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77.01/ Week seventy-seven, Jan. 1-7, 2022, thread here.

Week 76 below.
77.02/ #HappyNewYear everyone. We're having a socially distanced party, just the nuclear family, at home. Happy to survive a year of the pandemic.
77.03/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Saved my favorite movie for a party night:

Jake and Elwood... The Blues Brothers.…
77.04/ Happy New Year, indeed! Bye bye to a pernicious brute

77.05/ This observation & comment are totally correct (i.e. the inherent eugenics in wanting to "get back to normal" which involves sacrificing certain people because of an implicit hierarchy of human value):

77.06/ Thread about why many famous comedians crash and burn later in their careers

77.07/ Good page explaining what's now in public domain in 20222 and also the laws/rules for what and why. I learned a lot.…
77.08/ Great thread by the always informative @drskyskull about a very early DnD book: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes (1976), the proto-Deities & Demigods. And, BONUS, I was able to find it online!…
77.09/ It feels like the early pandemic days rn despite multiple vax & therapies b/c (a) we're concerned abt. the health care system being overwhelmed & (b) nobody is cutting anyone any slack.

Individually we can help w/both: please be kind & if you can, reduce optional exposure
77.10/ Seeing how many people are saying Biden has done nothing, even saying "TFG gave us checks" (um, via Pelosi you mean?), I can understand why the Jan 6 Committee is waiting until an election year to expose the crimes: people have seriously short memories.
77.11/ Schmoozed about this very topic at our Shabbas table Friday night! It's part of my rolling series explaining how to understand Midrash that I teach my kids - esp. when they come from school with a goofy vort that requires taking Midrash literally.
77.12/ All of us have the galloping cold/flu/COVID that's running around & it's tough logging our symptoms & medication. Rapid COVID test was neg. & PCR test via pediatrician will take 10 days (next to useless, but the system is overwhelmed & I'm trying not to contribute to that)
77.13/ Reupping story about the MSM bothsiding distortions: Computer analysis shows that "Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as — and for a time worse than — the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020."…
77.14/ Learned a lot from this thread (and its referents) re: the original Founders' ideas about the USA and how it changed over time.
77.15/ Uploaded an updated version of my #plague chart (from my #ReshetKeshet #Haggadah) that illustrates the patterns of the first 9. Pay special attention to the word pattern in heart-hardening (H = God, P = Pharaoh, K=Chaza*k*, D=Kavei*d*)…
77.16/ I forget if I RT'd this glorious picture of a real-life library that looks like @neilhimself's library in the Dreaming. Very similar to my favorite place as a kid: the AD White Reading Room at Cornell.…
77.17/ Missed the #Knicks win, what's being called an "instant classic" because I was putting 3 kids to bed. It's "l'fum tzara agra" - the more I lose out, the bigger the Mitzvah. But the ending looked amazing!
77.18/ First #SnowDay of 2022. We're all in various stages of sick - negative COVID, but it turns out the other viruses/streptocockles were feeling left out so in they came - so we will stay hunkered down for Shabbas.
77.19/ Barukh Dayan ha-Emet, #SidneyPoitier passes away. He was a real hero.

77.20/ cw: a bunch

The response by the Haredi community to #Walder's crimes is a Sandy Hook moment: a time of testing that, once failed, is a damning point of no return.

That's what a Yom Ha-Din does (see my 2019 thread):
77.20b/ Rule by decree is a hallmark of a fundamentally unjust system, seen in monarchies and of course dictatorships. It's the ideology of the "Daas Torah" system. IMO it's anti-halachic. It also inevitably leads to horrors like #Walder and COVID-denial.…
77.21/ Dear medicine manufacturers: please give an (adult) liquid/chewable option for all OTC meds. Tylenol did it!

- Signed, Disability Researcher
77.22/ Adventures in antibiotics: it's a world saving medicine, I know, but it also torpedoes my stomach into smithereens, which in turn nerfs all my other medication because they're absorbed through - that's right - my stomach.
77.23/ We've seen the cynical criticism that the US (which means the Democratic led House) only gave their citizens a 1400 check, or some other calumny, but the truth is otherwise. It wasn't as much as I think we needed, but it was relatively robust:
77.24/ Art? Yes. Art.

See here for why:

(and I feel great that I blocked that schmo a while ago)
77.25/ For those who wonder how Pharaoh could harden his heart after suffering from the self same plagues that afflicted his people. #Bo #Parsha

77.26/ I agree with this thread, especially this leadership point:
77.27/ It's stuff like this that makes me grudgingly acknowledge that exaggerated villain backstories in B-movies are closer to real life than I knew. CJ Roberts abetting the AIDS epidemic? Check. Kavanaugh pushing Clinton impeachment? Check.
77.28/ I think this thread is correct. While the phrase "unskilled workers" is likely an insult warped by the culture wars, there is a necessary distinction for how easy some workers can be replaced and why, thus, unions are crucial to protect them.
77.29/ I've been having terrible trouble with @threadreaderapp - the website seems to be down constantly - and it's especially frustrating during a week when I've been laid up with strep/flu/locusts. Sorry for the intermittent writing; I had a lot more to say.
77.30/ Please stay safe everyone, it's especially crazy out there now (and on the bird site). And be as generous to others as you are able. We're all suffering.


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May 22
97.01/ Week ninety-seven, May 21-27, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 96 below.
97.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone. My wife texted from Israel that she got positive PCR test when she landed in Israel - one day before they rescinded that requirement! She's asymptomatic, thank God, but I just don't know how it could've been avoided b/c the 'rona is rampant y'all.
97.03/ It was in the 90s today and my downstairs A/C broke days ago and I can't get a guy here until Tuesday. I told them they can prioritize others because my upstairs A/C works, Thank God, so it's not a safety issue for us. But I wouldn't mind it getting fixed soon.
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96.01/ Week ninety-six, May 14-20, 2022, thread begins here.

#PesachSheni Sameach!

Week 95 below.
96.02/ Because we are.

And it's about the same people. The GOP is the Confederacy right down to the rotten core of cowardly rebels.
96.03/ It's really this simple. And b/c it's actually this simple, it's clear anti-voters don't understand citizenship & shared responsibility like I do.

They're like anti-vaxers that way. In this way too: both threaten all our lives when they opt out.
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Week 94 below.
95.02/ Them: "What will I tell my kids?!"

Me: "Talk to them, teach them, it's part of the role of parent. I do it all the time."

My kids: "Yes! He does! Please make him stop!"

Me, distributing handouts: "OK, on page 3, we have fieldnotes I took in '95..."

Kids: "Nooooo!"
95.03/ Hey, I think I got the @HowieRose trivia question for the first time today (Q: which Rolling Stones song mentions the Kentucky Derby. A: "Dead Flowers"). But I refuse to believe this is one of Howie's favorite songs. It's purposefully terrible, man. It's just awful.
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94.01/ Week ninety-four, April 30-May 6, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 93 below.
94.02/ Health update: still no symptoms from my bout with COVID except for general irritability but it's impossible to know if it's different from my normal state. Isolation is lonely (big, if true) but my overall emotion is fear of making someone else sick. Dread is the worst.
94.03/ I see the #Mets won (this is a fun season so far, especially since I'm not the one getting hit by fastballs in the head) and the #NYR won and are ready for the playoffs. Best of all is post-#NFLDraft Sat. night when I get to see all the gifts my team gave me as a fan. #LGM
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Apr 24
93.01/ Week ninety-three, April 23-29, 2022, thread begins here. #ShavuahTov & Isru Chag Sameach

Week 92 below.
93.02/ Happy chametz-fressing for all who celebrate. Personally, I need to wait until 11pm for reasons passing all understanding. A box of donuts
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Apr 18
92.01/ Week ninety-two, April 16-22 (17-21), 2022, thread begins here. #MoadimLiSimcha Happy #Passover #CholHaMoedLife

Week 91 below.
92.02/ This has been one of the busiest #CholHaMoed periods I've had in years. Many things are opening up again while I recognize the window may be closing again so we're doing errands (like getting drivers licenses, passports etc). I'm actually looking forward to yuntif to rest!
92.03/ This is very nice! #Disability accommodations are always a good thing. #LGM

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