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Sep 28 19 tweets 4 min read
Snappy answers to energy questions

This election season candidates are getting lots of energy-related questions.

Here are pro-freedom, pro-human answers to some of the most popular ones.

🧵👇 What is your energy policy?

I support Energy Freedom, including:
1. Liberate responsible development
2. End preferences for unreliable electricity
3. Reduce long-term CO2 emissions via liberating innovation
4. Decriminalize nuclear
Sep 27 17 tweets 3 min read
Joe Manchin’s “permitting reform” bill is superficial, corrupt, and unAmerican

🧵👇 The Manchin “permitting reform” involves superficial improvements as far as permitting reform goes—but does fundamental damage to our country via corrupt, unAmerican tactics.

Both parties should reject this monstrosity and take up real permitting reform as soon as possible.
Sep 21 42 tweets 10 min read
The Energy Litmus Test

Want to know whether a candidate is truly supportive of American energy?

Here's one simple test: Did they oppose the "Inflation Reduction Act."

If not, then they supported one of the most destructive energy policies in American history.

🧵👇 The "Inflation Reduction Act" is a 4-step recipe for destroying American energy
1. Make us more dependent on unreliable electricity
2. Impose new oil/gas taxes during an energy crisis
3. Give EPA more power to restrict fossil fuels
4. Give more power to anti-fossil-fuel activists
Sep 14 52 tweets 10 min read
12 myths about the terrible “Inflation Reduction Act,” refuted

The IRA is one of the worst energy policies in American history.

Its supporters are trying to hide this by spreading myth after myth about it being beneficial.

Here’s how to answer them
🧵👇 Myth 1: The IRA will lower the cost of energy

Truth: The IRA will rapidly raise the cost of energy via
* Policies that coerce us into using costly, unreliable “green” options
* Policies that increase fossil fuel costs
* More power for energy-obstructing bureaucrats and activists
Sep 11 5 tweets 4 min read
If you want to understand today's energy crisis, what caused it, and what to do about it, you need to read Fossil Future.

CC @megynkelly @TuckerCarlson @michaeljknowles @DennisPrager For my full interview with @megynkelly on @MegynKellyShow, go here:
Sep 7 50 tweets 10 min read
How to solve our electricity crisis

America's grid is in decline and about to get far worse due to policies that 1) reward unreliable electricity, 2) prematurely shut down coal plants, 3) criminalize nuclear, and 4) force EV use.

Here’s what’s happening and how to fix it.
🧵👇 Image A reliable grid is a foundation of our quality of life. Our lives depend on ultra-reliable electricity for the refrigerators that preserve our food, the water treatment plants that keep our water drinkable, the A/C that keeps us cool, the factories that produce our goods, etc.
Sep 1 6 tweets 4 min read
On @GBNEWS earlier today I debated a spokesperson for @JustStop_Oil, an organization that uses criminal activity to restrict the availability of fossil fuels.

Notice how his only response is to make faces and spout falsehoods, including demonstrable lies about me personally. References for my claims about declining climate-related deaths and increasing life expectancy thanks to fossil fuels:…
Aug 31 60 tweets 14 min read
The irrefutable case for a Fossil Future

If we want a world in which all 8 billion of us have the opportunity to flourish—to live long, healthy, prosperous, fulfilling lives—we need to use *more*, not less, fossil fuel going forward.

A summary of my book Fossil Future.

🧵👇 Why do I believe the world needs to increase fossil fuel use when so many tell us to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use?

Because it follows from 3 irrefutable principles for thinking about fossil fuels that I, as a philosopher *and* energy expert, follow—and most "experts" don't.
Aug 24 29 tweets 6 min read
A pro-human, pro-freedom policy for CO2 emissions

America is taking a "punish America" approach to reducing CO2, making our energy more expensive and less reliable while China, Russia, and others increase their emissions.

We need a "liberate American innovation" policy instead. The only moral and practical way to reduce CO2 emissions is innovation that makes low-carbon energy globally cost-competitive. So long as FFs are the most cost-competitive option for people, especially in developing nations, they will (rightly) choose to emit CO2.
Aug 15 29 tweets 8 min read
20 myths about fossil fuels, refuted

In my book Fossil Future, I refute literally hundreds of myths about fossil fuels.

Here are 20 that 11,000,000 people heard on @joerogan this year from @AndrewDessler, a climate scientist who misrepresented himself as an energy expert.

🧵👇 Myth 1: We can rapidly reduce fossil fuels at very low cost.

Truth: Fossil fuels are a uniquely cost-effective form of energy, which is why they are 80% of global energy and still growing. Rapidly reducing fossil fuels, in a world that needs far more energy, is catastrophic.
Aug 9 24 tweets 4 min read
Energy Fascism has failed. Time to embrace Energy Freedom.

The root of our global energy crisis is Green Energy Fascism—the idea that govt should have total control over the energy industry (fascism) used for the "green" goal of rapidly eliminating fossil fuels + nuclear.

🧵👇 There is no inevitability whatsoever to today's energy crisis.

In fact, if we replace Green Energy Fascism with Energy Freedom policies, America can lead the world in producing low-cost, reliable, plentiful, and cleaner energy—enriching ourselves and billions around the world.
Aug 4 50 tweets 10 min read
The Manchin deal = The Green New Deal

1. More expensive, less reliable electricity via massive solar/wind subsidies.
2. New, costly restrictions on fossil fuels.
3. Billions to left-wing activists
4. Endless favoritism and corruption

Tell your reps to stop the Manchin GND!
🧵👇 Joe Manchin has been pitching the energy/climate deal he just made as a reasonable, pro-fossil-fuel policy totally different from BBB, let alone the GND.

"Build Back Better is dead," he brags.

This is a lie. In fact, the Manchin Deal is just a new version of the Green New Deal.
Jul 30 5 tweets 4 min read
The lifetime of the anti-fossil-fuel movement is inversely proportional to the rate at which Fossil Future spreads.

This book is so damn logical and so damn good at changing minds, which is exactly what I spent over 3 years of intense work engineering it to do.

Spread the word! For a sense of how irrefutable Fossil Future is, watch this interview of me yesterday by @KevinRobertsTX at @Heritage.

Most designated "experts" on fossil fuels are fossil fuel benefit deniers and climate catastrophizers using an anti-human framework.
Jul 20 52 tweets 16 min read
An Open Letter to @Sen_JoeManchin

Thank you for courageously saving Americans from the Administration’s ruinous anti-fossil-fuel “climate agenda.”

Please continue to fight for us in the face of huge pressure.

🧵👇 @Sen_JoeManchin Dear Senator Manchin,

The American people owe you a great debt of gratitude for repeatedly stopping this Administration’s attempts at anti-fossil fuel “climate legislation.”

While you are being attacked for ruining our future, you have in fact saved it. Image
Jul 7 5 tweets 2 min read
One of America’s most successful oil execs, Cody Campbell, just published a must-read article in @FDRLST:

“Yes, Biden’s War On The Oil And Gas Industry Is Driving Shortages And High Prices”

🧵👇 “So, what’s holding back American producers? Take it from me, it certainly isn’t because of a lack of willingness to grow, and it certainly isn’t because of a lack of domestic resources to develop.”
Jul 5 7 tweets 4 min read
"What we need is an energy-freedom agenda that reliability over virtue-signaling, and affordability over cronyism and cowardice. This agenda should borrow from humanity-centric ideas like those of @AlexEpstein..."

🔥 from @chiproytx on energy freedom in @NRO "Only through a bold energy-freedom agenda — not watered-down Democrat policies — will we ensure the American people have abundant, affordable, and reliable energy, while countering the rising threat of Communist China."

Jul 5 4 tweets 3 min read

For the 4th time, @LinkedIn has taken down a factual post of mine as "misinformation," then had to reinstate it and apologize after my public refutation.

I know that my public following helps get mistakes corrected. Many victims don't get LinkedIn's mistakes corrected. As someone who has a perfect 4 for 4 track record of correcting @LinkedIn's faulty suppression of valid content as "misinformation"--by their own standards--I want to offer LinkedIn my services to fix their deeply flawed "misinformation" policies.

CC @reidhoffman @satyanadella
Jul 4 5 tweets 4 min read
Dear @LinkedIn,

Why do you keep taking my posts down for "misinformation"?

We've been through this 3 times, and in all 3 cases you had to admit you were wrong and apologize.

Now you need to do it a 4th time. All claims in this statement are true and carefully referenced.
👇 See this article for the references for my claims about fossil fuels having made the world better--which @LinkedIn absurdly labeled "misinformation." With no explanation whatsoever.

CC @jordanbpeterson @MikhailaFuller…
Jul 2 4 tweets 3 min read
Nobody can refute the moral case for a Fossil Future.

Exhibit Z: my debate with a climate activist on @NewsNation hosted by @AaronNolanNews.

Observe how my opponent can only respond to my methodology and facts by saying "lies"--and then telling the lie that I'm Koch-funded! The false claim that my work is "Koch-funded" 1) has been clearly refuted by me (see this article) and 2) is an ad hominem that shows the total inability to refute the arguments in Fossil Future.

If @Betsy_Rosenberg has any character she will apologize.…
Jun 21 19 tweets 8 min read
Today I will be testifying at a Congressional off-site hearing on energy and inflation.

The title of my testimony is:
"How the Biden Administration and the Global Anti-Fossil-Fuel Movement Caused an Energy Crisis and Inflated Our Cost of Living."

Some highlights:
👇 Today's crisis is simple.

The price of energy is set by supply and demand.

The global anti-fossil-fuel movement, with major leadership by @JoeBiden, has acted aggressively to restrict the supply of fossil fuel energy, which has prevented it from keeping up with growing demand.
Jun 3 5 tweets 2 min read
Fossil Future has gotten some astonishingly complimentary reviews by people who read the book carefully.

But the negative "reviews" are even more complimentary, because not one even attempts to accurately summarize, let alone refute, my (irrefutable) arguments. The main negative "reviews" of FF so far are a total straw-manning of me in @ForeignPolicy by 2 undergrad student activists (!)--and then a bizarre piece in @Slate that's less accurate than the students' piece. Read FF, then read these, and you'll see they are not "reviews."