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Dec 31, 2021 37 tweets 9 min read
On one of my WA groups, folks have done some renaming of their own:

Beijing : भुजंग नगर
Lhasa : लक्ष्मणगढ़
Tibet : तिवतियानगर

Of course, China = चिन प्रदेश
Guangzhou: घंटा घर

Tiananmen Square: Tank चौक
Seems that this thread has elicited some quite 'interesting' suggestions.
Compiling them here in succeeding tweets with due credits to those concerned!
Xinjiang - शिवगंगा नगर

(Courtesy: @smna17)
Shanghai- Shambhunagar

(Courtesy: @TheNonWoke1)
Tibet : Tripathidera (Courtesy @rajualluri220)
Some more options!

Shanghai- ShaniGarh
Panyu- Punya nagar
Harbin- Haripur
Chongquing- Chandrakund
Dongguan- Dronagiri
Guangzhao- Ganpatipuram

(Courtesy: @FraudryTrashcan)
This one is a personal favourite!

Chengdu: New Chandigarh

(Courtesy: @LaxmanShriram78)
This one too .. Killer!!

Xi Jinping : श्री जटाशंकर

(Courtesy: @redblaze34)

Wuhan - चमगादड़ नगर

(Courtesy: @TulioMalviya)
Also ..

Wuhan: Covidpur

(Courtesy: @newbiemumbaikar)
Galwan = दे भटा भट

(Courtesy: @HasdaaPunjab)
Shanghai : Sanghipur
Nanjing : Nandigarh
Yunan : Yananapuram

(Courtesy: @bishwa55900127)
Hubei - Hanumangarh

(Courtesy: @DrChandanSinha1)
Guangzhou - Gorakhpur

(Courtesy: @RaSrirahul72)
Adding this tweet here to this thread!
One more for Guangzhou!

Guangzhou = GandhiNagar
Also, Nanjing = Noida Extension
(Courtesy: @SeshadriBhanu)
Three Gorges Dam : Thrinethra Baandh

(Courtesy: @Ramesh_9855)
Shangai: उत्तर शिंगणापुर

(Courtesy: @pinakapaaNi)
Shanba : संभाजी नगर
Harbin : हरिपुर

(Courtesy: @royalkhushaal)
Another gem for Wuhan!

Wuhan : कीटाणु प्रदेश

(Courtesy: @Raja_Tantram)
Wuhan seems to be in HOT DEMAND!!

Wuhan: Virus-Pur or Bat-Nagar

(Courtesy: @soul_simi)
Some more, courtesy @avarakai!

Beijing - Bajrang garh
Xi'an - Shivpur
Xinjiang - Shiv Ganga
Rutog - Rudragargh
Kashgar - Kashi Nagar
Hotan - Uttara Hornad
Three Gorges Dam - Triveni Baandh

And finally rename the whole of China as Chitrakoot!

(Courtesy: @BhargavShah29)
Beijing : भावनगर
Shanghai : श्यामनगर
Macaw : माता जानकी नगर
Wuhaan : वैशाली
Xinjiang : शीतला माता नगर

(Courtesy: @itzmeshashwat)
Wuhan: विषाणु नगर

(Courtesy: @dr_anil9827)
China: Uttar Chennai!

(Courtesy: @ravirao83)
Chengdu : छग्गनपुर

(Courtesy: @redblaze34)
Xian : Chandanpur
Guangzhou : Gagandwar!

(Courtesy: @MarathaMartyr)
Wuhan: Covidabad

(Courtesy: @nisheethsharan)
Guanzhou गारूपट्टम

(Courtesy: @firenfurious)
Tibet - त्रिविष्टपम्!

(Courtesy: @hsraghav)
Adding this tweet here for some context!
Tibet is part Bharatvarsh. Period.
Beijing - Bhaichung Bhutia Nagar

(Courtesy: @smayan)
11 Jinping : श्री झिंप सिंह

(Courtesy: @richa04richa)

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Well Played, @HyundaiIndia!
I'm sure the higher ups of @Hyundai_Global must be mighty impressed at your prowess in going into hiding!
Atleast one thing I know for sure as far as my next car goes - It will NOT be a Hyundai!
Looks like this poorly photoshopped photo of Shri @iamsrk ji in front of some @HyundaiIndia product is going to be in circulation for much much longer than it would have been under normal circumstances, thanks to the brand that he endorses, endorsing Pakistan in return!
Disclaimer: This 'funny' video is in no way related to the top folks of @Hyundai_Global handing over control of their @HyundaiIndia and @Pakistan_Hyundai operations, including social media, to a bunch of nincompoop monkeys!

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