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The most important video you'll watch all year. #Ukraine has 1-26 #BioLabs under US influence. Media mocked this as fiction for weeks, but now that's proved a lie, we're 100% sure any attack would be the Russians, because "they do false flags, we don't."
So who is Victoria Nuland? In January of 2021, left-leaning Salon had these words of caution in an article titled "Who is Victoria Nuland? A really bad idea as a key player in Biden's foreign policy team".
Nuland was a central figure in the 2014 Maidan Coup (at the time labeled a popular uprising). Even Henry Kissinger was aghast at the US's obvious involvement and lack of policy. This coup led helped some pretty bad dudes take control in Ukrainian gov.

Also, hello John McStain.
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Everybody knows that the #COVID19 #pandemic true toll FAR exceeds official numbers -- but by how much?
2/ Officially some 5 million people worldwide have died of #COVID19 -- a figure that reflects govts' approved reports. Folks @TheEconomist reckon the true toll is closer to 18 million, possibly >22M. In Seattle @IHME puts it around 13M, maybe as high as 17M.
3/ Depending on which reckonings one accepts for #COVID19 deaths so far, here's how our #pandemic stacks up against the major #flu pandemics.
(Note: Even the highest estimates still don't put COVID on a par with 14th C #Plague or HIV/AIDS -- yet.)
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77.01/ Week seventy-seven, Jan. 1-7, 2022, thread here.

Week 76 below.
77.02/ #HappyNewYear everyone. We're having a socially distanced party, just the nuclear family, at home. Happy to survive a year of the pandemic.
77.03/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Saved my favorite movie for a party night:

Jake and Elwood... The Blues Brothers.…
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Story of the very first Biological Warfare.

Story of a mentally sick I$l@mist Jeh@di who killed almost 50-60% population of #Europe.
Jani Beg Khan was the Muslim commander of the Mongol Army that invaded and besieged the #Italian town of Caffa in 1343-45.
The siege failed to succeed as Jani Beg’s army began suffering from a disease. Jani Beg ordered his troops to catapult over the corpses of his infected troops across the walls into the #Christian town. Called it “#Jihad”.
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The Mayflower landed in 1620, carrying a group of religious zealots. And when these "Pilgrims" arrived at the place they called #Plymouth, they found there an abandoned Patuxet village where they could live. THREAD 1/x
The next part of the story, as it's told in the classroom, goes something like this: The #Pilgrims w/ their belt-buckle hats & Bibles landed in a vast untamed wilderness to make a New World for God. God in all His infinite glory provided them a village & a kind man, “Squanto” 2/x
who would help them settle their Promised Land. He would give them the gift of corn & they would celebrate by giving thanks. But the truth is more like this: Just 6 years earlier, in 1614, the English had already raided those same shores & taken the Patuxets into #slavery 3/x
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Let's discuss point by point. How many of u learned of the detailed account of how much was looted during #BritishRaj ? Look how #Hindus were made to suffer. From a surplus country with all the riches in the world to the daily average per capita income of 5pices/2 1/2 cents...1/n Image
#ConversionMafia propagates, "if British didn't rule India, then there's no India at all." #SleepingHindus fall for such false information and become an easy prey, as they don't know what actually happened.

If the levied tax on land is 65% more than the produce, how Image
will farmers survive?
Our #Hindu rulers used to provide almost free education to all the people in their Kingdoms. Look at how much #Britishers spent on Indians education. They never cared about our sanitation, but all they cared was our army, spent whooping 330 millions Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/16/2020…
Catching plague locusts with their own scent…

#plague #locusts #swarm
Phenomenal World | Another Lost Decade?…

#world #decade
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We’ve all been to the #Charminar ,but many don’t know that apart from being the foundation of Hyd,it has designs of pineapples/squirrels in it, and also a mosque on the 2nd floor,which today is inaccessible. A thread on our city's most imp monument (pic is of mosque) #History Image
In 1591, Mohd Quli Qutb Shah, the 5th king of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, decided to move out of the Golconda fort and build a new city outside. That city was to be Hyderabad, the foundational monument for which is the Charminar. #Hyderabad #History #Charminar
We've all heard of the story of Bhagmati that’s associated with Hyderabad's foundational history (will post on it in a separate thread later, please don’t discuss here), but not many know that the city also has a story of a (bubonic) plague at its very roots, and #History
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Start updating your #BlackDeath lectures, folks! Hannah Barker has just released a pre-print of her eye-popping, paradigm-shifting study: "Laying the Corpses to Rest: Grain, Embargoes, and Yersinia pestis in the Black Sea, 1346-1348,"… #GlobalMiddleAges
I'll be tweeting some significant findings from this paper over the next several days, as we build up to next week's "Mother of All Pandemics" session sponsored by the @MedievalAcademy (…). Today, just fn. 3, on Issyk Kul.
fn. 3: "Since Lake Issyk Kul is located near a plague reservoir, this outbreak may have no causal connection with the Second Pandemic." Okay, so what's Issyk Kul, and what has it ever played any role in #BlackDeath narratives?
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@nytimes has published 2 really good articles about the #coronavirus #CONVID19 regarding the origins & timeline of the virus & the likelihood that it started earlier than most people thought.……
On Apr. 21, 2020 @nytimes published this article with a timeline of the #coronavirus #COVID19. The only problem is, like most reporting in the #US so far, it does not go back far enough. It starts with Dec 31st.…
Some reporters are starting to look farther back in Dec. for the #coronavirus timeline, but that may not be far enough back. @nytimes needs to coordinate their investigative journalism & broaden the research criteria to at least Nov. starting in-house...…
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I am done with voting for one dumpster fire over another? FUCK IT. A vote for no one is a vote for everyone.STOP LOOKING TO SO-CALLED LEADERS to do anything REAL or LASTING to improve society. IGNORE THE POPULARITY CONTEST and #SHUTITDOWNNOW. #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #NoOne2020
#FuckIt Time to start to use their tactic of #ShockDoctrine to catalyze Revolution AKA How to use this crisis to everyone's advantage.
I know shit is bad. It's going to get worse, before it gets better. We know that. MUCH WORSE. We are going to have to accept that many of our friends and relatives won't make it through this shit show. We need to bite the bullet and make sure we #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #GeneralStrike2020
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Here's my prediction. Young people will rapidly figure out that only old people are dying, and will proceed to get on with their lives. This will cause more old people to die, but #boomerremover peaked because young people with hard lives are incredibly ruthless, and they're poor
The "ruthless little bastards" model works like this: young people go to work, go to parties, get drunk and have fun. Middle aged people kick their kids out of the house, so they don't get infected, and then pass it to grandma. Grandma eventually gets it anyway, because #plague.
We'll get like two months, at most, of compliance, and then the young are going to sod the old, and - much as I don't like to say this - it'll be driven by the same inexorable Will to Live that let Cambodia recover from having 20% of their total population killed by Khmer Rouge.
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#رشتو (6 بخش)
«مروری بر بازی استراتژیک #پلاگو (#Plague
سال 1392 در حوزه‌ی بررسی #بازی‌های_استراتژیک، یک بازی رو بررسی می‌کردیم به نام Plague.
اینطور بود که باید یک عامل #بیولوژیک بسازید و از یک کشور انتشارش بدید تا نهایتاً تمام انسان‌های جهان رو از بین ببره.
#ريتوييت Image
در طول بازی امکان #جهش_عامل وجود داشت و بر اساس اینکه عامل به چه کشوری، با چه سطحی از پیشرفت زیرساخت‌های شهری، موقعیت جغرافیایی، زیست‌بوم طبیعی، تراکم جمعیت و ... انتقال پیدا می‌کرد؛ باید جهش متناسب رو برای سازگاری عامل بیولوژیک انجام می‌دادید.
(ادامه) Image
در طول بازی هر رخدادی به‌عنوان یک #خبر به شما اعلام می‌شد. مثلاً:
- اولین ابتلا در فلان کشور
- تعداد فوتی‌ها در فلان کشور
- بسته شدن مرزها، فرودگاه‌ها و ... در فلان کشور
- آشوب در فلان کشور
- سقوط حکومت فلان کشور
- بیشتر شدن تعداد فوتی‌ها از کشته‌های فلان بیماری
(ادامه) Image
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Okay, since @KevinMKruse now seems to have given his imprimatur to this piece in the @washingtonpost today about #nCoV2019 & past plagues, it seems time for a mini-thread about #medhist & hot takes. #epitwitter: you might want to listen in on this, as it effects you, too.
@KevinMKruse @washingtonpost The @washingtonpost piece by Eisenberg et al. makes 3 main points: 1) that the #BlackDeath (the #plague pandemic usually dated to the mid-14thC) is the most commonly invoked analogy when people think of epidemics; 2) that not all "plague" epidemics/pandemics were alike; and 3) ..
@KevinMKruse @washingtonpost ... that there's an "outbreak narrative" that "we replay .. as a script with each new outbreak — whether real or fictional." First, some background on what #histmed (History of Medicine) is: it's probably pretty much as you would assume from its name. The field of history that ..
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THREAD on why the new @AfterThePlague1 PNAS paper on sixth-century #plague in Britain is so important, and why we need to pay more attention to the plague in discussions of the early medieval world #medievaltwitter… 1/10
The reach of the First Pandemic (or Justinianic plague) was massive. First recorded in Egypt in 541AD, it spread rapidly to Byzantium, and then further west, reaching Gaul in 543AD, and Ireland in 544AD. We now know that it reached Britain at the same time too 2/10
In addition to the new evidence from Britain, Y. pestis DNA has also been found in several cemeteries in Bavaria, where there are also no historical records of pestilence. This means that we’re probably seriously underestimating just how much of Europe was affected! 3/10
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