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1- #Omicron #BA.2 What about thinking beyond RBD-ACE2 interactions?
Looking at the mutations that differentiate BA.1 and BA.2, there are some interesting things to mention. @flodebarre @DecrolyE @SFV_France Image
2- First of all, we will never thank enough, and their fellows and for their incredible work and follow-up. Without you, I don't want to imagine how bigger would be the already big mess...
3- As rightly pointed by @firefoxx66 , BA.2 does dot originates from BA.1. Very simple to check: BA.2 could not have perfectly "re-invented" deleted amino acids in its Spike. They diverged a while ago from their parent Omicron.
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📍PEDIATRIC #COVID19 HOSPITALIZATION—Still surging is hospital COVID admissions in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿—another new all time record among kids 6-17. However, there are even more COVID hospital admissions in kids 0-5, despite fewer kids 0-5 than 6-17. Let that sink in!

HT @Antonio_Caramia ImageImage
2) do we see this pediatric #COVID19 hospitalization surge elsewhere? Yes. Same pattern of kids in hospitals for COVID - especially youngest kids.
3) Let this sink in — even South Africa’s latest report is warning about the much much higher case-admission risk of #Omicron in kids age 0-4 vs delta. And such kids have higher case admission than even the elderly! The data doesn’t lie!
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NEW—3 cases of the new #BA2 subvariant of #Omicron has been found in Texas. But it’s again being stupidly downplayed by @CDCgov saying it’s very low. But it was once low in Denmark 🇩🇰 too! ➡️Today—BA2 is now fully dominant in 🇩🇰—65% of all #COVID19 now! 🧵… ImageImage
2) Denmark’s #Omicron was almost all BA1 before. Now it is majority BA2. The coronavirus doesn’t screw around. If a new variant wins over the previous — you know it is more aggressive in some way or another. Image
3) So let’s think it through — if BA1 #Omicron has infected a huge swath of the population already in many countries (DK being one of them), but now BA2 emerges & quickly growing— it must have some competitive advantage!! There’s almost no other way to explain sudden replacement.
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📈RESURGENCE—Worrisome that #Omicron is somehow surging ⬆️ upwards again across Southern England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. London’s case drop has also stalled —now flat. Likely due to dropping #COVID19 mitigations & throwing caution to the wind by @BorisJohnson & @sajidjavid.

Figure by @DrWilliamKu. Image
2) I’m not sure it’s #BA2 subvariant of Omicron yet. The sequencing of BA2 shows it’s still low in 🇬🇧 but increasing exponentially for sure. Many estimate it will be dominant in mid FEB in England. Someone to keep an eye on. Image
3) we definitely need to keep an eye on #BA2– the latest models of competitive growth of BA2 vs older vanilla BA1 #Omicron shows a ~2x growth advantage… even higher in England than in Denmark.
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I felt terribly sick on Saturday. Sore throat, flu symptoms, heavy head. My rapid test is negative. All my friends have #COVID19. Literally everyone. 349 cases in my kids school last week.Overcrowded and zero #ventilation. Sick teachers & sick kids. @ScholaEuropaea @JHahnEU
1/ Image
On Sunday the Far right of 🇪🇺 comes to Brussels to create appalling chaos. The unspeakable violence...the politicians scape goating others... It's a lawless crowd & they don't hear our prayers. 2/
Belgian 🇧🇪Twitter Pandemic experts fight over CST: vaccine obligations. Yeah, in this first world, this is the drama. My right to not wear a face covering or take a vaccine. Not about the health consequences of the children & vulnerable. 😥 3/
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🇫🇷La France confirme 108 481 nouveaux cas positifs à la #Covid_19 aujourd'hui.
(102 144 cas il y a 7 jours)

🟧Soit une hausse des cas de +6,02%

Le nombre de Covid hospitalisés (Pour/Avec) approche des records précédents (+910 en 24h)
#France #Omicron

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️ Image
☑️La France compte donc un total de 16 800 913 cas confirmés de #Covid_19 ainsi que 129 022 décès liés à la #Covid.

🟫En 7 jours, 2 526 385 cas ont été enregistrés et 1 759 personnes positives à la #COVID19 sont décédées.

La #vaccination en France au 23/01, c'est :

🟢53 813 666 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose.
Soit +10 895 en 24h.

✅52 479 166 personnes totalement vaccinées

☑️33 830 125 personnes ayant reçu une dose de booster.
soit +68 815 en 24h.

⤵️ Image
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"At the outbreak of World War 1 in August 1914, enthusiastic patriots on both sides were assured it would be over by Christmas. At the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jan 2020, there was a general assumption that life would be back to normal by Easter." Never happened #1 Image
Our wish - "Each time there is a new wave of the pandemic, there is a strong desire to believe that if we can just get past this crisis, things will be better, the pandemic will come to an end and we can return to a normal life” #2
Reality check "Empirical evidence about the course of the pandemic and evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus show that this wish is not likely to become a reality.” #3 Image
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¿Y si la ola infantil es por la vacunación?
Todos hemos pasado el pico de la ola #Omicron en Reyes salvo los niños
Bueno, para ser exactos salvo los niños 0-9, porque los 10-19 también mejoran 😮
1/4 Image
Para ver si es un patrón normal de vuelta al cole he hecho el mismo gráfico para el año pasado
Y no hubo repunte 0-9 🤯
2/4 Image
Aislemos 0-9 y 10-19 para verlo mejor
👧 10-19 repuntó en Reyes con la vuelta al cole, pero fue limitado y temporal
👶 0-9 por el contrario sigue subiendo con fuerza
El criterio de tests es el mismo así que hay algo más que no había el año pasado 🔎
3/4 Image
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Excelentes noticias 🥳

Un equipo de investigación encontró que las células T de memoria generadas con las #VacunasCovid19 son capaces de reconocer a las variantes del #SARSCoV2 desde #Alpha hasta #Omicron*

Les cuento qué significa esto 🧵👇🏼


*… Image
Las #vacunas hacen que nuestro sistema inmunitario produzca dos tipos de células, los linfocitos B y T

Los linfocitos B (o células B) son los encargados de producir los #anticuerpos


Los linfocitos T (o #células T) interactuan ya sea con otras células del sistema inmunitario (ejemplo, #macrófagos) para potenciar su respuesta a la infección, o con las células infectadas para eliminarlas

A los primeros se les conoce como CD4+ y a los segundos como CD8+

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3506 Americans died of #COVID19 yesterday—more than 9/11. Yes We all want pandemic over, but we don’t get to arbitrarily decide if COVID is over. Meantime, listen to @mehdirhasan 👇 in his blistering 60 seconds.
2) We don’t get to decide when COVID is over… the virus decides when it has been suppressed enough. But the virus is learning to adapt. The BA2 subvariant of #Omicron is here and taking the world by storm once again… see thread 🧵
3) we have a new reigning variant in Denmark 🇩🇰— it’s #BA2 #Omicron sublineage. And it is now over 50% and dominant! Image
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@SaludEdomex En .@MetepecGobierno no informan cuál vacuna aplicarán.

Únicamente #Pfizer y #modeRNA son efectivas contra #όμικρον

Cameroni, E., et al., 2021.

*This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review*…

@SaludEdomex @MetepecGobierno Capacidad para neutralizar #Omicron:

Moderna parece ser la más fuerte contra Omicron en este estudio, pero sigue teniendo una gran caída.

Pfizer sigue mejor (eficacia de la infección es 30-34 %)

AstraZeneca y Sinopharm pobre

J&J y Sputnik = CERO.

@SaludEdomex @MetepecGobierno “Del 24 al 26 de enero aplicaremos la dosis de refuerzo a los adultos de 50 a 59 años en #Metepec. #EstrategiaDeVacunaciónImageImage ImageImage
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⚠️90%-120% FASTER—New model on the new #BA2 subvariant shows a ⬆️90% competitive growth advantage over vanilla BA1 #Omicron in Denmark🇩🇰. Worse, modeling in England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 shows ⬆️~120% faster BA2 advantage over BA1. 🧵

HT @JPWeiland (who correctly said Omicron was 5-6x Delta before)
2) #BA2 is now over 50% in Denmark! It only took 1 month to overtake the already super contagious original BA1 #Omicron.
3) in the Netherlands 🇳🇱, #BA2 is also surging and displacing the old BA1 #Omicron.
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#idtwitter @SHEA_Epi #COVID town hall presentation live now #omicron
#idtwitter @SHEA_Epi
#COVID town hall presentation live now #omicron
#idtwitter @SHEA_Epi
#COVID town hall presentation live now #OmicronVarient
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met de nadruk op "*wanneer* #omikron eenmaal verdwijnt er voor heel wat weken en maanden een periode van wijdverbreide immuniteit zal zijn"

WHO: einde pandemie in Europa mogelijk in zicht via @NOS
de periode ná #omicron zal er prima uit zien
alleen: de weg ernaar toe?
hoeveel ziektelast gaat #omicron geven? #longCOVID?
het verspreidt zich zo snel, dat het inderdaad niet is tegen te houden.
deze tijd lijkt me niet fijn voor mensen met een kwetsbare gezondheid. Voor wie #omicron helemaal niet #mild gaat zijn: door chemokuur of afweeronderdrukkende medicatie.
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¿Qué está pasando en Cataluña? 🤔
a. Vuelta al cole?
b. Variante danesa BA.2?
c. Vacunación?
d. Nada?
Mi análisis atendiendo vuestras dudas 👇
Las cifras de la Generalitat @DadesCatalunya son un 15% más altas q las de Sanidad 🙄
Pero si el gap se mantiene en el tiempo las curvas y tendencias son las mismas 📈
Lo q importa ahora es la tendencia así q usaré las de Sanidad q ofrecen más detalles (provincias, edad...)
La tendencia es muy similar en las 4 provincias así q podemos descartar q una de ellas esté desvirtuando la media
Lo q esté pasando, pasa en todas
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Gentle reminder whether your child or family has been infected or not during this #omicron #massdisablingevent, none of us will come out of this unscathed. There’s no “winning” if the vast majority have been traumatized by illness, disability and death. 🧵
Except for a few exceptions since March 2020, my family and I have been strictly living the quarantine life. We’re one of the few families who may not have been infected, but the trauma of social isolation will take time to heal. We can never be part of this society again 🧵2
There’s this pervasive cognitive dissonance and the lack of empathy for others that I cannot adapt to. People here refuse to comprehend that there’s more than death — there’s the real threat of permanent disability and chronic illnesses. 🧵3
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I’m concerned about the new #BA2 sub variant of #Omicron. In the left panel, you see it is surging (light green) to almost half of all Danish 🇩🇰 #Omicron cases—surpassing the old Omicron BA1 variant by a lot. Either it’s much faster transmission or it evades immunity even more.👇
2) Elsewhere in 🇬🇧, while still early, #BA2 Omicron subvariant is doubling now every ~4 days right now… while every 4 days is slower than original #Omicron displacing delta every 1.5-3 days, BA2 displacing Omicron BA1 is a really bad sign.
3) Denmark, #BA2 passed BA1 on Jan 12th it seems (we are only knowing now due to sequencing delays).
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Oklahoma is the #1 State in the #UnitedStates for the highest increase in Covid cases over the last 14 days. This is from HHS & State data.#Oklahoma #Covid…
In #Oklahoma you can see the yellow line that represents #Covid hospitalizations in those under 18 years old increasing. #Omicron has impacted the pediatric population more than any other variant.
This is a breakdown of #Covid increases over the last 14 days for counties in #Oklahoma. Greer, Mayes,Choctaw, Caddo, & Pushmataha led the State.
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Omicron 病毒太頑強,日本研究:塑膠表面可活 8 天 January 22, 2022

想到Delta 疫情時,有位小孩把大便塗在旅館房間的牆上,後來住宿該旅館的人相繼確診。所以環境清潔消毒也是很重要的,尤其是廁所。

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Kürzere Ansteckungsintervalle und hohe Infektiösität bei #Omicron.
Was bedeuten die Omicron Mutationen für die Fusion mit der Zelle und unsere erste Immunantwort? Das Daten-Puzzle fügt sich zusammen.
Hier zunächst die Funktion des Spike-Proteins:
Nach Bindung an ACE2 muss SARS-CoV2 mit der Zelle verschmelzen wie im Video oben gezeigt. Es gibt zwei Wege in die Zelle: Direkt an der Oberfläche oder sich erst von der Zelle aufnehmen lassen in sogenannte Endosomen.
Noch lange vor der B- und T-Zell Immunantwort geben unsere Zellen bei Infektion ein SOS-Signal ab: Interferon. So sind auch die Nachbarzellen vor Infektion gewarnt und schützen sich. Wie der Name schon sagt „interferiert“ Interferon also mit Virus-Infektion und Vermehrung.
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Gentile Sig. Ministro @patriziob1952 #MinistroBianchi perdonerà la totale assenza di umorismo in questo mio messaggio. Le devo fare una domanda: Lei si è reso conto della totale idiosincrasia che connota le decisioni scolastiche prese (tardive) in ragione di #Omicron?
Andiamo con ordine: ultimamente Lei ha comunicato che, non solo i dati li fornite voi, il 93% delle classi sono aperte. Il che sotto il profilo della propaganda è messaggio efficace. Resta da capire se ha coscienza del "modo" in cui sono aperte. Le faccio il mio esempio:
Due figli, stessa scuola, terza e prima media. Nella classe del grande 3 casi di positivi. Tutta la classe in DAD. Poi: gli alunni con doppia dose di vaccino entro i 120 giorni o con terza dose possono rientrare (se negativi ovviamente) dopo 5 giorni. Gli altri devono
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@sophieraworth on @bbcsml talks to @mvankerkhove of @WHO: @WHO advises keep measures eg masks, WFH for the time being!
RE "PM's plans to end self-isolation rules for people with #Covid in the coming weeks"
@sophieraworth "It sounds as if it ALARMS you?"
@mvankerkhove "It does!"
☡"WE NEED TO BE CAUTIOUS" [@mvankerkhove of @WHO]
"We're NOT out of the woods yet!
We need to exit this gracefully, carefully & slowly.
This virus is moving to an endemic state, but can't reach an endemic state in one country, while the pandemic is thriving elsewhere"🔥
We're tracking descendant sublineages of #Omicron BA.1, BA.2,
AND 30 sublineages of #Delta we're tracking worldwide❗
The virus is still evolving❗
Virus is NOT behaving like a seasonal respiratory virus❗
It will thrive in any climate❗
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Lots of #Covid testing going on across #Beijing this weekend. #China
Many housing compounds are requiring people to be tested. In answer to those asking about home testing, that’s not available/recognised here. You have to go to an official testing place but there are lots of them in #Beijing and they’re pretty efficient. #China
There was also a shopping centre requiring everyone to be tested in Shuangjing area yesterday. Sometimes these compounds and shopping centres have mass testing because an infected person, or a close contact of theirs, visited. #Beijing #China
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不溫和!這個 3 歲的孩子在戴上呼吸機時哭著說「媽媽,我很害怕」,他是過去 2 週內因COVID19住院的近 140 名小於14歲的猶他州兒童之一。

0-1歲的住院率現在甚至可以與 65-84 歲的醫院相媲美!!!(見原推附圖)


2) 在過去兩週內,嚴重感染人數激增,尤其是在嬰兒和 5 歲以下兒童中。

一位兒科專家說,對於非常年幼的兒童,omicron 變體可能不會比以前的病毒株「溫和」得多。




僅在鹽湖郡,上週就有 15 名 5 歲以下兒童住院,是其他大流行一周的兩倍多。



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