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The main cause of the vitriol against Du Mez et al is that the TGC, SBC, DG, 9 Marks, Acts 29, Calvinist etc. world never saw itself as a sociological object of critique. There is now an entire academic world focussed on their failures & Reformed men are losing their minds.
The TGC/DG/etc. world is a Christian culture lacking epistemic humility and discourages self-critique. Internal critics are called “anti-gospel.” They built an entire platform based on critiquing *everyone* but themselves & taught an entire generation of pastors to do the same.
Modern white Calvinists, in their arrogance, conflated their religious culture with “the gospel” itself. To critique their religious culture is somehow equivalent to critiquing Jesus, the gospel, the Bible, etc. It’s unreal!
So now their hyper-critical chickens are coming home to roost by army of PhDs who are equipped with analytical tools exposing them every side. Calvinist culture missed Jesus’ point about the speck in the eye. They cheered like sports fans when someone said, “Farewell, Rob Bell.”
In their blindness, they believed themselves to be united theologically when, in fact, American evangelicalism (Puritans to Edwards to the present) was always first and foremost a sociological coalition cloaked in theological language about “the gospel,” “inerrancy,” etc.
Because evangelicalism has always been a sociological coalition, not a biblical nor theological one, it’s entire American history was in direct opposition to racial freedom for blacks & black Christians from slavery through Jim Crow.
In the 1950s, they abandoned the cities (esp. adjacent to black neighborhoods) and built institutions in the suburbs, built by the government, to support white middle-class thriving. It reinforced their arrogance about being right. They’ve always believed themselves to be right.
So, when you teach your children that “all Christians are wrong *except for us*,” and an army of scholars pull the low hanging bad fruit of errors throughout your history, your prideful, and sadly immature, response will be “counter-attack and defend the tribe.”
I remember this back in 2004 when white Calvinists started calling me, “Nigger,” “Anferny,” etc. when I started critiquing them. I’m not sure where all these scholars were back then but I could have told them what to expect. That world will not change. Ever. It’s a fool’s errand.
I’ve seen it over the years & the response to Du Mez, Jones, Perry, Coley, et al is not surprising. Critiquing white evangelicalism will never change white evangelicalism. If that were true, we wouldn’t be here today. Black theologians had these critiques, in print, 100+ yrs ago.
So now, because their chickens are coming home to roost, they are only left to play their victim card and whine like pre-schoolers. They are fragile. As soon as *their* plank in the eye is pointed out, they pout and say, “Stop hurting us.” They coddled themselves & their kids. Image
The teams are set. “White evangelicalism” is about to get a bunch white scholars tenure. White Calvinism will feed off the perceived attacks and circle their wagons. Articles & counter-articles. Books & counter books. Conferences & counter-conferences. This will last for years.
At the end of the day it’s same debates between Graham, Niebuhr, and Tillich 2.0. What will be accomplished? Not much, as history shows. It’s why I returned to family & public policy issues. I’ve already experienced these topics bearing little to no fruit.…
If you’re a racial minority, don’t feel like you have to make “white evangelicalism” your life project. There are more important issues to address & the attention feeds their narcissism. The devil is active in lots of other spheres. You’re free to focus on many of those as well.
For minorities, these intramural debates are lively but eventually you’ll get bored and/or discouraged (trust me!). “As far as the curse is found” means that we need people’s thoughtful energies to address race & Christianity issues but much, much, much, much, MUCH, more!

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Jan 10
Thoughts? Can we stop whining about young Christian guys following Peterson, Rogan, Tate, etc. These men aren’t a problem. Neither is YouTube. The problem is that the other men in the lives of teens aren’t compelling. Youth group/Christian schools infantilize boys with moralism.
Also, the problem is that many of their own fathers aren’t speaking greatness into the core issues in their son’s lives. Fathers aren’t empowered or encouraged because, for some silly reason, we think teens need to listen to a 24-year-old who is “cool” and “fun.”🤦🏽‍♂️
Peterson, Rogan, Tate, etc. say hard things and they don’t coddle lads. They’ve all tapped into the fact the boys want significance, ambition, & achievement. All good things! Sadly, many Christian lads are told that greatness is missions & church work. “Make your life count!”
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Jan 1
I *almost* approached a dad in a restaurant yesterday to ask him for an interview about being a dad. The way he was interacting with his three sons, esp. his teen son, was really beautiful. I actually choked up. I debated approaching but I didn’t want to interrupt what I saw.😂🤷🏾‍♂️
The reason I choked up is that his teenage son is probably clueless about how rare it is for a dad to be *that* engaged (eye-contact), affectionate, & joyful with sons in public. Read the data! When they got up to leave, the teen was beaming with self-confidence!!
The way the middle son kept walking over to drape himself over his dad’s shoulder was really special. I was like “wow.” These kids really love this man and they all felt fully comfortable with public closeness. They whole family was actually sitting really close to each other.
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Dec 30, 2023
If church men are policing women about being “immodest,” women should started telling guys to stop looking like slobs. I recently had to tell a young guy to stop wearing hoodies & jeans everywhere. I pointed him in the direction below and 3 things happened: 1) ⬆️self-confidence
2) girls started saying “yes” when he asked them out. 3) He walked into a job interview and nailed it. He noticed that people automatically treated him differently with greater respect when his shirt was tucked in and he looked like a professional.
A few weeks ago, I walked passed a nice restaurant and looked in and saw a bunch of young couples where the women were super dressed up and all the guys where wearing jeans, hoodies, sneakers. Guys didn’t even bother matching her energy. It seemed so dishonoring to these ladies.
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Dec 15, 2023
I've changed my mind, I used to think that conservative evangelicals valued the role of fathers. I no longer believe that. A 30-year study shows that the most important determinant of faith persistence in kids is the *relational* warmth of fathers, then grandfathers.
I cannot name a single pastor or church in America, that structures children & youth programming around this fact. Conservative churches wrongly focus on fathers as "spiritual heads" when fathers as relational & affection heads matters 100x more than leading a family devotion.
The data is clear that the father's role trumps the mothers. So, we have all of this data about the role of fathers so what is it about pastors and church leaders that prevents them from acting on what the data says?…
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Dec 3, 2023
My advice to churches searching for their next pastor: hire the guy who is a no-name, has no social media presence, whose sermons are faithful to the Text but doesn't "wow," is faithful to the Lord, his wife, his kids, and loves all of those people *more* than the church.
You want someone who will not "put your church on the map" because he's too busy doing home visits and sending elders into hospitals. You want the guy who does not speak at conferences and does not write articles & blog on ministry websites.
If he's written no books, that's great! If he doesn't want a DMin degree just to be called "Dr"; or if he has one he doesn't go by "Dr," hire *that* dude immediately. You want the guy that no one's heard of. When they Google him, nothing comes up. Yeah, him! And, pay him well.
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Nov 21, 2023
“It’s the pastors.” This is the source of the problem. I realized this yesterday. US pastors don’t believe in a father’s influence at home. Most really don’t. They may preached about it but they don’t staff their churches accordingly. If they believed it, here’s what you’d see:
A dedicated ministry to fathers and support specifically for fathers. The data is so clear that faith persistence for children into adulthood is driven by great dads. So, what do US pastors do instead of staffing to build great dads: they build a youth & family ministry. 🤦🏽‍♂️Wrong!
“Family ministry” doesn’t build great dads. “Why not both” says “I don’t get it!” In 2023, there needs to be a specific and unique ministry for fathers: to train, teach, encourage, and support them. If you have to fire your youth pastor to find the money for great dads, do it!
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