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BAYC is of the most intricate hidden trolling campaigns in history created by very intelligent 4chan-related trolls who have hidden lots of nazi and alt-right innuendoes across the collection I've gathered enough proof to confirm it.

Ultimate extensive thread 🧵
I'm going to write this thread as my investigation story so you can see how I obtained all the proof and what my thought and reasoning was throughout the process. This way it want look like just a wall of dry facts and will be simply more interesting to read
Initially, it may look like another compilation of "stretched" facts you have probably heard during the previous "BAYC is racist" discussion. Please, be patient to read till the moment when all dots start connecting
My investigation started a month ago from @ryder_ripps's discovery of @BoredApeYC logo looking strangely similar to the nazi Waffen Totenkopf

@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC I saw that people were reasoning same b/w theme, skulls and placement have been used by multiple brands, music bands and projects, but my gut feeling told me I still need to check. And I found something
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC I discovered that at least 9 out 36 Head Items in the collection had military connotations. Some weren't so obvious.

So I wrote this thread (it was supposed to say "not a coincidence")

@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC For instance, It featured Prussian Pickelhaube which is a sybol of WWI aggression and colonial wars Image
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC Kamikaze bands, Pith helmet, not so obvious Irish Civil War time hat and so on ImageImageImage
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC As I didn't have any extra information I actually decided that Totenkopf reference isn't a coincidence and BAYC creators are big military history fans who used military history elements as kitsch.
I saw that apart from military stuff BAYC had Roman Emperor toga and laurel wreath Image
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC This made my brain click again. Militaristic aesthetics, Roman Empire clothes. Yuga Labs (Kali Yuga reference? I thought). Everything looked familiar. All these elements are extremely popular among neofolk musicians
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC So, I assumed someone from BAYC must be a fan. And I wasn't wrong. Here is a random neofolk and martial industrial music fan article. Familiar helm, right?

Holy Roman Empire and Nazi aesthetics are also quite popular in this genre Image
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC For instance, this locally popular neofolk band called Rome has a whole combo.

How do I know this? I listen to neofolk music a little myself, although don't share same values Image
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC Kali Yuga concept was popular in neonazi and fascists circles.

(She depicted Hitler as a sacrifice for humanity that would lead to the end of the worst World Age, the Kali Yuga, which she believed was induced by the Jews, whom she saw as the powers of evil.) Image
@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC But @yugalabs said that they're named after Zelda villain which sounds quite trustworthy considering they're geeks. But something was still odd so I kept digging

@ryder_ripps @BoredApeYC @yugalabs But then @ryder_ripps and his community found more proof which made me doubt their sincerity even more
First, Surf the Kali Yuga and Kali Yuga Surf Club are common memes in alt-right circles. But still can surely be a coincidence, right? ImageImage
Second, bananas in BAYC x MAYC game strangely resembled swastikas. But still could be just shurikens Image
Third, BAYC we wearing Hawaiian shirts very similar to multiple Boogaloo Boys alt-right group. But it's just a shirt. Still not a solid proof. I needed to finds something better. And I did ImageImageImageImage
.@ryder_ripps posted a BAYC puzzle solution which showed how intelligent BAYC creators and how much they like hidden meanings and intricate riddles.

@ryder_ripps The puzzle utilizes a dozen of different kinds of ciphers of different complexity. Its creator is definitely a cypherpunk.

Also, some of ciphers (like maritime signal flags) have a military background. Looks pretty much like military history fan archetype I imagined Image
@ryder_ripps Also, interestingly, puzzle had lots of military terms hidden: Canard, Orders to attack, weapon, salute, maritime signal flags and etc.

Canard is especially curious. Not so common knowledge Image
@ryder_ripps So I thought, if a person likes hiding stuff, gloomy references might be in the puzzle as well. Also, when you create a word-based puzzle you use lots of associations, so all the content is pretty much an imprint of the creator’s mind

And I had a BINGO!
@ryder_ripps This puzzle consisting of multiple ciphers has a word "Guenon" as a solution. The article's author explains it's a breed of Old World Monkey. But I decided to google anyway as I didn't know the word. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps It turns out Guenon being a monkey isn't a top search result. The top result is a french philosopher René Guénon Image
@ryder_ripps René Guénon was a French intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics having written on topics ranging from “sacred science”, and traditional studies to symbolism and initiation.

Smth clicked in my head again as traditionalism sounded familiar. Image
Rene Geunon is a founder of Traditionalist School (perennialism). Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it: traditionalism is popular among far-right movement

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tradition…. Image
I googled Guenon + alt-right and found this curious article

The passage basically describes the concept of Yuga (Hindu cosmology cyclic age). What a coincidence! Image
That’s not it. Another interesting thing is that lots of Guenon studies were dedicated to Hinduism. So I googled Rene Guenon + Yuga and found out that Guenon basically popularized the concept of Yugas in the Western culture and introduced his own model of Yuga calculation Image
Check it yourself. Yuga Cycle article is featuring Rene Guenon.

So Yuga labs creates a puzzle where Guenon is an answer and he turns out to be the person who closely worked with the concept of Yuga. What are the odds it’s just a coincidence?

Are you still sure it's only about Zelda?
Also, Guenon is a popular topic on 4chan and 4chan booklists even featured one of his books. Even one 4chan booklist features Guenon ImageImage
At this moment I realized that considering the fact BAYC creators are masters of ciphers, like hiding easter eggs and have interest in philosophy deeply rooted in symbolism I realized that there must be more hidden innuendos
Back when I explored the military elements, I also got interested in prison uniforms. It has a 6 digit 019807 number and I was sure since the beginning it has some hidden reference, but couldn’t find any.

@ryder_ripps solved it Image
@ryder_ripps It turns out, if you remove both 0, you get 1987. It’s a year when Rudolf Hess, a prominent Nazi officer who was prosecuted in Nuremberg, committed suicide in jail. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps BBC even called Hess whose grave was levelled to prevent it from becoming a place of pilgrimage, a Nazi Zombie. Remember this, we’ll need it again soon

bbc.com/news/world-eur… Image
@ryder_ripps It turns out, that wasn’t the only Nazi officier reference. The boat on the BAYC website says “SS MONKE BIZ”. Of course, SS can stand for a steamship (screw steamer) and “monkey business” is a popular saying. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps However, the boat is not a screw steamer and BIZ looks like a hello to 4chan biz/ board. So what may SS Monke mean? SS can obviously refer to nazis. But that’s not it. Monhke is a surname of one of the most long-living SS officer who died in 2001 at age of 90 Image
@ryder_ripps This fact is more disputable, but it’s worth mentioning in this context. BAYC launch was planned on 30th (or 29th depending on the time zone) of April. It’s the day of Hitler’s death. Another dead nazi!

cc: @The1Ratman Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman So, what happens to dead nazi in popular culture? They resurrect as nazi zombies! Who else looks like zombies? MAYC! It’s important to note MAYC weren’t spontaneous and were in the initial roadmap. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman Zombie nazi is a popular trope that originates from Haitian vodooism and Haitian belief system was mainly formulated by West African slaves

inverse.com/article/50390-… Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman That’s when I remembered another important detail. BAYC club interior is designed as Haitian Tiki bar and tiki totems also appear on BAYC official arts and inside the game ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman So, I decided to search for tiki totems and possible racist connotations and found bingo again. Some locals deem tiki bars and cultural appropriation and find it rather insulting due to the history of oppression.

@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman Here is a passage from the article Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman I discovered Pacific Proving Grounds. It’s the name for a zone in the Pacific Ocean where the US military tested nuclear weapons between 1946 and 1962. The nuclear residue had seriously harmed health of many Haitians

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_P… Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman So, what does it have to do with MAYC? The thing is MAYC are born from serum which looks pretty much like radioactive wastes Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman I went searching for Pacific Proving Grounds nuclear explosions and found this mushroom. It has exactly the same shape as on this official BAYC art. That’s not it. If you look closer, you can see a tiki totem on the top of the mushroom! What chance it’s random? ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman Closer look at tiki totem Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman Do I have any proof MAYC are supposed to represent dead nazi? Yes, I do. This BAYC’s admiral hat transforms into one with a skull badge. It has the same shape and skull badge as nazi hat, however in this case the skull is a face of Red Skull marvel character who is a dead nazi! ImageImageImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman It's especially funny that it's @RollingStone and @BoredApeYC collab
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC The art behind MAYC is an allusion to Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights painting which is also full of symbolism. I’m pretty sure the art is full or Easter Eggs, but here is only one I found so far ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC The sun has a shape of Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) which is a Holy Roman Empire reference again and also a Sol Invictus is one of the most popular neofolk band. The sun’s face is a YOBA meme popular among 4chan trolls ImageImageImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC Why yacht club? There are three possible explanations.

First is the Kali Yuga Surf Club alt-right meme Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC Second is the fact Hitler’s yacht was sunken in Miami. Guess where ApeFest took place!
florida-backroads-travel.com/hitlers-yacht.… ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC Third it that the Wanderer, the last ship that brought slaves to the US was sailing under New York Yacht Club flags. Again, BAYC creators are military history fans and even used maritime signal flags for a cipher. Quite possible they know about this ship. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC What else do we know about BAYC founders? Not much.

They’re 4 super smart fully anonymous geeks.
The original BAYC art was done by a gig artist who didn’t get any royalty. It’s completely fine staying anon, but considering the success of BAYC it’s a bit strange.
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC I checked the wallets of all 4 BAYC creators. Each wallet was created specially for the launch and got ETH from Coinbase. Each holds just a little of ETH and amost nothing apart from BAYC and BAYC derivative NFTs. Doesn’t leave an impression of an NFT degen’s active wallet
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC All BAYC sale funds and OS royalties go to either Coinbase or Blockfolio wallet. Guys really don’t want to get identified. Do they have anything to hide?
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC Gargamel (@CryptoGarga) has the name of a villain from The Smurfs. He’s been criticized for being a stereotypical depiction of Jews. Could be coincidental, but considering all facts looks more like an irony ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga What is more, BAYC changed the twitter avatar to just a skull, after the nazi reference accusations. Why bother? ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga There also are other possible simianisation innuendoes among BAYC such as monkey in slave shackles, safari helmets, animal pelts, fez monkey and etc. But I’d like to live it up to you to interpret it given all other facts. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga Also, they have maritime signal flags scattered around BAYC website and arts. Possibly, it might be another cipher. I haven't solved it though ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga To be honest, at the point of tiki totem on nuclear mushroom I felt like @yugalabs really wanted someone to find it. I'm pretty sure I've solved only part of their puzzle, but that must be enough to draw conclusions. My job is done here
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs Also, I'm pretty sure that some of my surmises presented here are just overthinking. But it still feels like way too many coincidences. I'll be glad if you prove me wrong.
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs UPD. As @realDevDotEth has pointed it out I confused Haiti and Hawaii is some of the places. Please forgive my poor geography knowledge
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth Tiki totems are Hawaiian and the Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll shot BAYC used for the art also took place near Hawaii. It pretty much adds another justification to the boogaloo Hawaiian shirt theme
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth UPD2. I've already mentioned in the thread that BAYC creators are fans of neofolk. @baroquespiral has provided me with info which both vindicates that idea and changes my perspective on things
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral There is a pretty popular in same circles cult experimental musician Boyd Rice.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boyd_Rice Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral It turns out Boyd Rice used to have a Tiki Boyd's bar which was a popular location for experimental musicians and artists

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiki_Boyd… Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral Of course this bar also had tiki idols and Boyd was wearing pith helmet there. BAYC also have pith helmets, remember? ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral As I said before neofolk movement pretty often uses WWI, WW2 and other totalitarian or militaristic aesthetics.

And it doensn't mean they endorsing. It's more about aesthetics and provocation
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral And here is Douglas Pierce a leader of another cult neofolk group Death in June.

I hope you get the idea. Military elements are pretty homage to neofolk/darkfolk musicians ImageImageImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral Despite I'm familiar with these musicians, I never really knew the symbolism behind their music and looks.

So I decided to ask a person who is more knowledgeable than me Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral So, I believe BAYC creators aren't real nazi sympathizers but rather neofolk fans who payed tribute to their idols. Might be an overthinking again but I wouldn't be surprised is Bored was selected as homophone to Boyd.
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral I'm still pretty sure they're 4chan fans and left hidden messages to subtly troll BAYC holders. Quite possibly some of them are having some kind of traditionalist views (we can't know for sure)
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral But traditionalism is obviously not nazism and things are complicated so I would refrain from putting any labels.

Maybe, all this discovery will make BAYC offensive for some people, but I definitely refuse to label @yugalabs nazi despite all the gloomy references
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral I actually enjoyed solving this puzzle (and it's probably not completely solved) and I genuinely admire @yugalabs for creating on of the most intricate trolling campaigns of all time.

So, if @BoredApeYC are reading I even want to thank you for providing this fun
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral That's not over. Nicknames of all 4 BAYC creators are hidden references for the /pol audience.
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @CryptoGarga

Gargamel is a name of "The Smurfs" villain. Gargamel has been criticized for being a stereotypical depiction of Jews.

It's also a pol/ meme Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner

Gordon Goner is an anagram. GORDON = DRONGO (stupid in Aussie slang)

GONER = N E G R O ImageImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC

Sass isn't just a programming language here. It's SA + SS

SA is Sturmabteilung (Storm Detachment) - Nazi original paramilitary wing

SS is Schutzstaffel - major NAZI paramilitary organization

@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC

Emperor Tomato Ketchup is a name of a subversive Japanese film by Shuji Terayama which is a violent satire of Japanese extremism on the right and left -- as well as of the country's post-War complacency.

@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC With these info presented I'm almost completely sure that ape bunny ears are a reference to the Hitler bunny meme and Kennel Club means to represent his love for dogs. ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca

You were a gig artist for BAYC. I'm pretty sure you weren't aware of these connotation. Could you please share how you were briefed for BAYC arts?
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca I think there is a second layer. Kali Yuga Surf Club was registered this year and posting started at the same time as BAYC. Gordon Goner must be Australian (drongo) and he's the one who made puzzle. Check the first link in the post. We have another puzzle

@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca One of articles has Guenon references. And there is a schizo looking Kefir website. It's their ultimate puzzle. Exciting!

@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca The kefir article is full of cryptic language. Hawaii is also mentioned there. I'm exalted Image
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca Kefir is a fucking nuclear bomb there. The text is nonsense until you start googling different names from there ImageImage
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca This further stuff is a hell of a puzzle, but in general it's cryptic texts about eugenics and racial theory. I'll need more time to compile everything I found, but I found a lot.

Kefir = Kafir. Kefir grains = Kafir Seed and son on
@ryder_ripps @The1Ratman @RollingStone @BoredApeYC @CryptoGarga @yugalabs @realDevDotEth @baroquespiral @GordonGoner @SassBAYC @TomatoBAYC @allseeingseneca These last guesses about blog contents turned out to be just figments of my agitated imagination. I've reread everything today and there is no cryptic messages in Kali Yuga Surf Club blog. No real eugenics there.

Nevertheless, I found this

@talkingtickers has discovered dogs with ape hands might be referecing the dog from Venture Bros animated series, in which body Hitler was trasferred after the suicide ImageImage
In ep 5.1 Doctor divides his students into 3 groups and uses radiation to turn each into a different kind of mutants Third one is supermutants ImageImageImageImage
They also have a Red Skull parody! ImageImage
Also same stuntmant helmet appears in there, but it's a reference to Easy Rider itself. We can also see zombies and sailor outfit (not identical though). VB are generally full of kitsch uniforms actually ImageImageImageImage
Strangely enough, BAYC have two rsimilar looking Robot skins. Robot and Death bot. Why keep both? For diversity?

Or maybe because Death Bot is a Guard Robot from Wolfenstein? Wolfenstein also has nazi zombies, by the way ImageImage
Panzerhunds are also a thing. BAKC is a derivative borrowing traits from BAYC, though. But still in shows than nazi dogs are a common pop cultural trope ImageImage
Oh, there also is a Kampfhund live dog with robotic augmentations and Bombenhund carrying explosives as one of variations. This makes addtion of "Cyber Jaw" quite curious ImageImageImageImage
Leg knives, rocket launchers (x2), camo packs, jetpacks, camo boots and more. They are definitely preparing for the war. Against mutants? ImageImageImageImage
"Japan Bandana" is a Japanese Rising Sun flag used during WW2. Still think I'm a schizo finding non-existent patterns? ImageImageImage
Blitzmensch is a fictional propaganda character in Wolfenstein series.

wolfenstein.fandom.com/wiki/Blitzmens… ImageImage
May sound dumb, but if I wanted to reference Hitler's moustache without using it, I would also take Chaplin's hat ImageImageImage
Rats are also enemies in Wolfenstein 3D ImageImage
I think I also found the explanation for Pickelhaube. Hitler was a WWI veteran. And there also is a a historical photo of him wearing such helmet. ImageImage
Ape represents German Empire on this famous poster Image
Cyborg Hitler is an Uncyclopedia meme

mirror.uncyc.org/wiki/Cyborg_Hi… ImageImageImage
Space Hitler also is Uncyclopedia meme.

What a coincidence!

mirror.uncyc.org/wiki/Cyborg_Hi… ImageImageImage
I think I know who is the banjo playing ape there ImageImage
That's so fucking ironic they made a collab with Adidas now. I think @yugalabs were rolling on the floor when they got the offer
@yugalabs The whole BAYC project is Uncyclopedia memes retold

mirror.uncyc.org/wiki/Adolf_Hit… Image
@yugalabs Baby's Bonnet is Hitler's childhood, most likely ImageImage
@yugalabs Uncyclopedia says HItler tripped on acid. DMT and trippy shirt sound just right ImageImage
@yugalabs But I think DMT is for another part. Forgot about Trippy LSD fur Image
@yugalabs Probably, prison Uniform isn't about Rudolf Hess. It's just about Hitler serving a prison sentence. He served 264 days in Landsberg prison in 1924 ImageImage
@yugalabs Zombie skin must be serving this part probably. Or just "afterlife". I keep reading ImageImage
@yugalabs Hello bunny ears! ImageImage
@yugalabs Accprding to Uncyclopedia he also commited a suicide via food poisoning in McDonalds. ImageImageImage
@yugalabs Pimp my reich also is a meme

@yugalabs Hitler liked to dress like a woman. It says he preferred brown, but it probably would lack contrast in this case ImageImageImage
@yugalabs Hitler was a fan of the upcoming hardcore German rap scene.

Hip Hop ImageImage
@yugalabs Fuhrer found S&M too time consuming. Maybe nothing, but BAYC have S&M hat (which also has a shape of nazi cat by historical accidence) ImageImage
@yugalabs By the way, Hitlerburger also is a Uncyclopedia meme Image
@yugalabs Also this. But may be nothing Image
@yugalabs Interestingly enough society's leader was Charlie Chaplin! Image
@yugalabs Dunno why they didn't use 12,666 number though Image
@yugalabs Also, Uncyclopedia features Hitler in the list of famous cowboys. But not sure in this case

mirror.uncyc.org/wiki/Cowboy ImageImage
@yugalabs It's important to note that Uncyclopedia is pretty big and Hitler is one of reoccurring character in multiple articles so some things might be in reality unrelated.
@yugalabs I haven't gone completely mad and still think there is a chance everything I found is total bullshit.

On the bright side, this thread could be used as an example of how abundance of pop cultural references and tropes can be links to Hitler (Godwin's law style)
@yugalabs Also, I've discovered the last revealed mutant ape might be a reference to The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) film.

Funnily enough there also is a helmet, monkeys and totems. The way I found it is another crazy story ImageImageImage
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring You might be interested in watching the movie as you own this ape
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring The reason I'm continued this schizo thread today is this interview of @yugalabs. They mention iceberg theory in 2 of 3 interviews and explicitly say each element in collection has a meaning. Image
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring It's also interesting that @GordonGoner is a writer and he and @CryptoGarga a literary friends.

They also mention Wittgenstein in 2 of 3 interviews. Obviously, they are deep into philosophy
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring @GordonGoner @CryptoGarga The also tell that Garga and Gordon argue about the Infinite Jest and discuss authors like David Foster Wallace.

Infinite Jest is conventional narrative structure and includes hundreds of extensive endnotes, some with footnotes of their own. The masterpiece of intertextuality
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring @GordonGoner @CryptoGarga This all makes me feel that considering the level of BAYC' creators' intelligence and talks about the iceberg theory there might be more under the water.

Funnily enough, iceberg is also often used for conspiracy theory memes ImageImage
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring @GordonGoner @CryptoGarga I picked the one about SpongeBob as the very bottom layer has a theory that Bikini Bottom appeared as a result of Bikini Atoll nuclear testing (yes, the same I referenced for the Ape story)
@yugalabs @TaylorGerring @GordonGoner @CryptoGarga They also are "gamers at heart". Easter Eggs are a favorite part of any hardcore gamer. So the have to be a plenty.

• • •

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Jan 6
You still have doubts @BoredApeYC was created by 4chan trolls?

Nicknames of all 4 BAYC creators are hidden references for the /pol audience

Gargamel is a name of "The Smurfs" villain. Gargamel has been criticized for being a stereotypical depiction of Jews.

It's also a pol/ meme

Gordon Goner is an anagram. GORDON = DRONGO (stupid in Aussie slang)

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Aug 10, 2021
I'm the person who started all the fuss @FameLadySquad and @queenship_ project. I have enough proof to state that FLS was created by 3 males who are also behind a whole bunch of abandoned NFT projects.

And their "signature" convinces me Queenship is also their product. Thread/
@FameLadySquad @queenship_ The story begins from April this year when we launched our meme NFT project @NeuralPepe.

A couple of days after our launch we were invited into an NFT chat with other Russian-speaking devs creating NFT projects. The guys who created FLS were there.
@FameLadySquad @queenship_ @NeuralPepe Back then we knew them as people who made @NFT_Hustlers and @NftIdols projects.

Back than lots of projects we moving to BSC, they also started making @unicorns_bsc. Initially, we were just casually chatting and I even helped @d_mefi (one of their team) with some marketing tips
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