No, the elimination and eradication of Covid is "not going to happen" as long as policy is dictated to governments by profit-crazed corporate-financial interests. These pandemic "defeatists" are trying to convince the public to accept high levels of death. 1/
Pandemic history proves that eradication is possible. How many children in the United States contract Polio annually? Answer: since 1979 there have been no cases originating in the US. The main obstacle to eradication is the social and political environment. 2/
Dr. Smith's tweet asks, "Who's going to fund" the global eradication campaign? Well, who funded the $3 trillion corporate bailout provided in March 2020 by the CARES Act? The virus persists because the dominant economic interests prioritize corporate profits and share values. 3/
Stop worrying about the rich, Dr. Smith, and focus on what MUST be done to eradicate Covid and stop needless death. This is a much better way to utilize your skill and knowledge. 4/
The case for elimination and eradication will be made at the October 24 WSWS webinar. To all readers of this thread: Make sure to register. 5/5

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18 Oct
Leading epidemiologists insist that elimination of Covid-19 is not only possible. It is the only policy that can end the pandemic and save the lives of hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions, of people. 1/
In this recent study, five New Zealand scientists determined that the global eradication of Covid-19 is achievable. 2/…
.@jenkinshelen has denounced the WSWS October 24th Webinar -- "How to End the Pandemic: The Case for Eradication" -- as "immensely irresponsible." What is, in fact, irresponsible is the policy, which she advocates, of reopening schools and exposing children to the virus. 3/
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17 Oct
@woodyholtonusc has exposed himself as a mean-spirited liar. He attempts to discredit the WSWS' exposure of the 1619 Project's racialist falsification of history as "Stalin-like." In another tweet, Holton snidely references "Chairman Trump" as "our friend." 1/
Holton is, in fact, emulating the tactics employed by Stalin's liberal allies in the US during the 1930s, who endorsed Stalin's falsifications of history, the Moscow frame-up trials and the Great Terror while denouncing Trotsky as an ally and agent of Hitler. 2/
The WSWS is a Trotskyist publication, affiliated with the Socialist Equality Party and the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), whose history is steeped in the struggle against the Stalinist bureaucracy and the exposure of its crimes. 3/
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14 Jul…
In the aftermath of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, the International Committee -- while defending the Castro regime against US imperialism -- rejected the impressionistic and facile Pabloite designation of Cuba as a "workers' state." 1/
The essential issues raised in this dispute were not over mere terminology. Rather, the ICFI rejected the Pabloite claim that Castro showed that a socialist state could be established by non-proletarian forces, without organs of workers' power and without a Marxist party. 2/
The SWP justified its adaptation to Castroism and its abandonment of the fight to build the Fourth International with the claim that the masses "are completely unable to wait until a revolutionary-socialist party is constructed before they move into action." 3/
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6 Jul
Professor Woody Holton of the University of South Carolina has joined the ranks of opportunist and intellectually dishonest academics who deprecate the American Revolution as a reactionary rebellion of slaveowners against the progressive British Empire.… 1/
The British Empire, Holton claims, was a great emancipatory force. He overlooks the fact that British imperialism devoted considerable energy in the 19th and 20th centuries to enslaving millions of people in Africa, the Middle East and Asia in colonial bondage. 2/
It would be interesting to hear Holton explain how his efforts to cast Britain as the would-be liberator of American slaves meshes with its bloody record of colonial barbarism. What about the "Scramble for Africa"? Has he ever heard of the wars against the Zulus in the 1870s? 3/
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30 May
NY Times columnist Ross Douthat has bluntly, even if unintentionally, identified the reactionary political interests that motivate and fuel the Wuhan Lab big lie (which he promotes). In a column titled, "Why the Lab Leak Theory Matters," Douthat writes: 1/
"First, to the extent that the US is engaged in a conflict of propaganda and soft power with the regime in Beijing, there's a pretty big difference between a world where the Chinese regime can say, We weren't responsible for Covid but we crushed the virus and the West did not, 2/
"because we're strong and they're decadent, and a world where this was basically their Chernobyl except their incompetence and cover-up sickened not just one of their own cities but also the entire globe." 3/
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29 May
The Economist, in a masterpiece of double talk, writes: “There is as yet no evidence in the public domain that a laboratory leak [in Wuhan] actually took place; just evidence that the possibility is real.” The assertion of “Possibility” unsupported by facts is speculation. 1/
Why is the “possibility” real? Because there is a lab in Wuhan. But there is no factual or science-based evidence that connects the lab to the pandemic. 2/
One can just as well write: “There is no evidence that the US army created the HIV virus at Ft. Detrick. But the possibility is real (because there is a lab at Ft. Detrick).” The Wuhan Lab lie is dangerous. As the WSWS warns today: 3/
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