Great @financialpost commentary by climate economist @RossMcKitrick on phony declarations of "climate emergencies."

Full disclosure: I may be biased because he uses one of my favorite expressions, with credit.
"despite the enormous growth in world population, deaths due to natural disasters plummeted over the 20th century....As author @AlexEpstein notes, fossil fuels didn’t take a safe climate and make it dangerous, they took a dangerous climate and made it safer." @RossMcKitrick
"Do city councils that issue climate emergency declarations begin ramping up disaster preparedness? Do they upgrade their drainage systems....No, more likely they just book tickets for an ever-larger delegation to whichever climate conference is coming up next..." -@RossMcKitrick
Govts "declare abstract climate emergencies then fail to prepare for actual weather emergencies. They scramble to provide food, fuel and transportation when disasters strike, then once the crises pass, they conspire to choke off the supply of all three in the name of climate."

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More from @AlexEpstein

26 Nov
"When I think climate change, I think [Chinese] jobs."
--President Joe Biden
Here's why the reconciliation bill, aka "Build Back Better," will create mass "green joblessness." One of many reasons it should be called "Make Everything Worse."…
"Climate envoy" John Kerry is also clueless about energy jobs.
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25 Nov

My humanistic approach to energy/climate, which completely discredits Extinction Rebellion, has compelled them to attack me.

@ExtinctionR calls me "Koch-funded" yet none of their sources give any evidence for this false claim.

If XR cares about facts it will apologize.
For my actual relationship to industry, which I am proud of, see this video.

I admire the Kochs and would be proud of being funded by them, provided they respected my independence--as I require of everyone I deal with.

But Koch hasn't funded me.
The only "evidence" I've seen offered for the "Koch-funded" lie is:
1. Koch supposedly gave my former employer a small contribution a long time ago.
2. Of the hundreds of speeches I have given, 4 have been to Koch-connected groups. 2 for free because I admire them.

What a joke.
Read 4 tweets
24 Nov
If you want to see how my humanistic approach to energy/climate compares to the approach of prestigious climate catastrophists, watch the just-released "Opposing Views" by @MikhailaAleksis, which features me vs. Dr. Andrew Dessler.

It's changing minds!👇
"I was expecting Alex Epstein to be an idiot, but to me he clearly comes out as the winner. I guess I'm moving away from the 'save the planet people'"
"Dr. Dessler has many political comments, but little scientific comments. Some of his scientific comments are debatable. I believe Mr. Epstein had a more cogent set of arguments."
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24 Nov
Need talking points for this year's Thanksgiving energy/climate conversations?

Here's a 🧵 with my top 6.

Summary: Fossil fuels are making the world a better and better place by providing uniquely low-cost, reliable energy to billions of people--and are needed by billions more.
1: Contrary to rhetoric that we've "destroyed the planet," the world has never been a better place for human beings to live. Life expectancy and income have been skyrocketing, with extreme poverty (<$2/day) plummeting from 42% in 1980 to <10% today.
2: A root cause of today's amazingly livable world is fossil fuel. Low-cost, reliable energy enables us to use machines to be productive and prosperous. And only fossil fuels (80% of energy) provide low-cost, reliable energy for all energy needs on a scale of billions of people.
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23 Nov
A reader pointed me to this fascinating 2017 article by anthropologist John Tooby (credited with founding evolutionary psychology) on the nature of coalitions--including how they destroy science. Almost every paragraph applies to climate catastrophism.
"Since coalitional programs evolved to promote the self-interest of the coalition’s membership...even coalitions whose organizing ideology originates (ostensibly) to promote human welfare often slide into the most extreme forms of oppression..."
"to earn membership in a group you must send signals that clearly indicate that you differentially support it, compared to rival think and express content conforming to and flattering to one’s group’s shared beliefs and to attack and misrepresent rival groups."
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23 Nov
Elizabeth Warren has just sent a letter to energy CEOs complaining about natural gas prices.

What a crock. If not for Warren's success at restricting gas production, transport, and export, we would have low and stable prices--because the US has virtually unlimited natural gas.🧵
Warren and other anti-gas politicians claim that high natural gas prices come from too much freedom to export natural gas.

In fact, *restrictions* on natural gas transport, including exports, suppressed investment in gas production and helped create today's shortages/spikes.
Here's the real reason why natural gas and coal prices are skyrocketing around the world: the actions of anti-fossil fuel politicians like @SenWarren.
Read 8 tweets

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