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Yet another 'Coding Monkey'! My Story on the First Kashmir War - https://t.co/46lyh4UEO3 RTs may or may not be endorsements!
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Sep 19 60 tweets 17 min read
Ok folks, sharing some thoughts on the latest fart that Shri Trudeau Ji let out in the Canadian Parliament not very long ago.
Thoughts are still a bit jumbled, let's see how it goes .. So, where did this begin, one must ask.
Well, the seeds of Canadian support to Khalistan were sowed much before Justin Ji was out of his diapers .. when his own father was the Canadian Prime Minister who not only saw the killing of 300+ Canadian citizens by Canada based ..
Jul 26 14 tweets 6 min read
Bodies battered and minds shattered;They carried on 'coz Victory mattered

#KargilVijayDiwas Image 2
The heights stay frozen, not with ice;
But by their blood and sacrifice

#KargilVijayDiwas Image
Jun 23 56 tweets 17 min read
Today is the 38th anniversary of the bombing of Air India 'Kanishka' by Canada based terrorists.
Replugging some thoughts on the same.
Canada, this one will haunt you till time's end. Letting out some thoughts and some facts when it came to Western nations not merely looking away at terrorism aimed at India in the 70s, 80s and the 90s, but in cases, actually encouraging it.
This state sponsored terror from West cost us dearly then, and costs us dearly even now
Jun 21 37 tweets 8 min read
Two Volumes spanning 1574 pages.
Started reading on 26 May after taking four days to gather the courage to actually start!
Finished last night.
Spent the better part of three weeks ignoring every task because I just couldn't let go of this masterpiece.
Sharing some thoughts .. First and foremost .. JUST ORDER A SET FOR YOURSELF!
The narration is brilliant, broken down into small chapters so as not to make reading it a daunting task.
On the other hand, this makes the books difficult to put down, given the greed of reading 'just one chapter more'! twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Jun 13 12 tweets 4 min read
A man of unshakeable principles, Thimayya offered his resignation on atleast three occasions before 1947.
On two occasions, he was counselled by his British seniors who were gracious enough to concede his concerns were genuine, as also guiding him that these didn't merit .. 2
.. throwing away a promising career.
Then there was one occasion when he had a chance to meet Motilal Nehru sometime in the 30s in the peak of nationalist fervour.
Once again an offer to resign his commission in favour of joining the nationalist movement was made by Thimayya.
May 21 25 tweets 7 min read
This day in 1999, a young Captain by the name of Manoj Pandey was going gung ho, clearing Paakis in Khalubar.
Little would he have have known that he had just about 43 days more in this world, before he attained martyrdom, and with it, immortal fame .. Image 2
He led the most difficult tasks assigned to 1/11 Gorkha Rifles in the war, with full confidence in his fellow Gorkhas to deliver. Image
May 18 34 tweets 15 min read
So this report landed up on my TL some days back.
Finally found some time this evening, so replugging some thoughts I shared some years ago on the PLA peacekeepers in South Sudan.
Here goes! #PLA_Myths
So I came across this 2015 news report, some days ago. A piece that I found V.E.R.Y interesting.
The headline is catchy enough – ‘UN peacekeepers refused to help as aid workers were raped in South Sudan’.
May 17 22 tweets 8 min read
Yesterday marked the 313th anniversary of the day Sikhs, led by Banda Bahadur entered the city of #Sirhind Image 2
#Sirhind was the unfortunate witness to the martyrdom of the two younger Sahebzadas of Guru Gobind Singh at the hands of its Governor Wazir Khan, who'd vowed to finish the Sikhs after the battle of Anandpur Saheb in 1704. Image
May 7 28 tweets 11 min read
Ah well, isn't this the favourite 'comeback' of Bhikharistanis, regardless of what begins a 'discussion' with these folks?
Though this sample is yet another Bhikharistani that made it to my muted accounts' list, I'll just replug an old thread on the topic! 2
The buggers across the border seem to be a bit too overtly infatuated with the state of access to toilets in India.
To be fair, there did use to be some merit in this line of thought till about five years ago, no doubt.
Till the previous GOI built 100million+ toilets, that is.
May 6 5 tweets 3 min read
From 'Kashmir Banay Ga Bhikharistan' to 'I don't want to live in Bhikharistan Anymore'!
No sympathies for these yahoos across the border!
In fact, great fun watching them spiral down the drain, I'd say!!
🤣 ImageImageImageImage 1/2
So the Bhikharistani came to my TL, thinking that the above tweet is a humorous one!
Apr 5 65 tweets 16 min read
So this news landed up on my TL, thanks to Shri @GhotalePatil Ji.
Well, this calls for a replugging of a 'not so old' thread in which folks on one of my WA groups did some renaming of their own!
Here goes!

Beijing: भुजंग नगर
Lhasa: लक्ष्मणगढ़
Tibet: तिवतियानगर

😂🙏 Of course, China = चिन प्रदेश
Mar 26 26 tweets 9 min read

So I came across this tweet from @gauravcsawant some days ago.
In light of this, replugging a short thread that I wrote on the issue some years ago.
Here goes .. With the Pakistani State apparatus actively fomenting / sponsoring terror inside India, each and every Pakistani citizen paying tax to his Govt in whichever form - direct or indirect - is actually enabling it kill Indian soldiers and civilians.
Mar 17 56 tweets 13 min read
Folks, sharing some thoughts on the Russia-Ukraine War that has just crossed the one year mark.
Strictly my opinions, so feel free to disagree.
Let me begin with this horrific video montage of relentless bombardment of a major city, housing millions of non-combatants. ^^
Btw, the above visuals are from the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the great US of A and even Greater Britain, plus a host of other 'willing' partners. Interestingly, next week will mark two decades of that invasion on an utterly false premise, for which the culprits didn't face ..
Mar 12 23 tweets 7 min read
Folks, yesterday was the 334th martyrdom anniversary of Sambhaji Maharaj.
Replugging an old series on him.
Here goes.. 2
#Sambhaji Bhonsle was the once estranged elder son of Shivaji Maharaj who ascended to the Maratha throne after his death, in Jul 1680. This was in the middle of the Mughal - Maratha War.
Feb 28 10 tweets 3 min read
On 28th Feb, i.e. today, Captain Shashi Kant Sharma, 12 JAK LI, Sena Medal (Posth) would've been celebrating his birthday with his near and dear ones.
Had he chosen the easy path, that is. 2
But a young Shashi, commissioned in the Armoured Corps, with no business being anywhere but the plains of Punjab / Rajasthan, volunteered for a stint at the world's highest battlefield, #SIACHEN.
Feb 18 13 tweets 5 min read
Folks, today is the 77th anniversary of the Royal Indian Navy mutiny.
I guess not many remembered.
Here's a short thread on that. 2
A beautiful piece on the Royal Indian Navy mutiny which commenced this day in 1946 - the final straw that broke the Empire's back.
Worth a read.
A MUST READ piece, in fact!
Jan 22 53 tweets 13 min read

Ok folks, sharing some thoughts on the current state of Pakistan.
Strictly my opinions. Feel free to disagree!

Been a while since I did a thread, lets see how this one goes .. First and foremost, I would like to start with an undisputable fact:

This is the longest that the Pakistan Army has NOT directly ruled Pakistan.

Yup, you may read the above statement again and take some time to do some mental mathematics if you so desire!
Jan 14 5 tweets 2 min read
Today is the 262nd anniversary of the Third Battle of Panipat.
Ahmed Shah Durrani would defeat the Marathas in a series of battles over next few days 2/5
However, own losses would force Durrani to sue for peace soon thereafter.
Jan 2 99 tweets 29 min read
Today marks 8 years since I saw this in the paper while having my morning coffee & tweeted it.
Thus began of one of my most precious threads, even though I managed to break the continuity a few times.
However, I'm breaking & restarting the thread again today. Image #ObituaryOfTheDay
Constable Shankar Lal Barala, 23rd Battalion The CRPF.
Fifth martyrdom anniversary today. Fell in Batmaloo, Srinagar.
Name missed out in the obit above Image
Dec 19, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
Today is the 61st anniversary of the day when Portugal surrendered to India!
#OperationVijay Image ‌Indian troops landing in Goa after liberation to reinforce initial columns and secure territory - Dec 1961.
#OperationVijay Image
Dec 16, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
Someone asked me what is the significance of #VijayDiwas?
I asked him, have you heard of East Pakistan?
He said no.
Case closed!

#PakistanSurrenderDay Pakistan Army marching PROUDLY with their flag - Erstwhile East Pakistan, 1971!