Jan 6th 2021, as the attack on the Capitol was ongoing, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave a nearly 12 minute long interview to CBS.

He gives details about his talks with Trump and said he spoke with other people from the White House as well to try and stop the attack.
The interview in its entirety can be watched here:


If the Twitter video player does not work, click the video to Facebook to watch on there.
"This has to stop and this has to stop now!" Kevin McCarthy says.

He has spoken to the President and asked him to talk to the nation and tell them to stop this.
The CBS host says: "You said you spoke with the president. What did the president say he would do?"

Kevin McCarthy: "I know he had put a tweet out there.. I told him he needs to talk to the nation."

He makes no mention Trump would do anything.

McCarthy gets emotional.
Filled with emotion, McCarthy says: "Everybody in this nation has go to take a deep breath and understand we are all American.

We can disagree but WE DO NOT DO THIS! This is NOT who we are!"
"Who do you think bears responsibility for this for inciting this mob?" The SBC host asks.

McCarthy: "[..] Anyone who has encouraged this. [..]

This is not where we go. This is not the best of who we are. I'm appalled by [..]"
"And you think that it was just organic; that this protest just happend on its own?" The SBC host asks.

Kevin McCarthy: "No.. no..."
"The president invited 10s of thousands of people to quote unquote stop the steal [..] I just wonder if someone is gonna call a spade a spade." The SBC host says.

Kevin McCarthy: "I was very clear with the president when I called him. This has to stop."
"I just wonder are there are members of the leadership headed to the White House to try and move this process forward? We are that point leader McCarthy" the SBC host says.

Kevin McCarthy: "I'm meeting with the other leaders; I'm talking to the president."
"The president of the USA has a briefing room steps from the Oval Office. The cameras are hot 24/7 as you know. Why hasn't he walked down & said that? Now?" the host says.

McCarthy: "I conveyed to the president what I think is best to do & I'm hopeful the president will do it."
🔥🔥 "And have you spoken with his chief of staff?" the CBS host asks.

Kevin McCarthy: "I've spoken to the president, I've spoken to other people in there and to the White House as well."

@hugolowell @jennycohn1 @visionsurreal @jimstewartson
Of course we knew he spoke to the president. In these clips Kevin McCarthy gives more detailed information about what he said to the president.

More importantly, he also called with others in the White House. Multiple people.

🔥 Who exactly did he speak with?
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8 Jan
This is such an important clip. Here @JonFlan masterfully lays out the case for Seditious Conspiracy in relation to 1/6.

And the always careful attorney @AriMelber described Peter Navarro's plan as: "a coup, whether it's bloodless or not."

I've always been a fan of John and a follower of

This would not air on MSNBC if there was not a case for Seditious Conspiracy.

I 100% agree violence was not needed for this to be among the biggest crimes in history.
I do believe people like @glennkirschner2, @SethAbramson, @CheriJacobus, @PamKeithFL and @richsignorelli would very much enjoy this analysis.
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6 Jan
Jan 6th 2021, a vile attack on our democracy happened. Trump supporters, incited by Donald Trump and his lieutenants, stormed the Capitol, assaulted police and threatened members of Congress.

But let me show you how the planners and inciters spent their time in DC that week.
Eric Trump celebrated his 37th birthday in the lobby of Trump International Hotel with a giant chocolate cake.

The night before, he was an attendant of the war room located in the same hotel.

➡️ sethabramson.substack.com/p/january-5-me…
Earlier, Trump advisor and long time friend, Roger Stone decided to fly on a private jet to DC with his friends Kristin Davis and Gina Loudon.


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4 Jan
Let's talk about the DC Pipe Bomber and other suspicious events in relation to that.

Did you know that other than the pipe bombs, bomb threats were made against some of the House office buildings earlier that day?

That is according to Rep. Ronny Jackson.

Rep. Ronny Jackson said:

"Earlier in the day there been a couple of bomb threats in some of the House office buildings and they've been evacuated and then resettled and then evacuated."

"But you that kinda stuff happens all the time anybody can pick the phone up and call in a bomb threat, they do that just to disrupt stuff. So nobody thought too much about about that."
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3 Jan
Jan 5th 2021, Michael Flynn associate Leigh Dundas spoke to a crowd in front of the Supreme Court. She claimed it would be “within our rights” to murder “alleged American” turncoats who interfered w/ the election." She said the quiet part out loud.

@jimstewartson @visionsurreal
@jimstewartson @visionsurreal The rally was organized by Virginia Women For Trump, and it hosted a great range of insurrectionist leaders.

The rally can be watched here for those who want to track what was said:

Dundas said: "We would be well within our rights to take them out back and shoot them or hang them because that is what we did when they tried to overthrow our government by way of assassinating Abe Lincoln!"

This is what happened the next day:
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2 Jan
HUGE! Bernard Kerik interviewed from Rudy Giuliani's #WillardWarRoom as the attack was unfolding 1-6-21.

Kerik completely downplays the violence.

Originally posted by @JasonSCampbell on the day it happened.

@SethAbramson @hugolowell @emmersbrown @visionsurreal @BetoAngelMommas
Please give a shout-out to this feed when reporting.
To my knowledge, this is the only footage we have of Kerik in Rudy's war room.
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2 Jan
THIS is the reason why it is SO important for OSINT researchers like myself to have pictures and video from Trump International Hotel DC during insurrection week.

Each and every person there was there for a reason.
They really did NOT want to have anyone there who was not supposed to watch what they were doing.
As a result, Eric Trump's bday was a sad affair.
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