka White Male Supremacist Playbook." ("WMS" for short).
2/Trump is just cog in a massive machine pushing a larger agenda: Continue to deregulate big business, tax avoidance, profit, and if need be, shred the Constitution. This is through an intricate well-funded network hiding in plain sight. These are just a FEW of the players:
3/The playbook has been the same since the early 1970s (started in earnest after 1965 when the VRA was passed). Women & marginalized groups' rights are looked at as a threat to WMS profits and the (very debunked) idea that 'white men' are genetically/mentally 'superior'.
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15 Mar
1/I want to employ some logic here @BernieSanders by posing this question to you: if you couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton in the last primary and if you still cannot beat Joe Biden in this primary, why do you think you’d beat Trump in the presidential election?
2/Data has shown that Bernie Sanders has not expanded his base, not in the way that he would need to, to beat Trump. Joe Biden on the other hand has already shown that he is uniting multiple coalitions, coalitions that he will need to beat Trump on November 3, 2020.
3/ Sanders keeps making this election about “excitement“ but he’s underestimating the deep-seated desire most of America has: to get rid of the most incompetent bigoted president we’ve had since the after Civil War (Andrew Johnson). This election is about getting rid of Trump.
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21 Feb
1/Here are 2 charts from @FPRI, they're keeping track of Foreign Influence. Clint Watts, formerly of the F.B.I who runs FPRI clearly knew Russia was trying to influence our Democratic Primary early on in 2019.

Russia's favorite candidates: Sanders and Tulsi
Least Favorite: Biden
@FPRI 2/It was already clearly laid out in the Mueller report that Russia preferred Sanders over Clinton.

"Russian interference sought to boost Bernie Sanders in 2016."

Why did Russia boost Sanders in the 1st place? Why are they still doing it? (Seems clear.)

@FPRI 3/Sanders, like Trump, have DOWNPLAYED Russia assisting his campaign. When Sanders was asked when he knew Russia was assisting his campaign, he demurred saying:

"We knew what we knew when we knew it, and that's about all that I can say."

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11 Feb
1/When I was in Anna Deavere Smith’s class last semester we were tasked w/ writing a personal narrative. A week before my performance @KamalaHarris suspended her campaign which led to me rewriting my narrative to discuss the broken ‘The American Dream.’ Here is that performance:
2/"Today I stand before you, to humbly announce my candidacy to qualify for a position within the American Dream. I truly believe in this Country’s bounty.”

(part two of performing the narrative, the rest of the text to follow).
3/"On my father’s side, his grandfather was a sharecropper in Walls, Mississippi, and his grandparents were enslaved along the Mississippi Delta. On my mother’s side, her father and his mother arrived at the Port of New York on the USS Santa Teresa from Valparaiso, Chile."
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22 Jan
1/This line of attack on Biden is disingenuous & lacks context. Saying he "spent years working to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid" is untrue. The clip Sanders used in his newest attack ad is from a speech @JoeBiden gave on the Senate floor 11/16/95. Context & clips below:
2/In the Winter of 1995 the Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (R) and the @GOP demanded a ‘balanced budget’ and proposed massive cuts to ‘entitlements’ (changes to Medicare & Medicaid, etc.) and tax cuts for the wealthy. This led to a Nov 13-19, 1995 Government shut down.
3/It was Newt Gingrich who felt those ‘entitlement’ programs (you know the ones that help the most marginalized) had outlived “their usefulness”. This angered Senate Dems. They took to the floor on Nov. 16, 1995. Here's Sen. Kennedy venting his frustration over the proposed cuts.
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18 Jan
1/ After listening to stories from people who've been harassed by Bernie Sanders supporters and from staff inside Sanders 2016 bid that told me of sexual harassment within the campaign, it's clear there's a very toxic issue presenting itself.
I have a few questions/observations:
2/ Why did @politico assign @ccadelago to focus on so many stories of Kamala's campaign's "disorganization" over what was happening within other campaigns (like Sanders's supporters harassment or Pete's hometown issues) that were clearly more toxic?
3/ I've pointed out many times @twitter clearly has a bot problem. @jack doesn't want to get rid of too many bot accounts because it won't look good to stockholders but folks on this platform are getting death threats. That policy needs to change @lculbs.
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6 Jan
1/I agree with AOC in that Democrats need long term strategic planning, but Bernie Sanders was not thinking long term when he tried to destroy Clinton's reputation in 2016. What's happened since then? Families detained in cages at the border, a rapist was confirmed to SCOTUS...
2/Trump pledged to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate agreement in 2020, gave tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, appointed a record number of extremist Right Wing Federal Judges. Voter suppression & disinformation got us here but so did "purity" hypocritical politicking.
3/BTW, AOC has made a lot of young people pay attention to politics and that's critical, but as a legislator she hasn't been that successful. None of the bills she sponsored (not co-sponsored, everyone co-sponsors a ton of bills) made it out of the House on to McConnell's desk.
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30 Nov 19
1/ Et Tu @washingtonpost? If you want to know who @KamalaHarris is, and what she believes in, all you have to do is: Listen.

I did. I went and saw her speak in Harlem last week.
I took notes, something Newspapers are suppose to do. Here are my notes (thread): #KHive
1/ "I started my career fighting for justice in the way that I chose to do it. Which is yes, I confess, to go up the rough side of the mountain and become a prosecutor..."

Kamala also said she knew that our system, which was suppose to provide justice, didn't always do that.
2/ Kamala said, "I decided I would go inside [the system] to change what needed to change in addition to all of the important work that was happening on the outside."

She echoed this sentiment here from an article in June.…
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24 Nov 19
1/ I was really troubled watching @SRuhle, a journalist, defend @MikeBloomberg running not only as a billionaire but as someone who was a big proponent of the racist policy Stop & Frisk. She cited statistics that have been proven to not be associated with Stop & Frisk. Thread:
@SRuhle @MikeBloomberg 2/First, some history, 'Stop and Frisk' was born out of 'Broken Windows'. The genesis of this theory born in 1969. A psychologist Philip Zimbardo, left one car on a street in the Bronx and another on a street in Palo Alto, CA both with their hoods up and w/o license plates.
3/ The car placed in the Bronx was stripped within 24-hours. The car in California was untouched for a week. It wasn't until Zimbardo smashed its windows and hood with a sledgehammer that it invited vandalism. Zimbardo concluded that a broken window "encourages crime."
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5 Nov 19
1/ I remember the night after Obama won reelection in 2012 I met up with a friend for a drink. The first thing my friend did the moment I met up with her was complain about a policy of Obama’s. The friend I met up w/ is a white woman. I let her vent for a moment before I said:
2/ “I’ve been dealing with racist tropes about Michelle & Barack online for the past few years. I’ve watch them be eviscerated in every form of media. I am so mentally & emotionally exhausted by it because it hurts me personally. I need one night where he’s not being destroyed.”
3/ She backed off but this is what legacy media doesn’t get: as a Black/Latinx woman it’s not easy for me to see the media ignore and/or eviscerate Castro and Kamala Harris daily. These are brilliant candidates and the media has done what it can to destroy their candidacies.
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31 Oct 19
1/ Storytime: My mom & @ewarren were born 8 days apart. My mom was a Latinx woman whose father served in WW2 & grandfather in WW1. My mother was a civil rights advocate. She knew Nixon was a crook, & Reagan was a racist. She was never Republican, and she got her first job at 15.
1a/I mention that because @EWarren was a Republican while my mother was registering democrats and protesting for equal pay. My mother had a job while @BernieSanders was "finding himself". My mom knew the crime bill was RACIST AF when Joe Biden crafted and Bernie voted for it.
1b/ (Why didn't Joe and Sanders know? Why do they get a pass? Why does Warren's Wiki page have nothing under Civil rights?)
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14 Sep 19
1/ I transcribed @sjs856 video about @KamalaHarris prosecutorial record because it's that good and I wanna everyone to have access to it. 🔥
Follow Drew, watch this video, and the transcript of it is in the thread below as well.
2/ "Kamala Harris. It ain't the fact that she's black. Howard University. Alpha Chapter, AKA. It's enough to get my attention. But it ain't enough to get my vote. All skinfolk ain't kinfolk. You better check her record. And I did that. I found out some things. She dope. Dope!"
3/ "Kamala Harris is almost exactly what you'd expect from a prosecutor with the credentials I just mentioned. First off, you don't even qualify to talk about her unless you heard about Back on Track. That's like tryin' to discuss Jay Z without hearing Reasonable Doubt."
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1 Sep 19
1/Gun violence occurs in all 50 states regularly (suicides, murder, accidental discharge etc). Mass murder by assault weapons escalated when the 1994 ban expired in 2004. A 2019 study shows mass shooting fatalities were 70% less likely when that ban was in place. #MassacreMitch
2/ What the Dem Controlled House has done?
The House passed 2 gun control bills: Bipartisan Background
📌Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 8)
📌Enhanced Background Checks Act (H.R. 112)
3/ What has the @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP done on gun control? Zilch, Nada, Squat. As y'all know Mitch McConnell has refused to bring either bill to the floor. One bill is supported by 90% of Americans. Even if it goes to the floor the @SenateGOP might not pass it. #MoscowMitch
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6 Aug 19
1/ Today President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law on August 6, 1965, with MLK Jr present. In honor of this day I wanted to do a thread 🧵 about the #VRA54 and why #VoterSuppression cost us the White House in 2016 and could again in 2020. Buckle up!
2/Quick timeline:
✔️The Emancipation Proclamation, issued by Lincoln on January 1, 1863 (enslaved African Americans freed)
✔️Reconstruction begins 1863 to 1877
✔️14th Amendment ratified 1868.
✔️15th Amendment ratified 1870.
🚩White resentment is growing exponentially. #VRA54
3/15th Amendment gave Black men the right to vote. A record number of Black men were elected to Congress for the 1st time. Many white Southerns had (have) zero interest in Black people crafting laws so they started disinformation & voter suppression campaigns (sound familiar?)
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4 Aug 19
1/ Dear @SpeakerPelosi,

I understand that you’re being methodical in your approach regarding your investigation into Trump’s misconduct. I also recognize your position in wanting to protect vulnerable House seats that might be in jeopardy with an impeachment inquiry.
2/ It’s evident that the @SenateGOP has no intention in passing legislation that would secure our elections, keep us safe from gun violence, or hold Trump accountable for his misconduct, but there must be something in-between impeachment and the current investigation into Trump.
3/ Trump threw gasoline on the simmering fire of this country’s bigotry and xenophobia when he declared his candidacy. In the last few weeks Trump directed his racist ideas towards Black/POC Congressional members. He lit a powder keg and has put their lives in danger.
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26 Jul 19
1/ Dear @JoeBiden,
This is an open letter to you. We need to talk. You’ve crossed a line. A line that wounds me personally. Like you, I lost a loved one to cancer far too young in their life. My mother died when she was 40 years old. I know Beau wasn’t much older.
2/And like you Joe, I lost more than one loved one too early in my life. My grandfather, who raised me alongside my mom, died just 29 days after she did from complications with pneumonia. Like you, I know heartbreak. I know you think about them every single day, just like I do.
3/Where I am deeply disappointed in you, Joe is that you’ve invoked your son’s name in this way. Why would you do that? Invoking him to discuss a cure for cancer, yes. As a slight against a political opponent? Joe, why?
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15 Jul 19
1/Here are the first videos in this 4-part mini-series about why we should #BlockTheBots #BlockTrolls on all social media platforms, especially on @Twitter which clearly has a Bot and Troll problem. Interacting with them quickly spreads their disinformation: #MondayMotivation
2/@realDonaldTrump is an example of a Troll. He's on Twitter to spread disinformation and to inflame emotions in order to distract from the headlines that don't flatter him: e.g. being associated w/ Epstein, the human rights violations at the border, Mueller's upcoming Testimony.
3/Trump is a typical troll: he's offensive, divisive, and is on social media to sow discord and to instill fear. #TrollTrump amplifies his message through other trolls such as Ali Alexander, Gorka, etc; their invective is further amplified by bots. #BlockTheBots #BlockTrolls
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