Occasionally the NY Times - perhaps by accident - publishes something intelligent and worth reading. Such is the case with playwright David Hare's review of Matthew Sturgiss' biography of Oscar Wilde. There are passages that flew over the heads of NYT Book Review editors. 1/
The review, published today, is titled, "The Importance of Being Oscar". Apparently aware that Wilde, were he alive, would attract the wrath of MeToo and the NYT, Hare writes: 2/
"Wilde brought to literature a liberating philosophy that struck hard at Victorian society, but also at our own. He did not believe that morality consisted of judging other people's faults. He believed it consisted of judging your own." Ouch! 3/
Hare rejects the biography's claim that Wilde was not interested in politics as "an odd suggestion to make about the man who wrote 'The Soul of Man Under Socialism.'" Wilde held that without "commercial competition," the individual "should thereby flourish." Hare continues: 4/
"But anyone who recalls Trotsky's argument that under socialism, the ordinary working man and woman would be elevated to be on a par with Aristotle, with Goethe and with Marx, will recognize that these two wildly dissimilar characters are ringing on the very same bell." 5/
Hare is citing the passage with which Trotsky concludes "Literature and Revolution," written in 1924 in opposition to Stalin and Bukharin's advocacy of "proletarian culture" [Proletkult], which was connected to their anti-Marxist program of "socialism in one country." 6/
Under socialism, Trotsky wrote,
"Man will become immeasurably stronger, wiser, and subtler; his body will become more harmonized, his movements more rhythmic, his voice more musical. The forms of life will become dynamically dramatic." And then the concluding sentences: 7/
"The average human type will rise to the heights of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx. And above this ridge new peaks will arise."
Even after a century, the grandeur of Trotsky's vision of humanity's destiny remains undiminished and inspires the socialist movement. 8/8

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5 Dec
The @The1619Project is undergoing another reinvention. @nhannahjones now claims (see below): "No honest reading of the 1619 Project argues that it deemphasizes 1776 of [sic] the Declaration." What shameless dishonesty! 1/
The Project's main thesis is that the revolt against Britain was undertaken to save slavery. Among the main sources cited by Hannah-Jones in support of the Project is "The Counter-Revolution of 1776", written by the unreconstructed Stalinist liar and plagiarist Gerald Horne. 2/
In a further tweet, also written on Nov 22, Hannah-Jones contradicts herself and reiterates the 1619 Project's attempt to discredit (not merely "deemphasize") 1776. She writes: "Further, the Declaration is not a liberation document, but a document arguing for secession." 3/
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In response to a favorable reference to Tom Mackaman's "trenchant critique" of the #1619Project, @jbouie of the NY Times tweeted: "unfortunately i am having a hard time getting through the vitriolic denunciations that punctuate every other sentence" 1/
This is a dishonest characterization of Mackaman's essay, which provided a meticulously researched refutation of @jakesilverstein's latest effort to legitimize the Project's racialist and politically reactionary falsification of US history. 2/
The two outstanding features of Mackaman's essay are 1) his careful review of the treatment of slavery by American historians, dating back to the work of George Bancroft in the 19th century, demolishing the @nytimes claim that the subject was ignored by "white" scholars. 3/
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27 Nov
The Omicron variant, which threatens an even more disastrous spread of Covid-19, confirms the warnings of scientists. Without stringent public health measures aimed at the global elimination and eradication of the virus, the pandemic will go on exacting a terrible human toll. 1/
But the Washington Post writes: "The U.S. must defend itself from the omicron variant — without resorting to lockdowns." In other words, continue the same disastrous policies. The WP justifies this with an absurd argument: 2/
"The costs of further lockdowns would be heavy, from eating disorders and opioid overdoses to small-business failures and school kids falling behind." How do these consequences -- all of which could be prevented -- compare with millions more dying? 3/
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18 Oct
No, the elimination and eradication of Covid is "not going to happen" as long as policy is dictated to governments by profit-crazed corporate-financial interests. These pandemic "defeatists" are trying to convince the public to accept high levels of death. 1/
Pandemic history proves that eradication is possible. How many children in the United States contract Polio annually? Answer: since 1979 there have been no cases originating in the US. The main obstacle to eradication is the social and political environment. 2/
Dr. Smith's tweet asks, "Who's going to fund" the global eradication campaign? Well, who funded the $3 trillion corporate bailout provided in March 2020 by the CARES Act? The virus persists because the dominant economic interests prioritize corporate profits and share values. 3/
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18 Oct
Leading epidemiologists insist that elimination of Covid-19 is not only possible. It is the only policy that can end the pandemic and save the lives of hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions, of people. 1/
In this recent study, five New Zealand scientists determined that the global eradication of Covid-19 is achievable. 2/
.@jenkinshelen has denounced the WSWS October 24th Webinar -- "How to End the Pandemic: The Case for Eradication" -- as "immensely irresponsible." What is, in fact, irresponsible is the policy, which she advocates, of reopening schools and exposing children to the virus. 3/
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17 Oct
@woodyholtonusc has exposed himself as a mean-spirited liar. He attempts to discredit the WSWS' exposure of the 1619 Project's racialist falsification of history as "Stalin-like." In another tweet, Holton snidely references "Chairman Trump" as "our friend." 1/
Holton is, in fact, emulating the tactics employed by Stalin's liberal allies in the US during the 1930s, who endorsed Stalin's falsifications of history, the Moscow frame-up trials and the Great Terror while denouncing Trotsky as an ally and agent of Hitler. 2/
The WSWS is a Trotskyist publication, affiliated with the Socialist Equality Party and the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), whose history is steeped in the struggle against the Stalinist bureaucracy and the exposure of its crimes. 3/
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