They reckon that what we know today as racism begins in the 1400s when European sentiments of anti-blackness first start to develop and colonisation gets a papal sanction.
So, by the time Australia is invaded in the late 1700s, racism has had some 300+ years of developing and refining all the necessary moral, legal and religious methods and justifications for dispossession, mass murder, control and regulation, assimilation, segregation etc
By the time federation is ready to kick off in 1901 we’re at peak scientific racism fuelled, eugenics ridden, racial purity blood quotient obsessed, institutionalised racism across the ‘western’ world. This is the European status quo in which so-called Australia is founded.
Australia’s origin story isn’t one of convicts and battlers, it’s a story of colonisation that should be looked at alongside other racist colonial practices of that era - Jim Crow laws, broken treaties, residential schools, Apartheid, the Holocaust, and other comparable histories
This is important so ppl can see that’s not a history of ‘oh, but they didn’t know better back then’, it’s a history of ‘they knew exactly what they were doing and very brutally and systematically set about doing it’.
What’s all this bullshit about ‘they didn’t know any better back then’ anyways? What a ludicrous argument.
The same ppl also say we should be thankful to those same ppl came because of they brought Western civilisation with them - a civilisation which apparently didn’t learn murder and country stealing and slavery were bad until the early 1970s... hardly sounds like a ‘superior race’.
But that again is that bedrock of white supremacy - thinking that giving ppl the absolute worst that western civilisation has to offer, taking life, land, liberty, language and self-determination as the price, is still better than what ppl had going on before white ppl showed up.

• • •

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2 Jan
White ppl who say ‘why can’t we all just be Australian?’ are funny… I’m thinking they don’t realise that when white ppl stopped referring to themselves as ‘white Australian’ and became ‘just australian’, they kept the adjectives for the rest of us.
That’s how whiteness went from being super dominate, to the point ppl said shit like ‘that’s mighty white of you’ and bought white Australian brand sliced pineapples and shit, to becoming invisible. Default. The unspoken norm.
Making whiteness invisible (well, not invisible so much as made to appear omnipresent yet unnamed) didn’t eliminate racism it just made the mechanics of it harder to point to (comparatively speaking; it’s still pretty obvious but not quite as obvious as a ‘whites only’ sign).
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2 Jan
One of the greatest tricks white supremacy ever pulled was convincing white ppl that white supremacy is a fringe extremist belief and not the bedrock upon which Western civilisation is built.
That’s why a lot of white ppl can only imagine white supremacists as skinheads and Nazis and KKK members rather than the overwhelming majority of Australian PMs, present company included. Image
NB: same goes with pretending racism is an anomaly caused by ignorance rather than a ever-adapting strategically weaponised system specifically designed to provide the moral and legal justification for highly profitable, centuries long, still ongoing, crimes against humanity.
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2 Jan
If the primary issue you want to address when doing anti-racism work is making sure white ppl feel good about themselves and don’t have to ever think about the R-word then you’re not doing anti-racism work.
Think about all the issues Indigenous ppl face in this country... Write a top ten list if you want.

How high up on your list is ‘white ppl feels’? Is it above or below high suicide rates? incarceration rates? Racist media coverage? Govt malfeasance? Institutional racism? Treaty?
How are we meant to be able to get any bloody work done if we need to drop tools and kiss the boo-boo of every white person who stubs their ego?
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2 Jan
Because white ppl are far more concerned with the fear of being called racist than they are about the damage racism causes and because ‘cultural’ training content is dominated by market forces, a lot of training has aimed more at alleviating white guilt than eliminating racism.
As Teju Cole said, “The White Savior Industrial Complex is not about justice. It is about having a big emotional experience that validates privilege.”
Also, speaking of market forces, there is a disconnect between the theory and the market when it comes to ‘cultural’ training. Some of the theory articulates a progression from cultural awareness to sensitivity to competence (for example).
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2 Jan
The Canning Stock Route is a track that runs from Halls Creek in the Kimberley region of Western Australia to Wiluna in the mid-west region. With a total distance of around 1,850 km it is the longest historic stock route in the world.
Alfred Canning surveyed the track at the beginning of the twentieth century, and by 1910 his party had successfully made 52 wells that would allow cattle to be walked for a day to reach the next watering point.
Canning's team of builders had constructed the wells with the forced help of Aboriginal people whose land the route traversed, including Martu and Wangkatjungka people. (…)
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11 Nov 21
It's not a question of whether remission of T2 Diabetes can occur. The research has shown that constantly. The question is how many can achieve it. Unfortunately we'll never know the true amount until we establish a health system that can provide it.

A thread!

The research shows that remission is possible for between 20%-75% of those with T2D if weight loss is achieved early enough. But even at 20% that would be over 200,000 Aussies, never mind the amount that would reduce medications. So, what can we learn from the research?
Dambha-Miller et al (2019) completed a prospective cohort study (N=867) that followed patients for 5 years. They reported that 30% maintained remission over the 5yrs. Achieving >10% weight loss was associated with remission.
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