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26 Jul
Bodies battered and minds shattered;
They carried on 'coz Victory mattered

The heights stay frozen, not with ice;
But by their blood and sacrifice

Sons and fathers, like you and me;
Conquered the peaks and set them free

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21 Jul
#IAmSoOld that I know of a time when school bags would be horizontal, instead of the vertical ones of today!!
#IAmSoOld that I remember a time when selecting such labels for books / notebooks was a major event at the beginning of every school year!
#IAmSoOld that I have bought this so many times for my younger siblings!
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13 Jul
Maj Prithi Chand once again reported the critical situation & declared that about 1000 raiders were massed against Leh and were well supplied with mortars, light auto weapons & ammo. The defenders were badly in need of equipment, weapons & even clothing.
No medical aid was available for them, and the wounded suffered terrible hardships. Reinforcements were immediately required.
The signal concluded, "Withdrawing if no reply in four hours."
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12 Jul
Left this world at the peak of his youth .. fighting for the Motherland.
#Respect Image
29 men lost in a single engagement .. Image
Sep Saheb Singh, martyred fighting to retain lands brought back into the folds of the Motherland by his forefathers centuries ago Image
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29 Jun
In Uri, Sawai Mann Guards & 2/3 GR spent the day consolidating their newly captured positions in Pir Kanthi & Ledi Gali.
In Poonch - Rajauri sector, the 'Gulab Column' started its return journey to Rajauri. The column comprising 1/2 Punjab, 1(Para) Kumaon & 1 Kumaon Rifles was to advance to Rajauri thru Mendhar-Bhimbar Gali.
The column left Poonch at 10pm under command of Lt Col Dhillon
According to plan, this colmn was to reach Mendhar by 0800Hr this day, but it was not till 1400Hr that they reached.
Main reason for this delay was the narrow track in Panjal Gali,which slowed down the progress of the mules accompanying the column.
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28 Jun
Folks, sharing some thoughts on the current state of India-Nepal relations.
I remember watching this news break some days ago.
My first reaction was not anger, but instead, sadness.
Deep sadness is indeed what took over me when I saw this finally happen.
It was also partly the reason why I chose NOT to write anything on this issue. But now I think it is time I share my thoughts.
As always, I am going to be tweeting this on the go, with only a very vague structure to my thoughts. Let's see how it goes.
Firstly, the map being passed was inevitable.
No politician worth his salt would want to vote AGAINST a resolution calling for ADDING territory to his country.
It doesn't matter that Nepal chose to come up with an entirely new map after all these years of existence as an ..
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25 Jun
So the near demilitarization of #Siachen some time in the first decade of this millennium is back in news!
Let me do my own bit by laying here some facts about the world's highest and the most challenging battlefield.
Here goes ..
Firstly, the battlefield is NOT Siachen. It is the Saltoro Ridge further to the West of the glacier.
This is a fact which needs to be put on record once and for all.
That said, the genesis of the conflict in #Siachen is worth studying.
Nitin Gokhale's book on the same is a good read.
In short, the Shimla Accord delineated the LoC till Point NJ 9842 and, assuming areas further North to be too inhospitable, left the issue by saying that ..
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24 Jun
Not content to remain on the defensive,enemy in Ledi Gali area launched counter attacks on 2/3 GR positions a night prior.
All of these were beaten back.
Following a deliberate buildup of forces during which own troops destroyed all bridges between Keran & Tithwal were destroyed to prevent the enemy crossing from West of the Kishanganga, enemy became more and more aggressive.
This day, two enemy ..
.. parties of approx 100 each attacked Indian positions across the Kishanganga - Pt. 7229 & Ring Contour - under cover of heavy high explosive & smoke mortar fire. At the same time, enemy heavily mortared Tithwal & directed small arms fire on ..
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23 Jun
So today is the 35th anniversary of the bombing of Air India 'Kanishka' by Canada based terrorists.
Replugging some thoughts on the same.
Canada, this one will haunt you till time's end.
Letting out some thoughts and some facts when it came to Western nations not merely looking away at terrorism aimed at India in the 70s, 80s and the 90s, but in cases, actually encouraging it.
This state sponsored terror cost us dearly then & costs us dearly even now.
70s - 90s were not very popular years for Govt of India in Western capitals. At best, they looked away when it came to matters that were detrimental to Indian interests and at worst, they actively fomented trouble within Indian borders.
Primary reason was that the ..
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22 Jun
Bir Gorkhali brother.
Martyred earlier today, guarding the borders of the Motherland.
Martyrs of CRPF - 22 Jun Image
Four Men.
Same Regiment.
Different Battalions.
Same Date.
Different Years.
Same Valley.
THEIR Valley. Image
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21 Jun
So with the justifiably growing demands for moving on to Indian apps, amongst those being touted as Indian alternatives is the Hike Messenger.
Understandably, their creators are Indian.
But their wikipedia page gave a V.E.R.Y interesting piece of info about their 'Indianness'.
Apparently, on 16 Aug 2016, just one day after the 69th anniversary of Indian independence, Hike got a 175 Million Dollar investment from a Tencent Group led grouping!
Now who is Tencent, I asked.
Once again Wikipedia came to the rescue!
Tencent is a fcuking CHINESE company based out of Shenzen!
Yup. A Chinese company owns a substantial stake in an 'Indian' App!
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19 Jun
The PRC is an artificial construct.
Tibet, Mongolia, Turkestan .. so many lands and of course, waters lie in their illegal occupation
Chinese Checkers!
When a polite India politely showed the middle finger to the Chinese during the 1965 war.
Before 1950, did India and China ever share a common political border?
Just Asking!
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17 Jun
Folks, moving on from this thread of last night to the developments that have taken place since, especially in light of what the Indian Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister said earlier today.
Here goes ..
Firstly, let me take you back to yesterday afternoon.
This news first broke at about 1pm on 16 June.
Now that in itself is a very interesting.
The Govt of India chose to wait for nearly 16 hours to make the report of the incident public.
Now what might have gone on within those 16 hours is anybody's guess - might have been trying to get a clear picture of what actually happened, or might have been working backchannels to prevent things from spiralling further .. It's all open to speculation.
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17 Jun
Meanwhile on the Nepal front, this is what is floating around in WhatsApp -
Apparently, Comrade Oli who is the current PM of Nepal is right on the heels of his CCP masters when it comes to matters of wealth.
More specifically, PERSONAL wealth!
A name floating about in such messages is that of Dinesh Shrestha who is said to be a close associate of Comrade Oli. It is through him that Comrade Oli is investing his ill-gotten wealth, looted from his impoverished country, in South East Asia!
Apparently, it is a mega conglomerate owned by a Chinese origin citizen of Thailand that is a part of Comrade Oli's investment portfolio!
Looks like the Oli apple didn't fall very far from the commie tree after all!
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16 Jun
After two days of intensive patrolling post the unsuccessful attack on 13 Jun, 2 (Para) Madras launched another attack at dawn.
This time the assaulting companies were supported by more firepower, as a section of Patiala Mountain Battery was in support. Two ..
.. more of the battalion mortars moved up, thus making a total of four mortars. The op was to be carried out in two phases.
In the first phase, Ridge 'A' was to be captured, with 'C' Company advancing from the left flank & 'D' Company from the right.
In the..
.. second phase, attack was to be launched on Ridge 'B' from Ridge 'A', which was to be the firm base.
Preliminary to the attack, 'C' & 'D' Companies had moved into the jungle previous night. 'B' Company moved up & established itself in area Milestone 13 ..
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10 Jun
#PakistanAgainstMinorities seems to be on the verge of trending here!
Adding some more to that!
White part of flag - for Pakistan, it depicts minorities - same colour as toilet paper
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9 Jun
That moment when one's blog post gets quoted on a national news channel!!
Just watch this video from the 3:48 mark till the 4:15 mark!!
This is the blog post I am talking about, the one that got quoted on @WIONews - It was amongst the very first blog posts I wrote after creating my blog in Aug 2017!
The report even shares screenshots of the blog, with highlight colours changed from red to black and an additional highlight added!
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1 Jun
This tweet of yesterday and the video embedded herein generated quite a bit of 'excitement' on my TL.
So I thought I'll just share some thoughts on the current snafu on the LAC here.
Still unstructured (as always!), but here goes ..
But before moving ahead, let me offer a disclaimer.
I don't intend to go into the specifics of the alignment of LAC between the two countries. Enough has been said on that already, by doomsday walas as well as as 'All Is Well' walas.
Instead, what I intend to talk about is my thoughts on the fairly regular 'interaction' between the two militaries on the LAC, one aspect of which is depicted in the video above.
Do watch it before reading ahead in this thread, if not watched already.
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31 May
The PLA crossing over into Vietnam: 17 February 1979 Image
The Vietnamese were used to wars of attrition.
Although the PLA obliterated the city of Cao Báng, there were no civilians in it. Image
Chinese POWs at a Vietnamese camp, guarded by women soldiers of Vietnam Image
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28 May
Folks, sharing some thoughts on the recently foiled terror attack in Pulwama.
What I find surprising is how little 'air-time' it has received on social media and even mainstream media.
Just because it was unsuccessful?
Let me put things into context.
Firstly, let me discuss what exactly was being planned.
Pulwama attack is just over one year old, so we all remember that, right?
This too was looking at something similar in effect - visual as well as material damages as the one last year.
This car too was laden with 60+ kilograms of explosive.
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25 May
Folks, sharing some thoughts on the latest standoff between IA and PLA in Ladakh.
Will keep it short since the situation is still developing.
Won't be talking about military aspects at all, in fact.
So here is my take on it all ..
As of right now, China has already so much fronts on which it is fighting lately - SCS, Taiwan, W.H.O, Trade War, Hong Kong COVID-19 itself - do you really think they would want to open another new front out of the blue?
Especially on a border which is quite peaceful?
One thing that is not apparent right away is the internal power struggle going within the CCP. Xi Jinping is fighting for his very survival, for if he loses, he loses not just his position, but his very life will be in danger.
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