Ben is on today, speaking about the Left’s failure to understand Aristotelian categoricals and Hohfoldiab rights. Two subjects dear to me, and lacks that cause great mischief.

You Aren’t The Only Person In The World
Aristotelian Categoricals or Aristotelian Categorical Statements is simply the technical way to state a general uniformity in nature or society which is true according to the category, but not true universally without exception.

For example, “human beings are sighted.”
“Human beings are sighted” is a true qua the category ‘human being’ or qua human nature. It is *natural* for human beings to be sighted.

This is true despite the existence of blind human beings. The blind do not refute the categorical statement.
It is natural for human beings to be sighted. Blind human beings exist, but accidentally. An ‘accident’, philosophically, means something that comes about not according to any nature.

A blind human being has had an accident depriving him or her of sight, before or after birth.
It is a human good to attempt to accommodate the blind. It would, however, be foolish to abolish everything that involves sight, e.g. whiteboards, computer monitors, etc. because these are goods from which a few are excluded.

No *wrong* is being done by this exclusion.
This can apply to things which are a fusion of the natural and social as well.

Shapiro is discussing marriage in this context. Marriage is a normative good for human beings. No one has ever claimed that every single human being universally should be married — but most should.
‘Should’, that is, from considerations of the fulfillment of human nature and personal happiness.

The normative status of marriage is undercut NEITHER by (1) the unsuitability of a few for marriage NOR (2) failed or bad marriages.
As Shapiro is pointing out, Leftism today accepts an argument that goes as follows

1 Such-and-such good or institution (e.g. marriage) isn’t a universal good or institution
C: So it isn’t really a good, and should be abolished
And this argument is nonsense, because it doesn’t follow that

1 An Aristotelian Categorical truth isn’t a universal truth
2 ∴ it isn’t true in any significant way
It’s a kind of “all or nothing” fallacy.

The Left often falls into these, because “if everyone cannot equally enjoy a good, no one should.”

That is, “ban movies and paintings, because there are blind people; ban music, because there are deaf people.”
There are many, many, MANY goods which cannot be given equally to ALL.

So the only option for equality is that they be had by NONE.

Insane Leftism often thinks depriving ALMOST EVERYONE of a given good is BETTER than a state in which a few, for external reasons, don’t have it.
As in the war between the Trannies and the TERFs, it is hard to say that the Woke idea of distributing goods by race is a good idea, simply because it is opposed to the bad idea of insane egalitarian leveling.

But my sympathies are again against the Woke.
The pursuit of equality can be a good thing in moderation, and in some cases a duty. The problem is when equality is taken as an absolute value, which it isn’t.

Wokeness, of course, is simply opposed to justice.

• • •

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6 Jan
This madness is a witches’ brew of

1 Rousseau’s radical anti-conventualism and anti-naturalism
2 Kant’s idea that our “true” self is a noumenal autonomy over and above our body
3 Nietzsche’s idea of poetically, authentically creating one’s own self/values/meaning
What we have is a bare, abstract, embodied-but-over-and-above-the-body autonomous self (Kant), but no longer defined by reason, but by will and desire, and creative spontaneity (Nietzsche) for which both Nature and society are oppressive chains to be broken (Rousseau).
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5 Jan
Sociologists rarely have the competence to critique sociologists.

Historians have more to offer, but it is worth noting that historiography is a discipline rife with fallacious reasoning — things historians say need to be checked by also understanding the methods used.
This is one of those books pretty much everyone should read:
As Fischer notes “logic” is often regarded as suspect by historians, since most of them resist the Hegelian notion that history itself has “a logic.”

Unfortunately, human reasoning being what it is, this dismissal of “a logic of history” bleeds over into more general dismissal.
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5 Jan
He’s lying.

The thesis of Critical Race Theory is not that laws have been used to perpetuate racism. The thesis is that Western law itself, and its foundations, such as human rights, equality before the law, etc., is INHERENTLY RACIST, and therefore needs to be destroyed.
Here are receipts.

From Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic’s Critical Race Theory: An Introduction
No one disputes that law has, in the past, been used to perpetuation racism. No one.

CRT is evil and in error because it teaches that America today, in 2022, is a WHITE SUPREMACY, because our Constitution, laws, polity, and everything is INHERENTLY RACIST.
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4 Jan
Iron Law of Woke projection. He accused me of “parroting” Rufo and Lindsay because I recognized and called him out about his CRT claim that “we live in a white supremacy.” That I was right is shown not only by what he said but by his introduction of Rufo and Lindsay.
No one not informed about CRT would know who Rufo and Lindsay are, much less what their criticisms of CRT sound like. And since he thinks criticism of CRT is worthy of ridicule, he clearly accepts it.
I am of course familiar with both Rufo and Lindsay, but whatever my objections to CRT have in common with theirs is a function of truth. Critical Race Theory just is Marxism using race, or race communism, as I said. This is true. So it’s no surprise several people know it.
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3 Jan
No, it doesn’t mean EQUALITY; THAT is the FUCKING PROBLEM.

"Racial equity does not mean simply treating everyone equally, but rather, allocating resources and services in such a way that explicitly addresses barriers imposed by structural racism and White privilege..."
“racial equity” = treating people unequally, based on their race

“addressing White privilege” = depriving White people of goods or access to goods on the basis of their race, even though they have done nothing wrong
A large amount of “equity” is illegal under American constitutional protections against seizure of property without due process and equal protection of the laws.
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