The Ultimate MEGA Thread on Qredo.

I've been doing a deep dive on $Qredo and I'm convinced that it is undervalued.

Narrative shifts are constantly changing and will be focused on security as money flows increase.

Here's why Qredo will be more recognised in 2022:

The simplest way to define #Qredo is: as a solution to trade, transfer and take custody of your crypto on a decentralized network.

As people with become more experienced within this space, it is likely that centralized exchanges will have less crypto stored on it.

To put simply, pressure from regulators will only continue to increase over time.

For the big crypto investors, storing and exchanging assets safely will be of great importance.

Before continuing, ensure you have read this to understand the tech:

The focus here, will be on the:

-Reasons for greater adoption
-The potential of Qredo's technology

To start with,

Here is why I can see #Qredo being massively adopted in 2022:

-DeFi 2.0 influence
-Stored crypto on exchanges will fall
-World acceptance of crypto adoption

DeFi 2.0 Influence

DeFi has had a very strong run thus far, based on the "Total Value Locked" metric.

As awareness continues to grow, there likely will only be further money inflows.

So how does this in any way relate to #Qredo?

It does. Massively.

We saw a significant number of rug pulls, forks and hacks within DeFi protocols.

Middleware will become adopted for anyone trying to access DeFi.

"Middleware" platforms allow for the interaction with different chains to see liquidity sources from CEX's, DEX's and off chain.

An example of such Middleware is the "all in once custody and settlement platform" @QredoNetwork.

A reminder that #Qredo is built for professional investors to transfer securely digital assets and instantly:

-Zero clearing + settlement risk
-Zero counterparty risk...

-Elimination of digital asset thefts
-Independent governance with no third party dependancy

A list of the currently supported assets is growing and can be found linked below:…

Stored Crypto On Exchanges Will Fall.

Non transference of asset trading is taking place on DEXs that don't require traders to surrender control of assets.

However DEXs have disadvantages as well
-Low liquidity
-Gas fees
-Costly transactions (slippages)
And more..

So where will all this crypto move into.

Ideally it needs to be secure, cheap and have high interoperability with other ecosystems.

An example of great innovation from Qredo is it's "swap quote market place".

Otherwise termed as The Liquidity Hub.

The Liquidity Hub and non custodial wallets will allow for:

-Less credit risk of holding assets on exchanges
-DeFi assets being committed moved off of exchanges

Adoption is key to Qredo's success fundamentally.

Growth and recognition is beginning to materialise.

The third reason we gave earlier was:

World acceptance of crypto adoption

The world is watching El Salvador.

It has become the first country to experiment with using bitcoin, volcano bonds, Lightning and Qredo to boost itself in the global economy.

This may be lower-tier economies adoptions.

However, "neighbouring companies" such as Paraguay and Panama are starting to regulate and work on bills increasing the ease of use of Crypto.

These countries have more to gain by adopting faster than USA/China, for instance.


As DeFi seems to be the "big" thing this 2022.

Expect a large hack in 2022 potentially over 900M$.

This will be greater than the 600M$ Poly Network attack.

Security will only increase to a greater extent, when there is need for it.

It will come, anon.

Let us now identify how #Qredo is placed to take advantage of such circumstances by analysing their technology.

Qredo has decentralized custody.

Qredo Wallet lets you build your own Trusted Party network and assign Custodians to your Funds. Every transaction related...

related with your #Qredo Wallet needs to be authorized by your appointed Custodians.

So this means:

-No user-specific private keys
-Trusted Parties safeguard your assets
-Instant, transparent transactions

What is Decentralized Settlement?

Removing third party involvement in processes creates an environment where settlements occur instantly under strict governance controls.

Qredo's benefits specifically are:
-Instant Swaps
-Lower Costs
-Corporate Wallets
-Multi chain

So if Qredo can solve this "non custodial" problem...

And I believe it can, thanks to a team of experienced professionals who have delivered to the roadmap.

Then #Qredo has so much potential to unlock.

Time may well be the biggest obstacle in determining adoption.

If you enjoyed this thread, please give me a follow @Crypto8Fi, I research the fundamentals on altcoins.

You can also check out my medium, where I write in depth about my key tips into creating Generational Wealth through DeFi Protocols and Altcoins.
Thank you for reading.

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