three months ago, with delta at 1K+/day, Berejiklian constantly bleating about double dose privileges and heavily policing west and south west Sydney… back then. NSW Health did the contact tracing, delivered a thermometer and oxymeter to your door, and called every day.
for the record, I am not even slightly surprised that male Liberal politician-led governments have abandoned basic public health settings. They may be surprised when their callous disregard hits them where it hurts. In their political careers. After the damage is done. As ever.
we didn’t tell people when my son got it. We just isolated and covid safed the home. Masks inside. Gloves for kitchen stuff. Threw out all the toothbrushes and bits of soap. Towels and tea towels etc on high wash rotation. Sanitiser and wipes next to all the door handles.
And. NSW Health rang every day. Took his vitals - thermometer and oxymeter reading - and periodically checked with me (as a householder) that he was eating because he lost all sense of taste and smell (me: lol I am his mum yes I can ensure he eats been doing that for a while).
anyway. I am just sharing this experience from October because we got pinged as close contacts on Boxing Day and spent four days in plagueney trying to get tested and many rellos had a much more stressful time given what an Omnishambolic clusterfuck has unfolded since.
after not catching it as a double vaxxed householder caring for a person with delta - when the NSW government narrative was have a bigger house and smaller household losers - while casual workers like my son got the disease - all this looks a lot different from 3 months ago.
do you know someone who has or had covid? Why yes, yes I do. And now people in Lindfield or wherever also know someone who has covid and suddenly that Liberal Party ideology is looking extremely fucked up amirite.
on his birthday. After completing his HSC in the haze of the longest burning fire (Gospers Mountain) in the worst bushfire season this country has ever seen, he kept working and making music and loving his family and got a delta positive on his actual 20th birthday.
I may have mentioned this before. We need to build a better world for our kids.
the federal Liberals are basically all Gen X white males - Morrison, Dutton, Hunt, Frydenberg, Birmingham, Tehan and the gang - then look at the fact NSW is run by a male Liberal millennial and keep pretending progress is a factor of “time” lmao no it isn’t.
change requires effort. If we do not mobilise the next generation of Liberal Party politicians - the Amanda Stokers and Dominic Perrottets and Barclay McGains - just stroll on in the same way as Abbott and Hockey, Turnbull and Morrison, Dutton and insufferable Alex Hawke.
who are all, to a man and woman, fucking terrible people. Happy new year✌🏼🎶💕

• • •

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4 Jan
the political economy of Morrison’s decision to enable price gouging and deny RATs to everyone who cannot afford $10 or $20 or $50 per test.…
it is the usual combination. Liberal Party political decisions enrich client donors and the shareholder base, people who want for nothing plus breathtakingly wasteful use of public cash, costing far more than every other option, making poor people sick and rich people richer.
as well as the eyewateringly wasteful spending of public money, there is of course the bone idle laziness, hopeless incompetence, and stubborn refusal to lift a finger for anyone outside the Coalition class. ImageImage
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29 Dec 21
Professor Nancy Baxter on ABC radio PM program not mincing words. This is rationing, she says, about eleventy times. We are rationing PCR tests. Rationing due to lack of sufficient tests is what is going on here, she says, over and over again.
this was the only serious takeaway from Morrison’s press conference today. CMO Paul Kelly let slip that there is a PCR test shortage. He was supposed to be lending faux credibility to the PM and his national cabinet announcement but PCR test shortage was the actual info conveyed.
been queuing up in Sydney since Boxing Day? Had holiday plans? Every test clinic shut? Tried to take personal responsibility, for yourself and those around you? Here, have a health minister sneering at you wanting a “free” test when he and his mates failed to secure PCR supply.
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29 Dec 21
Perrottet is up. His talking points are ICU capacity and how people being double dosed has enabled his government to “open up as quickly as possible”.
he says he is “very proud as Premier of NSW of the health workers”. Wagga hospital gets another shout out today. No word on car parks.
in a clear measure of how terrible Perrottet is at his job, the Premier claims to be doing “everything” they can to address long PCR testing queues. He then tells people “who are not unwell” to not to line up for a PCR test.
That’s the “everything” then I guess.
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28 Dec 21
I would have thought milder disease and more rapid transmission is exactly what to expect of a virus variant moving through a highly vaccinated population where basic public health measures are prematurely cancelled.
But apparently these are inherent characteristics of omicron.
insane queues at the WSU Hawkesbury campus testing clinic this morning, which the histograph website claims is open on 28 December. All the road signs, including electronic signs, are advertising free covid testing and results in 12 hours. But everything is closed.
the Vineyard church testing site is shut down. The Hawkesbury showground site is closed until 3 January and has a sign re-directing people to the Hawkesbury hospital clinic, which also has a sign saying closed until 3 January.
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22 Dec 21
so the NSW Premier has reinstated mandatory check-in.
a simple mask wearing rule immediately lowers infection risk and is simply government regulating public and commercial spaces. The QR system, on the other hand, will ping people to test and isolate under threat of $5,000 fines and wreck private christmas gatherings.
I realise spelling out the illogical dishonesty of Liberal Party ideology is redundant these days but anyway. Getting pinged 2-3 days later with a close contact notification is a lot more government right inside peoples lives than wearing a mask in public spaces.
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18 Dec 21
I am once again asking press gallery journalists to compute that needs based funding would and should skew to low income areas, which are typically represented by Labor and Nationals MPs.…
and to do some fucking homework on the lawfulness of handouts to organisations in seats the Morrison government wants to win. Stop telling us these corrupted processes are “legal”. Ministerial override has to be expressly authorised by the parent act. Go and check.
when constitutional law experts like Professor Anne Twomey tell a Senate Committee that the funding authority is a statutory organisation but whatever. The Davids “believe” vote-buying handouts by ministerial override are “perfectly legal”.
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