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Jan 1 22 tweets 4 min read
Reagan use to have a sign in the Oval Office which read "it's amazing what can get done when you don't care who gets the credit for it."

Along those lines, there's been a lot of discussion here past few days on who was or wasn't right about Covidstan tyranny and for how long?
Obviously, I have a confirmed record here on this going back to the very beginning you can check for yourself. From the very beginning of this scamdemic, there was a small group of us pushing back on this tyrannical and ridiculous narrative.
Speaking only for myself, I have been incredibly frustrated with several people/platforms I like and admire who played footsy with Fauci/Gottlieb/Covidstan/etc for way too long.
So ironically while being a pioneer in this space was growing my platform professionally, personally as an American I don't care about that. I just want our freaking lives back, and we had too many of our aircraft carriers sitting in moth balls by choice.
And if I'm really being honest, I have held my tongue quite a bit these past 22 months, while seeing people who used to endorse my books now suddenly acting as if I don't exist, and refusing to endorse or acknowledge Faucian Bargain.
Why did I hold my tongue? Because I didn't want to make it about me, or a urination contest, which is easy for me to do. I wanted to make sure I made it about the mission -- which was defeating the worst invasion of individual American sovereignty in American history.
So I grumbled to friends in private to get it off my chest, and then in public went back into Nehemiah mode as best I can -- as in "I am doing a very important work, and cannot come down from this wall."
I also did the best I could to use the platform I do have to elevate others previously maybe not known, who were also doing very important work deconstructing this unprecedented propaganda machine.
Now that it's clear #Omicron is the control group I've been forecasting here for weeks now, and the Covidstan narrative is completely unravelling, we suddenly have many more people/platforms who wish to jump on the bandwagon.
Hume has actually been pretty good on Covid stuff from the beginning, but I'm speaking more about people/platforms like NRO, which is why I've authored this thread in response to their piece on this.
Trust me, I'm a dude with an ego and a sinner. It is awfully tempting to play the "I told you so" game here. It's also very easy to let some professional jealousy get in the way, too, since...
I'm now seeing memes and more galore being spread and shared by/with bigger names and platforms suddenly acting as if this stuff is new prophecy and they are the prophets -- when a group of us has been saying this stuff all along and they ignored us. Or even sided with Covidstan.
Does it bother me? Gee, I dunno, were previous popes before this current woke joke Catholic? Of course it does. But you know what bothers me more? The destruction Covidstan has left in its wake.
The kids my wife's therapy practice is turning away because they're already overloaded with children struggling, after what this last two years has done to them, and the time it has taken they'll never get back.
All the emails from listeners/viewers whose loved ones couldn't get early treatment, and now they're either dead or on a ventilator waiting to die. I've read so many of these this year it's given me clinical anxiety, as I've struggled to process my own feelings here.
All the emails from listeners/viewers who lost their jobs, while people/platforms they made the rich stars they currently are took money to shill for the very instrument stealing their livelihoods. Yet another reason I'm now struggling with clinical anxiety.
All the emails from listeners/viewers whose loved ones died alone and isolated, before they could love on them one more time. Or were banished from family gatherings, if not their families altogether, because they refused to succumb to the psyop. More reasons for my anxiety.
See, I love the fight, and love to make the right enemies. That charges my battery. I don't mind the hate it causes, I relish it. But the suffering of others, that's what I can't internally process. And seeing so much of it the past 22 months has damned near broken me.
Hell, I'm choking up right now as I'm writing this, just thinking about all of it again.
I just want this evil, wicked, terrible bullshit to stop. And I don't care who gets the credit for it. I don't care if suddenly others get the credit for the trail we blazed all along. Just please give these poor people their damned lives back, whatever and whomever it takes.
Then, when we have finally driven the final stake through the heart of Covidstan, we will have a reckoning about why our aircraft carriers mothballed themselves, and reassess who's really fighting the Spirit of the Age here.
In the meantime, forgive me for using this thread to try and process my own fears, anxieties, and feelings after a very difficult year. Thank you to all of you who were brave from the beginning.


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I know we like things simple, with no nuance. Unfortunately, being an adult and critical thinker requires nuance. Thus we have to navigate the following:

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Let's see, should we listen to medical advice from just one side that keeps prescribing things that have proven don't work or even harm, or people like @P_McCulloughMD @PierreKory and so many others for a second opinion?

Have you checked on those harmed by the jab or lockdowns?
Last year this was a #1 best-seller. It has more footnotes than pages. Be a truth seeker. Read it and
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#GoodFriday is arguably the darkest day in all of human history. The day we killed love incarnate, truth incarnate, and God incarnate because He forced us to confront our own sin. So why do we call it good? Because He chose that death on our behalf, dying the death we deserved.
There is no other way to satisfy the justified wrath of God against us, there is no other qualified atonement for our sin, and there is no other way to ultimately reconcile ourselves to the only living God without the recognition of what happened on #GoodFriday and why.
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Musk is offering Twitter's shareholders an immediate luxurious cash-liquid lifeboat, they can either take it or sink. It's also a way of finding out just how committed they ALL are to the agenda, because that kind of money makes you rethink your priorities.
Musk is also offering us ultimate clarity. By making an immediate cash offer more than Twitter is worth, and warning them upfront their company is gonna be worth a lot less if they don’t take it, we will now learn if Twitter’s honchos really can’t be moved by market forces.
Once and for all Twitter’s true our purpose/vision will be leaned. No more theorizing, because they’d be foolish from an investor standpoint not to take the money and run Steve Miller. You only say no if you’re deeply committed to an agenda more.
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