Holy sh*t.

“Matthews’ memo calls...[Mike Flynn’s brother] Charles Flynn, who served as deputy chief of staff for [Pentagon] ops on January 6...[an] ‘absolute and unmitigated liar’ for [his] characterization of the events of that day [before Congress].” politico.com/news/2021/12/0…
(PS) Remember that Charles Flynn—who wasn’t in the chain of command on January 6—was *inexplicably* involved in the decision not to send troops to the Capitol. He’s now being accused of the federal crime of perjury. Given that his brother is an insurrectionist, this is startling.
(PS2) Remember too that the “theory of the case” regarding the insurrection is no longer—and for some of us never was—that Team Trump wanted to take over the government that day, but that it simply needed the Pentagon and others to ensure the Capitol would be *briefly* occupied.
(PS3) What this means is that Flynn and his seditious co-conspirators simply needed the Pentagon *not to deploy troops to the Capitol* until the Capitol was occupied by Trumpist irregulars.

We now learn his brother kept those troops away *and* may have lied to Congress about it.
(PS4) I’m not suggesting Charles Flynn was part of a seditious conspiracy. I’m suggesting his sense of what his brother and other Trumpists were trying to do on January 6 may have been unreasonably credulous partly due to family trust. And when he realized he’d been had, he lied.
(PS5) The much bigger question, to me, is which of Donald Trump’s handpicked stooges at the Pentagon—Kash Patel or Ezra Cohen-Watnick—was responsible for putting Charles Flynn in a room he had no business being in on January 6.

I suspect that *this* is where the real story lies.

• • •

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May 22
MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Former US President Donald Trump Takes Most Seditious Step Ever Taken By a US President, Appearing to Predict and/or Advocate a Second Civil War; Nation Waits for Condemnation From the RNC, NRCC, NRSC, House/Senate Minority Leaders or Anyone in GOP Leadership Image
Every American who loves this country needs to condemn Donald Trump for this. There’s no room for half-measures here: every GOP elected official in America needs to be *on record* condemning Donald Trump in the strongest possible terms.

You don’t play around with Civil War talk.
I think the question many Americans will be asking themselves tonight is what exactly has changed. Does Trump have information suggesting he’s about to be indicted? Is another GOP leader about to make a move to sideline him? You wonder what exactly has happened behind the scenes.
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May 20
Approximately 100% of people in Clinton’s position would’ve made the same decision. Experts who’d looked at the Trump Tower-Alfa Bank pings had no idea what to make of them, and neither did the campaign. They reasonably hoped a reporter might look into it. cnn.com/2022/05/20/pol…
I’m old enough to remember exactly how this story came out, and what folks said about it, and how wildly distorted the history has already become—in part because major media has coddled the disinformation agents who imply the whole episode was sinister.

It’s effing preposterous.
Law enforcement looked at it and said we don’t know what this is. Experts looked at it and said we don’t know what this is. Journos looked at it and said we don’t know what this is. Politicians looked at it and said we don’t know what this is.

No one claimed to know what it was.
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May 20
I feel like more folks should be talking about the fact that all Trump’s top supporters—who also happen to be the most reliable purveyors of Kremlin disinformation—are gathered inside a neofascist Kremlin-backed dictatorship this week to give speeches about how crappy the West is
Definitely a coincidence that the European HQ of the FSB is in Budapest and many of Trump’s top national security advisers in 2016 took trips to Hungary during the general election that were immediately reported to U.S. intelligence as “suspicious” by seven Allied intel agencies
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May 20
BREAKING: Ginni Thomas’s Involvement in the January 6 Insurrection—Specifically, the Green Bay Sweep Plot—Deepens

(PROOF reported three months ago that Thomas helped devised the Green Bay Sweep plot. This breaking news further confirms that PROOF report.) washingtonpost.com/investigations…
(NOTE) I’m put in mind of Ali Alexander, a one-time Groundswell associate of Ginni Thomas, telling a Church Militant interviewer in mid-January 2021 that he had special access to information about talks between the White House and Arizona lawmakers. Could that be related to this?
(NOTE2) I can tell you this much, and I knew this back when I started writing about Ginni Thomas early this year: the story of her involvement in January 6 is only just beginning. And it’s a scandal that can and should wash over this Supreme Court as well.

*The Gohmert lawsuit*.
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May 20
Totally not a huge deal—I mean at all—but I haven’t received a single tip via the tip button on my Twitter profile in almost two and a half months. Would someone leave a tip of like a *penny* or something so I can confirm that people are seeing the button and that it still works?
(PS) BTW, if it does work and no one is tipping, that’s totally fine too. The button is only there for folks who want to use it—and if this is not a feature Twitter users want to use, it is what it is and that’s no problem at all. I just want to be sure it’s not broken/invisible.
(PHOTO) This is what I see when I look at my Twitter account, BTW (re: the button with the tip/cash icon). It seems like some of you are seeing something different.
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May 20
MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Elon Musk Accused of Two Crimes—Indecent Exposure and Solicitation—By SpaceX Employee; Allegedly Paid a Quarter of a Million Dollars in Hush Money to Hide Allegations; His Recent Cryptic Tweet Alleging Dems Were Coming for Him May Have Been Pre-Damage Control
Musk now claims this news coming to light is “politically motivated,” adding without explanation that “there is a lot more to this story”—but it sure looks like he sought to buy Twitter and become a Republican as he knew his reputation was about to drop through the floor online.
And having no personal knowledge of any of this, I have to say I find it especially unnerving that the allegations against Musk mirror almost exactly Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-crime modus operandi—and that this mirroring comes as we know Epstein advised Musk. google.com/amp/s/futurism…
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