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It's time once and for all to address the gaslighting talking point that "Covid jabs give you a much better chance of avoiding a severe infection even if they don't stop you from being infected." This is a canard, which I will prove here.
First of all, the canard is gaslighting because many using it are now trying to claim there were never any promises that jabs prevented infection. Tell that to our CDC, which on 3/29/21 published this study boasting 90% efficacy against transmission.…
Now with #Omicron the risk of breakthrough infection has more than quintupled, while the risk of breakthrough hospitalizations for the jabbed has at least doubled!…
This brings me to my first point, just as Delta made any prior data sample irrelevant, Omicron is now doing the same. So anyone showing you some jabbed/unjabbed chart going back a year is either an idiot or propagandist. Hopefully they at least get paid by Big Pharma for it.
Here's the second point: it's not a one-on-one proposition about whether or not to get jabbed. It's an overall risk assessment. And the truth is the overall risk of either Covid death or hospitalization is VERY, VERY LOW.
As of September 2021, CDC estimated there were at least 146.6 million Covid infections so far in the U.S. Let assume 3 more months has gone by without adding a single one. That's not the case, obviously, but we'll go with it to prove the overall point.…
CDC also estimates as of 12/25/21 there has been approximately 2,598,680 total Covid-associated hospitalizations in the U.S. Only 2% of them have been under the age of 18, btw, while 42% have been 65 and older (by the far biggest bloc).…
That would mean only 1.7% of ALL Covid infections have ever led to hospitalization, and that's if we under-estimate infections by three months up against current Covid hospitalization rates. In other words, the actual rate would be even lower.
Some will say "well the jabs deserve credit for those numbers dropping so low." I would actually grant that under the pre-Delta paradigm. However, post-Delta, CDC says the hospitalization rate is actually HIGHER than it was in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2020 before we had jabs.
In other words, the pre and post-Delta data basically cancels each other out, and we're pretty much back to base line.
Now to Covid deaths. Worldometer reports there have now been 852,474 total deaths with Covid in the U.S. That would put the overall IFR for Covid in the U.S. at just 0.58%, which is still using a 3-month old infection number so that IFR is actually lower.
Data from WHO shows Delta produced worse death numbers during the seasonal Sun Belt wave and well into fall in 2021 than we saw in 2020 before any jabs.…
However, the early part of the Northern seasonal wave was actually showing fewer deaths than late-November through December last year if you look at the WHO data. And of course the Northern states are all more jabbed.
But, and this is a big but, there are massive breakthrough surges now happening in the Northern seasonal wave, at least somewhat driven by Omicron. Thus, we will need to check back in a month or so to see if that wall against lethality holds up.
Still, though, we have to deal with the overall risk assessment. The overall severe infection risk assessment for those under 65 (and especially under 75) from Covid is blessedly very, very, very low.
That means those in the younger demos are right to be concerned about long-term side effects of experimental technology. Especially when a FDA panel member openly admits it has to test its actual safety on our kids:…
The average death with Covid is over 75 with up to 4 co-morbidities. About 16% of the population is 65+, so obviously the percentage goes down the older we go. Therefore, once again, the vast majority of Americans are not at serious risk for severe Covid infection jabbed or not.
That's why charts like this from @SenRonJohnson resonates with so many people. They're not non-conformist idiots. They're critical thinkers doing a risk-benefit analysis of Covid risk for them vs the jab. Image
We are ALL taking a risk. Either with a virus of likely malicious origin or experimental tech whose long-term effects won't be fully known till experienced in real-time. Especially if we're going to re-inject and re-inject with boosters every few months into perpetuity.
Stop comparing it to the flu shot in that regard. The flu shot has been around for decades, isn't mandated, doesn't lie/embellish about its true efficacy, and you're not asked to take three or four of them in a year.
And this doesn't even take into account the ongoing and evil denial of early treatments, and how many severe infections that savagery has caused. Or the WITH vs FROM Covid counting scam that has been happening all along.
I've seen people at places like even Breitbart post here the same Big Pharma commercials claiming to be data the corporate media blue check marks have a fetish for. Both are wrong, as I've demonstrated, because they don't factor in the overall risk ratio on both ends.

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Once and for all Twitter’s true our purpose/vision will be leaned. No more theorizing, because they’d be foolish from an investor standpoint not to take the money and run Steve Miller. You only say no if you’re deeply committed to an agenda more.
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