44 products by bootstrapped startup founders you can use ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Not your typical list.

This is the fiction story of Eric and David from idea stage to acquisition.

This took me 8 hours to write ๐Ÿคฏ

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A MEGA thread of 51 tweets ๐Ÿงต
1. Micro SAAS Ideas by @upen946

It's been a while now that Eric and David have been subscribing to Micro SAAS Ideas.

After getting access to exclusive insights, they wanted to start their Micro SAAS to display Gifs on pricing features = GiFeatures.


2. 4 Day Week by @philostar

Eric and David want to start part-time their Micro Saas.

Fortunately, 4 day week allowed them to find a nice remote software job to focus on their project the 3 remaining days.


3. Logology by @dagorenouf

They want to have a stellar brand identity but don't have the skills to design a nice logo for GiFeatures.

Thanks to Logology, in 5 minutes it was done and magnificent.


4. The Garage Studio by @Lamacorn20

They don't know what strategy to adopt to build their MVP and validate their idea.

Thanks to the Garage Studio, they quickly understood what to do and built a MVP to start seeking validation.


5. Gettims by @quentinvllrd

Thanks to Gettims, they managed to find all the relevant free no code tools they needed to build their MVP.


6. Gummy Search by @foliofed

When building their MVP, they found out great insights about the pain point they wanted to solve on Reddit thanks to GummySearch.


7. Zero to Sold by @arvidkahl

Obviously, they want to bootstrap GiFeatures.

To avoid mistakes, they read Zero to Sold to understand the game they put themselves into.


8. Zero to marketing by @zerotomarketing

Eric and David know nothing about marketing so they step up their game with real case studies thanks to zero marketing.

They decide to start doing marketing on Twitter.


9. Black Magic by @tdinh_me

The first thing they did after creating their account was to pimp their bios.

They come across BlackMagic and directly adopted the real time banner and the magic sidebar.


10. Tweet Hunter by @tibo_maker and @tomjacquesson

To organize his tweets, Eric discovered Tweet Hunter.

He is baffled how intuitive it is. The AI-writing assistant is his favorite feature.


11. Hypefury by @SamyDindane

On the opposite, David choose Hypefury to supercharge his Twitter growth because it fits more his threads strategy.


12. Potion by @noahwbragg

Eric and David just finished their MVP.

They need to build their website fast, if they could do it on Notion, they would do it.

Fortunately Potion exists and GiFeatures' website was born.


13. Splitbee by @linstobias and @timolins

They don't want Google analytics.

They need something simple that allow them to have a quick view of a conversion funnel from landing page to sign up.

This is how they met Splitbee


14. Voicl by @svenjarossig and @im_usamakhalid

On their website, they want to add some originality to connect with visitors.

They really like how you can hear people names on LinkedIn.

With Voicl, they embed voice notes all around GiFeatures website.

15. Session by @philipyoungg

Product Hunt launch is coming but MVP is not finished yet.

However thanks to Session, they built a strong routine where they perform like machines.


16. UserBooster by @AngeZanetti

Product Hunt went good but they need more users to quit their remote jobs.

They decide to get UserBooster to understand how to leverage all acquisition channels.

They now ready to take GiFeatures to the next level.


17. Instatus by @alisalahio

During the Product Hunt launch, GiFeatures went down for a moment.

But thanks to instatus, new users were not angry and it helped them build customer trust early on.


18. Rapidr by @oktuned

With their new users, Eric and David improved the product rapidly with customers feedback.

They are using Rapidr to get feedback. It allows them to be customer centric as much as possible.


19. Typebot by @baptisteArno

They also use forms to take decisions and understand better some leads.

They started with Google Forms and quickly changed to Typebot.

With Typebot, they can iterate fast!


20. Testimonial by @damengchen

Since their PH, many people showed love to Eric and David's product on Twitter and Product Hunt.

Thanks to Testimonial, they built their love of wall rapidly. There is now more trust on their landing page.


21. Learnd by @ArnaudBelingaCX and @matteolefloch

With paying customers, they quickly understand that customer support is essential.

This is why the put live chat and a knowledge base with Learnd.

They now build relationships and educate users.


22. Bannerbear by @yongfook

They now want to go big with content marketing to grow GiFeatures.

But it takes time to create beautiful images for different social network.

This how they discovered Bannerbear. Their image API generator is magic!


23. Veed by @sab8a

Times to times, they also do videos for their youtube channel.

They are not familiar with Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro, too complex for them.

This is why they use Veed because video editing is made simple.


24. Feedhive by @SimonHoiberg

Eric and David decide to split tasks to do content marketing.

David goes with Feedhive. He enjoys using the power of AI to to create more engaging and better converting content.

Hashtag generation also works well.


25. OneUp by @mynameis_davis and Vishal Kumar

On the other hand, Eric decided to go with OneUp.

He finds it more straightforward than Buffer with more possibilities.


26. MDX One by @pbteja1998

GiFeatures also have some SEO potential, they decide to start a blog.

As they want to do everything on Notion, they opt for MDX One and boom in some minutes, they had a blog.


27. Katlinks by @robertodigital_

To understand how they can rank their website on Google, they use Katlinks.

Why? Because it's a no brainer tool for non SEO experts and it's really affordable to bootstrap their Micro SaaS to the moon.


28. Mark Copy by @SelimChehimi and @KilianPoulinTW

Eric and David quickly realized that writing content takes time.

This is why Mark Copy help them writing content x3 faster.

They also love the new face of Mark, he looks friendly!


29. shhh Noise life by @threehourcoffee

While working, they often use shhh Noise in order to create the perfect environment to work and relax.

It's better than music to focus without distractions.


30. Uplead by @iamwillcannon

GiFeatures is growing well with inboud marketing.

But now, Eric and David want to start doing cold email outreach to go even faster.

To start, they need leads and opted for UpLead to build lists free from dodgy data.


31. Lemlist

After building lists of leads, Eric and David use Lemlist to automate their cold email outreach.

They enjoy using the personalized image feature.


32. Schedulr by @TheRickyIO

With their cold email outreach campaigns, Eric and David are able to schedule some demos for big enterprises accounts.

To schedule everything, they use Schedulr which they found better than Calendly.


33. Email Octopus by @garethoctopus and Jonathan

Everything's good now, they now have a tons of monthly subscriptions.

On the email marketing side, they handle the beast with EmailOctopus.


34. Datagrab by @robertbalazsi

To accelerate their lead generation, they also scrap some directories.

For that, Datagrab is their go too. Extracting data without coding is a blessing for them with now so many things to handle on a day-to-day basis.


35. Flexiple by @KarthikS2206

At this point, GiFeatures is now doing 8K MRR. Eric and David want to take GiFeatures to the next level.

So they decide to hire a freelance developper and a freelance designer to work on new features with them.


36. Nodemap by @Niikhiil_P

To give some instructions to the freelance they hired, they used Nodemap to quickly show them their processes on different platforms.


37. 100 UI/UX Tips & Tricks by @vponamariov

As part of their product improvement, Eric and David realize that they were monsters at distribution but that their UI/UX is poor.

They decide to get the 100 UI/UX Tips & Tricks to improve it.


38. Growsurf by @kevinyun

To accelerate GiFeatures growth, they decide to invest in a strong referral program.

They now grow their business overnight, every night.


39. Versoly by @volkandkaya

It's been a few months now that GiFeatures is growing, to precisely 20K MRR.

Eric and David want to stop the adventure and to sell it.

They decide to build a specific website with Versoly to sell GiFeatures.


40. FundStory by @YehudaZahler

While they are trying to sell GiFeatures, they want to give themselves a shot with funding.

So they also try to match with the right capital partner on FundStory.


41. MicroAcquire by @agazdecki

In the end, they got MicroAcquire'd for +$2 million dollars.

Eric and David are really happy with this outcome for what started only as a Micro SaaS.


42. Signaturely by @iamwillcannon

During the closing of the deal, all the paperwork has been handled with Signaturely.

Eric and David were glad they avoided a physical process as they were living really far from the buyer.


43. Queu by @phuctm97

To announce to their Twitter audience that they are selling GiFeatures, they use Queu.

As Notion lovers, Eric and David think that it is the easiest way to schedule tweets and threads for Notion users.


44. Leave Me Alone by @JamesIvings and @dinkydani21

Now that they sold GiFeatures, Eric and David want to be left alone and easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails which have been a long overdue.

To end this, they used Leave Me Alone.


TL;DR - Part 1
1. Micro SaaS Ideas
2. 4 Day Week @4dayweekio
3. Logology @logologydesign
4. The Garage Studio
5. Gettims
6. Gummy Search @gummy_search
7. Zero to Sold
8. Zero to Marketing
9. Black Magic @blackmagic_so
10. Tweet Hunter @TweetHunterIO
TL;DR - Part 2
11. Hypefury @hypefury
12. Potion @potion_so
13. Splitbee @splitbee
14. Voicl @HeyVoicl
15. Session @stayinsession
16. UserBooster
17. Instatus @instatus
18. Rapidr @rapidr_io
19. Typebot @Typebot_io
20. Testimonial
21. Learnd @LearndCX
TL;DR - Part 3
22. Bannerbear @bannerbearHQ
23. Veed @veedstudio
24. Feedhive @FeedHive_io
25. OneUp
26. MDX One @MDX_one
27. Katlinks @katlinks_
28. Mark Copy @markcopyai
29. shhh Noise
30. Uplead @UpLeadHQ
31. Lemlist @lemlist
32. Schedulr @schedulr_app
TL;DR - Part 4
33. Email Octopus @emailoctopus
34. Datagrab @datagrab_io
35. Flexiple @Flexipletweets
36. Nodemap @nodemap
37. 100 UI/UX Tips & Tricks
38. Growsurf @GrowSurf
39. Versoly @Versoly
TL;DR - Part 5
40. FundStory @Fund_Story
41. MicroAcquire @microacquire
42. Signaturely @GetSignaturely
43. Queu @queue_so
44. Leave Me Alone @LeaveMeAloneApp
It was the 44 products by bootstrapped startup founders you can use ๐Ÿ’ฏ

A MEGA thread of 51 tweets ๐Ÿงต

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3 Dec
1 month and 1 week ago, I had 1 people following my journey.

We're now +500 ๐Ÿ˜

I would like to thanks @dagorenouf.

He was highly supportive the first day I was active on twitter.

If you look for some stats and quick tips to grow on Twitter, this short thread is for you ๐Ÿงต Image
1. Bet on quality, not quantity

Add VALUE to others if you want to receive value.

I have a hard time being active on Twitter.

So I bet on quality tweets as much as possible.

Threads and genuine structured comments on other posts are the best IMHO.

... โฌ‡๏ธ Image
2. Optimize your conversion funnel

The goal is to optimize your conversion rate

Which one? The profile visits to new people following your journey.

To optimize your conversion rate:
- build credibility
- work on your bio
- pin a relevant post
- do A/B testing

... โฌ‡๏ธ Image
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22 Nov
I will retweet this post once we reach $1 000 000 ARR.

Today, we are Monday, November 22, 2021.

Yesterday you stopped your first SAAS to focus on Learnd.

- You have $0 MRR
- It's a saturated market

Use this thread when you're doubting yourself ๐Ÿงต
1. You did it once, you can do it twice

With your background, the odds of becoming a Lawyer and an Oxford alumni were under 1%.

Why it wouldn't be possible to make it again if you follow what you love?

Beat the odds, this is what you do.
2. Self-discipline > motivation

Motivation goes up and down.

Stick to a solid routine where you grow everyday step by step.

Never forget, it's exponential.
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21 Nov
I've made +$20 000 doing E-commerce with SEO ๐Ÿ’ธ

At some point I even reached 16 000 monthly visitors in organic traffic ๐Ÿ˜Ž

This allowed me to quit law and start building Learnd.

Here's a short thread to leverage SEO for your startup ๐Ÿงต
0. If you begin with SEO

Use neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ - it is a no brainer SEO tool.

Ahrefs and SEMrush are more advanced and pricy IMHO if you're starting.
0. Keywords research

Spend hours looking for keywords that bring monthly visitors with little competition.

Short-tail keyword = video
Long-tail keyword = how to make a video

Long-tail keywords are easier to rank and help you rank on short-tail keywords in the long-run.
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