Improve your "information diet" in 2022.

Do what 99% of people don't do - control what you consume & take care of your mental health.

🧵 22 high-signal profiles to follow on Twitter for entrepreneurs:
1/ Aadit Sheth - @aaditsh

Deconstructs how the top 1% play the game of business and life.

Aadit also teaches people to write & leverage Twitter for growth via Maker's Mark.

He's been a great support in recent times!

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh 2/ Shreyas Doshi - @shreyas

Writes about product management. The best content on the topic, hands down! You can even super follow him for in-depth content.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas 3/ Sahil Bloom - @SahilBloom

One of the best content creators I've ever come across. There's so much value in Sahil's tweets.

I highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter - The Curiosity Chronicle.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom 4/ Romeen Sheth - @RomeenSheth

Writes about business while running a $50M+ bootstrapped business & shares his learnings.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth 5/ Wes Kao - @wes_kao

Tweets about education, community & marketing. Shares great content that will help you become a better leader.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao 6/ Greg Isenberg - @gregisenberg

Talks about Web3 & community-based products.

There is so much value in everything that Greg shares, do subscribe to his newsletter, "Late Checkout".

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg 7/ Blake Burge - @blakeaburge

Shares insights on business, productivity & helps people become better versions of themselves through his content.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge 8/ Andrew Gazdecki - @agazdecki

Writes about startups, gives great advice!

Built @microacquire. I highly recommend checking out the platform, it's a game-changer!

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire 9/ Amanda Natividad - @amandanat

Writes about marketing, content & gives great career advice!

She's given me some great feedback in recent times.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat 10/ @gaganbiyani

Tweets about entrepreneurship & education. Gagan is the CEO of Maven & had previously cofounded Udemy.

Gagan shares honest & insightful stories about entrepreneurship - you'll learn so much from his experience.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani 11/ Zain Kahn - @heykahn

Deconstructs how leading companies & individuals leverage marketing & psychology to grow exponentially.

Zain breaks down concepts into actionable steps for you to implement.

He's been a great support to me!

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani @heykahn 12/ Jesse Pujji - @jspujji

Tweets about bootstrapping startups, DTC & growth marketing.

Consuming Jesse's content is a cheat code. I cannot find a better way to explain the value he brings.

My favourite tweet:

(extremely difficult to pick 1)
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani @heykahn @jspujji 13/ @ShaneAParrish

Shane's content will definitely help you gain perspective every day. You'll see yourself implementing some of the advice in both, business & life.

Hosts the @tkppodcast.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani @heykahn @jspujji @ShaneAParrish @TKPPodcast 14/ Ana Lorena Fabrega - @anafabrega11

Writes about decision making, gamification & alternative education.

She breaks down concepts into really good mental models & explains them very clearly.

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani @heykahn @jspujji @ShaneAParrish @TKPPodcast @anafabrega11 15/ @paraschopra

Paras is a true learner who shares his knowledge on Twitter.
He talks about a range of things from startups & economics to science, psychology & personal growth.

His website is a gold mine -

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani @heykahn @jspujji @ShaneAParrish @TKPPodcast @anafabrega11 @paraschopra @Codie_Sanchez @KarthikS2206 @Flexipletweets @_buildd @Julian @joulee @dremilyanhalt 21/ Ali Abdaal - @AliAbdaal

Tweets about productivity & growth to help you lead a better life.

Ali puts out top quality content & explains everything in an amazing way!

Follow him on YouTube as well -

My favourite tweet:
@aaditsh @shreyas @SahilBloom @RomeenSheth @wes_kao @gregisenberg @blakeaburge @agazdecki @microacquire @amandanat @gaganbiyani @heykahn @jspujji @ShaneAParrish @TKPPodcast @anafabrega11 @paraschopra @Codie_Sanchez @KarthikS2206 @Flexipletweets @_buildd @Julian @joulee @dremilyanhalt @AliAbdaal @mrsharma These 22 people have helped me gain perspective, explore different things & stay motivated throughout 2021.

I highly recommend that everyone follow them & develop a great information diet in the new year.

Happy New Year 2022! 🥂
Follow me for more threads on entrepreneurship, startup acceleration & corporate innovation.

If you enjoyed this, retweet the 1st tweet to share it with more founders👇🏽

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11 Dec 21
We all thought Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are a great way to get started, right?!

Apparently, not everyone agrees!!

🟢 MVPs are the best to prove potential ROI
🔴 MVPs lower the quality curve of the ecosystem

🧵 So, here is what should you do with your MVP:
1st line of thought:

🟢 MVPs are great because they help entrepreneurs launch without investing a lot of money and time before knowing if the product would ever sell.

They help understand the potential to make good on your investment (time, effort & money).
2nd line of thought:

🔴 MVPs lower the quality curve of the ecosystem because they deliberately offer substandard products.

You mostly find incomplete products in the name of MVPs. This brings more shitty solutions into the mix.
Read 12 tweets
6 Dec 21
90% of startups fail.

Due to various reasons,
⮕ 10% fail in the 1st year!
⮕ 70% fail between 2nd & 5th year!

SPEED is that ONE thing in your control to help you succeed in spite of these odds.

🧵Here's how:
The most imp job of a founder is knowing when to accelerate & by how much.

At early stages, while your product is being developed, & the business model is being fine-tuned, go slow & conserve cash.

Don't make unnecessary hires to sell an MVP or an unfinished product at scale.
Eventually, there will come a time when your business model has been proven.

Meaning, your customer acquisition cost(CAC) can be maintained at scale & you make at least 3xCAC from each customer.

At this point, relevant investors will be keen, raise money & accelerate hard!
Read 14 tweets
2 Dec 21
1. Idea 💡 - uniqueness? any differentiators? can we create competitive moats around it?

I've organised StartupWeekends & such hackathons to help people validate their ideas & come up with a prototype or a biz plan.

⮕ You can build a business with any decent idea.
2. Business Model ⚙️ - clear path to generate revenue?

I've run programs where startups had no definite biz model but could still sell.

⮕ To succeed it's not necessary to have a biz model on day 1, you can build one as you go. You'll test & pivot/improve it anyway.
3. Team/Execution 👩‍💻 - Skilled enough to adapt? Effective & efficient enough to get work done?

It has to the be the most imp reason, right? Nope!

A good team is crucial. It's up there but not the no.1 reason.

⮕ Like in sports, the best teams don't always win championships.
Read 7 tweets
2 Dec 21
I've helped ~2000 entrepreneurs in their journeys.

There's 1 rare factor that makes the difference between success and failure.

🧵 Here's what you should implement:
I'm passionate about helping startups scale.

Thankfully, I had great opportunities to work for organisations that ran programs for startups.

• EU India Innocenter @EUI_Innocenter,
• T-Hub Foundation @THubHyd,
• Techstars Startup Weekend @startupweekend.
Two specific terms to understand before jumping into "Why startups succeed?"

⮕ What are 'startups': new entities in search of scalable biz models by testing various hypotheses (value prop, TG, distribution, pricing, etc).

⮕ What is 'success': significant product-market fit.
Read 11 tweets

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