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10 Apr
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Guardian politics corro Sarah Martin, ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn, and chief ninefax politics corro David Crowe. The interview is with health and aged care shadow minister Mark Butler. This thread is not fact-checked.
Speers is in Launceston to discuss federal issues during a state election campaign to “try and find out what lies behind the shift in national opinion polls”, he says. #Insiders
the montage is on the multiple and rolling ways the Morrison government keeps stuffing up our vaccination program. Lots of clips of Morrison excuses. #Insiders
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10 Apr
make some noise, Sydney.
Welcome by stunningly cloaked Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor #StopBlackDeathsInCustody
“we are warriors not soldiers”
“our people never invaded anyone else’s country we never stole anyone’s children. We are civilised.”
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9 Apr
I see the whole happy press gallery family have decided to headline his most recent ambit claim. One from the “give em a ridiculously big number” school of political comms.
from memory it was the late Paul Lyneham who published an early analysis of the ridiculously big number political comms strategy, in wake of Hawke’s billion trees promise.
sorry to anyone who thought the press gallery might finally stop with its Liberal Party leader announcement amplification practice of political reporting just because the vaccine mess is a direct outcome of their symbiosis. Because nope, still at it.
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9 Apr
mate please. Morrison government politicians are no more disappointed to have found a scapegoat for their vaccine fuckups than they were about blaming the recession they caused on the virus.
EXACTLY the same time warp twaddle as “putting the budget back into surplus” (which never happened). Here is Greg Hunt saying the shadow health minister will “have a difficult time” looking back on future facts (which never happened).
maybe years and years of press gallery praise for announcements heaped on the heads of politicians who in fact have not achieved anything remotely resembling those announcements has warped their brains into a parallel time frame.
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8 Apr
reminds me of this cheery little New Years convo Image
may have mentioned this before. The evidence clearly shows that Morrison always spends public cash according to his personal and party political interests like donors, the base, and seats they want to win. This is why every announcement is a lie and every program is a fuck up.
PLEASE don’t bother telling me how you think this relates to voter choices or compares to a failed US leader. I am talking about Australian prime minister Scott Morrison and the complete failure of the political class to govern and report on politics in the public interest.
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31 Mar
incredible that legacy media are ignoring the front page murdoch masthead hit job planted by the feds and are all barfing up bothsides bullshit instead.
the feds used the shittigraph to attack the states, rando Liberal and National Party ministers did the morning rounds, NSW and QLD told Morrison to fuck off, so he and health minister Hunt hurriedly walked back their hit job. It is not complex.…
ABC radio AM now reporting that both McKinsey and PWC - presumably for squillions of our dollars directed to them by Liberal Party politicians - also had a central role in fucking up the vaccine rollout. No wonder the AMA are running interference.
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31 Mar
lmao Berejiklian and Hazzard breaking ranks is a massive story. She has provided as much if not more cover for Morrison’s misogyny and massive policy failures as Payne, Stoker, Hume et al.
hearing Morrison has now backed away from the state-blaming messaging he despatched Tehan to deliver this morning. Call from NSW Liberal Party HQ I guess.
he might be a bit worried that this new approach, of NSW Liberal Party politicians exposing the lies that Morrison - a NSW Liberal Party politician - tells, could catch on.…
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30 Mar
“sadly”, like “unfortunately”, is a semiotic minimiser and naturaliser. In contexts like this, the word is a signal from the author that she wants you to think man-made problems - such as male violence - are some kind of random happenstance.
these Liberal Party women are leveraging higher salaries off women survivors and activists and the #March4Justice they refused to attend. And all barfing up twitter posts about their own importance and proximity to abusive males while flagging future privacy violation policies.
while we all pay for Liberal Party women to pocket a generous ministerial and committee chair payrise and for their staff to compose arrogant social media posts awash with lies about the Morrison government and especially about women in the Morrison government.
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29 Mar
Liberal Party politician Karen Andrews is telling RN, repeatedly, that she will look at womens safety and womens security. What it is that makes us unsafe and insecure remains a mystery.
asked if [calling male violence] “social media” is a cop out, Morrison government Home Affairs minister Karen Andrews flags “anonymity” on social media as a problem. Which is odd given her own colleague Andrew Laming attacks his constituents on fb using his own name.
and her government enables violent males in the parliament by giving them anonymity - and references and cushy jobs - but I guess anyone willing to take on Home Affairs in the Morrison government has to be up for destroying citizens privacy and other rights.
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29 Mar
all of this is wrong. There is no evidence pointing to any of it. He has exactly the same mix of people presiding over the same crises. There has been one policy announcement this month: an $18.3 million ad campaign. The money goes to media outlets, not to women. ImageImageImage
even Samantha Maiden asked about funding for rape crisis centres. Almost every federal politics story is followed by helplines - where are the resources for increased demand at those services, demand caused by politicians in his government?
the whole thing is a talk fest about a talk fest. Women need affordable secure housing and women-run crisis services. To not be persecuted by the state. He could cancel #ParentsNext. He promoted wealthy white married women to ever higher public salaries instead.
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29 Mar
Laming says quite clearly here, twice, that he will return to vote to pass the budget. That’s the timeframe. That’s the priority. Morrison also said he would make some announcements “before the budget” when asked by Santa Lane last week about acting on the Jenkins report.
recall that for the last two elections, Liberal Party politicians changed the date of the federal budget to use it as a campaign launch. The press then obediently broadcast Liberal Party messaging - “our economic record” - irregardless of how disastrous that record was and is.
these staged events are just bones thrown to mollify the press gallery, who then write speculative nonsense pretending something has changed. It hasn’t. He is still campaigning away, to a budget timeframe, powered by toxic misogyny and other hatreds, as he has done for years.
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27 Mar
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC host Pat Karvelas, ninefax-AFR columnist Jennifer Hewett and murdoch columnist and former Liberal Party staffer Niki Savva. The interview is with Liberal Party backbenchers Katie Allen and Sarah Henderson.
an attempted re-set, opens Speers, and a ministerial re-shuffle (sic). But the “prime minister continues to struggle”, as the prime minister himself poor thing told Tracey Grimshaw how hard it all is #Insiders
like all his male colleagues, Speers does not understand usage of the word weaponise. #Insiders
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27 Mar
some of us have been sharing the basic fact that Morrison constantly campaigns for the votes of cashed up man tradies in marginal seats for years mate. Great to see press gallery journos finally catching up.
she is completely wrong about suspending his campaign for man tradie votes during the covid tho. That is typical spakfill, retrofitting to cover for how the entire gallery chose to actively obscure his ideologically extreme #CovidCampaigning.
I mean she could not be more wrong about Morrison hurling our money at blokes who tell themselves how hard they work during the covid. He campaigned for their votes the whole way through.
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26 Mar
lotta journos and editors hiding their partisanship in plain sight.
not 10 minutes ago two males on #WorldToday were gossiping about what a bad week it has been for Scott Morrison. Yas are all part of the problem.
I mean. Look at this clueless shit.
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25 Mar
so Morrison is out and about mansplaining “it” which as mentioned he is categorically incapable of naming. His face as he lands the workshopped line: ImageImage
mansplaining male violence to women while being completely incapable of saying the words male violence is some meta meta mansplaining.
men have different lived experiences, Morrison mansplains, erasing the fact that huge numbers of men are victims of male violence. This means, and it is an important point, that he is implicitly speaking from the perspective of *perpetrators* of male violence.
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24 Mar
another train wreck. Scott Morrison is telling Sabra Lane that he will do many things on these issues and has done many things on these issues and the states and territories have not acted on these matters and look at Labor also Berejiklian is a woman and so is Stoker.
asked about the Jenkins report, Morrison lays out his standard campaign comms. He has held some meetings and will hold some meetings and make some announcements “before the budget”. On “these issues”.
the only time Morrison mentions women is to avoid mentioning male violence. He is categorically incapable of naming the problem.
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24 Mar
turns out NSW police are racist.…
a 2016 BOCSAR study found that police escalate charges against Aboriginal suspects eg they add stalking to breach of AVO charges. So this finding is also a product of the racist NSW police force. Image
regular reminder that expanding the carceral state is always an unambiguously terrible idea and we know for a fact that criminalising coercive control will see police arrest, charge, and lock up more Blak people including victims because that’s what they do.
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20 Mar
good morning🌧happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, triple j hack politics corro Shalailah Medhora and ninefax politics editor Peter Hartcher.
The interview is with shadow home affairs minister Kristina Keneally.
as ever, Speers opens with Morrison government claims. This week it is “strong jobs growth” without the underemployment facts corrective. “That was the one piece of good news” he adds, before moving to #March4Justice. Morrison first, women second. #Insiders
the montage is clips of speeches and crowds at #March4Justice around the country. “Labor arrived en masse” says one journo voiceover “as well as some Coalition” politicians. Not said: no ministers, only backbenchers. #Insiders
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19 Mar
remember when the press gallery devoted hours and hours to what a by-election win in Eden-Monaro *might mean* for Scott Morrison. The Liberal Party candidate lost. Yet an entire state electing only two Liberal Party candidates?? Silence.
there is a reason major media are ignoring the federal implications of this crushing Liberal Party defeat in Western Australia. Losing is bad press and the press reliably ignore massive Liberal Party losses (and reliably amplify small eg 3-seat wins).
it serves the Liberal Party to minimise and trivialise and ignore and obscure massive failures like the 2021 WA election, which is the biggest loss anyone has ever seen in the history of the Liberal Party. That’s why we see very little coverage.
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13 Mar
good morning. Today on #Insiders are press gallery legend Laura Tingle, ninefax economics corro Shane Wright, and Perth radio host Gareth Parker.
The interview is with Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.
This thread is not fact-checked.
I block snitchtaggers.
btw #Insiders did not promote panellist Professor van Onselen’s column yesterday, which they usually do, under the #InsidersReading tag. Even tho his take on his friend Christian Porter was all over the show last week.
“pressure builds for an inquiry into Christian Porter *and* a huge March for justice”, opens Speers. These things are not unrelated. Womens activism is part of the “pressure”. #Insiders
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13 Mar
it is quite surreal watching murdoch columnists running a case for the defence while bitching and moaning about trial by media.
I guess exactly zero self-awareness is an essential criterion for the job.
they keep telling ordinary punters *on twitter* what ordinary punters think coz ya know voter sentiment can only be determined by pollsters paid by corporate media to generate numbers reported by legacy media journalists in legacy media outlets.
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