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1/ In this thread, I want to offer a few thoughts around the broader #Ethereum vision, the recent high gas prices and why I think we should be more forgiving of Ethereum's current limitations.

(short thread)
2/ If you're involved with using Ethereum today, you are a pioneer of a new technology that you believe in some way will grow to fundamentally change the nature of finance (through DeFi) and the web (through web3).

Being a pioneer isn't always fun!
3/ As pioneers of a new technology, you have to accept that you'll be the one that goes through early growing pains.

Those growing pains currently manifest in high gas prices, unintuitive UI/UX, poor scaling, lots of jargon, unknown upgrade timelines and many other things.
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I just become the 7th pioneer of @keep_project's tBTC. 15/05 is a historic gay for both #Ethereum and #Bitcoin.

Now, bitcoiners can use Ethereum as a layer 2 platform to use DeFi in a trustless manner, which weren't previously possible with tokens like WBTC. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎉🌈


@Tronfoundation's @justinsuntron need to be prepared and ready to clone tBTC for Tron (before the day he will clone itself).

(sorry for a mistype in the root tweet, replacing "day" for "gay", but I thought too much in the kiss of those long hard rivals. Please note I'm not drunk)

With the launch of ETH2, @ethereum will compete with @lightning as a layer 2 protocol for #Bitcoin. But do LP have DeFi?
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#Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 is set to go live this year. A survey of ~300 ETH holders by @ConsenSysCodefi aimed to determine the motivations and concerns of ETH holders who are considering (not) staking on the #Eth2 network. Conclusions, a thread:
Of 287 respondents, over 65% plan to stake on #Eth2. Half of those 65% plan to run their own validators, and the other half plan to use a third party staking provider. Additionally, 14.6% are undecided and only 2.8% do not plan to stake.
Of the 65% of respondents who plan to stake by running own validator or using 3rd party, both groups plan to stake ~50% of total ETH holdings. 63% of respondents own >32 ETH, & majority of people who will not stake own <32 ETH.
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(1/23) The official #Ethereum 2.0 deposit launchpad has just been open-sourced.
Let's have a constructive look at what's being built right now so you don't have to run the app yourself.…
(2/23) Love the Staking Rewards chart. Clear & simple.

Could be more centered on relevant APRs to appear less flat.
The link is to @ConsenSysCodefi eth2 calculator, which is great but a Google Sheet might look unprofessional.
Maybe… is better (same source)
(3/23) Nice timeline.

I understand why you would not want to risk showing date but people will still wonder why they're not here.
Why "mainnet launch" and not "Phase 0" even though we're talking about Phase 0 below?
Maybe add links to phase descriptions here.
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There's been good conversation recently about the amount people *actually pay* to use blockchains, stripping out the inflation subsidy.

At @placeholdervc's annual meeting a few months back, we shared this graph to show #Ethereum's lead versus other smart contract platforms:
2/ Yes the data can be updated (I encourage someone to do it, @alexhevans is busy with other things 🙂), and notable smart contract chains like EOS are missing because their fee model is different (really a cost of capital fee). But the point stands...
3/ #Ethereum is orders of magnitude ahead of any of its competitors in terms of people willing to pay for its utility.

Speculation may buoy "Ethereum Killers" for a while, but for many it will eventually become clear the emperor has no clothes:…
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I have a idea based on @Marble_cards.

Stable NFTs. Remembers stablecoins, but it haves its own properties.

Somewhat like @meTokens, every NFT should be backed by collateral, but always having a fixed intrinsic value + market value.


Not only collateral, but all stableNFTs should be backed by a physical counterpart! 🙅

Intrinsic value + market value. 🤯

The intrinsic value is made by the costs of producing the physical counterpart. All physical NFTs haves a QR code and contract address. 🏀🏷

The intrinsic value of a stableNFT doesn't changes (like DAI) and always is collateralized. 🦄

If the physical counterpart is changed/upgraded (eg. printing new owner address or having a healthier copy), the intrinsic value is increased also including these costs. 📈
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Thread: Where are we in the 2nd #altcoin pump cycle? How much longer do we have to trade $ALTS? What is the typical market history like? As alt traders, we must be aware of the conditions and environment that are strong for trading alts (namely Alt/btc pairs). $ETH $XRP $BTC
I also wrote / charted these charts on the weekend so they may be a few days old. The same principles still apply though IMO. Check out the next two threads before reading this one, I think it'll give better background as to where I'm coming from.
Here's a thread I wrote a few weeks ago. I have many of the same charts w/ some updates:

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Coordinating groups and deals entirely online~~ez?

SIGN OFF on @OpenLawOfficial ✒️ readable text to get people to do stuff~

SETTLE ON #Ethereum 🌐⛓️ hard code to get money_robots to do stuff~

here , awarding $LXK bounty to @contractslegal in seconds~~…
executed from this library template:…

markup the…
curious about #LegalEngineering, Solidity for deals?

check @lex_DAO issues on repos like `ETHDrop`:…

complete bounties & level 🆙 pro rep on neutral work history base of #Ethereum
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The market is more bullish than it ever has been and all these people are selling.. There is a reason why 90% of the market loses.

Here is why bears are wrong and will miss out on the biggest buy opportunity in history...
This is probably the most obvious comparison to make...

#NASDAQ and #Bitcoin show strong similarities. Just like the Nasdaq, we smashed through a long term trend line before we went to new all time highs.

Everyone is panic selling Bitcoin now for the same reasons.
Here is the next comparison that I think most people ignore..

The #Bitcoin bear market followed the #Gold market cycle from 1976-2000. Even though Bitcoin didn't immediately break to new all times, the emotional psychology stays the same.

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What are the major #cryptocurrencies up to these days? DXone peeks under the hood to help #cryptoinvestors make #informed_decisions.

You could also sign up at to have all of this information and more at your tips when trading on the #crypto-#superhighway

@IOHK_Charles recently announced the launch of their #Shelley mainnet moving ahead from their #Byron era. Considered the most scientific of all #DLTs, Cardano took a little around 18 months to reach this far.

#IoT solution @NodleTeam recently made the switch from @StellarOrg to @ParityTech's #substrate.

But, in a big win in 2020, @Bitbond received #BaFin nod to launch #tokenized_securities on the #Stellar protocol.
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$ETH/BTC Update

I tweet.. instant pump into resistance cause market makers are my homies
$ETH/BTC Update 2

I forgot how bullish a tweet by myself can be #joke #dontgetsalty
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#Top10 #cryptocurrencies [by #MarketVolume] on the 3rd of April, 2020 according to Dxone Exchange.
Number 10:

#OKB token by @OKEx

It is an #ERC20 token with a market cap of 1,221 Million #USD. It's key utility is discounts on #trading fees, voting rights, ability to invest in #incubated projects and #sharing_revenue.

(Source:…) via @crypto_briefing
Number 9:

#BNB by @binance

@cz_binance's brainchild, the BNB #token powers everything in the Binance ecosystem. What was once just a #cryptocoin for exchange is a full-fledged #Ethereum competitor and sits at 1,917 Million USD market cap
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0/ I have had some time to process this cryptomarket dump and I am not suprised that we saw the reaction that we did. This reflects extreme fear in *all* markets, and it is hard to have a bullish outlook on anything but fundamentals. We must return to the basic value proposition.
1/ The same guys who speculate in traditional markets also speculate on #bitcoin, so when mass panic sets in, everything "unnecessary" is sold in order to cover the tidal wave of margin calls, and they still get liquidated anyways.
2/ as much as the shills would like you to be long on #bitcoin, mining $BTC is on the verge of becoming an un-economic activity. In other words, mining cannot be profitable under 6k in a post halving world. We know that #bitcoin cannot scale economically. Period.
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1/ It's been a pretty insane last couple of days for #Ethereum and DeFi.

In the midst of the chaos, @tokensets users have been very happy as most of the Sets were sitting in USD when the market drop happened.

Let's review!

2/ The best performing Set during this downturn was the ETH RSI 60/40 Crossover Set - up 119.9% against ETH since inception (Nov 15th!).

This Set has been sitting in USDC since Feb 27th which means it weathered the entire downturn.
3/ The next best performing Set was the ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Set which is up 106% against ETH since inception (July 15th, 2019).

This Set luckily rebalanced into USDC on March 12th.
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Been reading into the whitepaper some more

The DeFi Money Market protocol tokenizes real world assets and enables anyone in the world to earn stable interest on their savings in a permissionless manner

The smart contracts reside on #Ethereum enabling composability with the rest of the #DeFi ecosystem

Attestation of real world assets backing the DMM ecosystem and the valuation of such assets are securely delivered by a decentralized #Chainlink oracle network
Details about the real world assets backing DMM tokens are kept on-chain for transparency (loan information is anonymized)

DMM tokens conform to the ERC20 standard and are overcollaterlized

Users purchase DMM tokens with $DAI or $USDC stablecoins (soon other crypto like $ETH)
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1/ "We need to recognize and fund all of the work rather than just the relatively glamorous work of pushing new features." -@zmanian…
2/ Funding "all of the work" is one of the things that initially drew me to @decredproject, which moved beyond the insistence that only miners should get paid & instead incorporated a governance system to pay all contributors

Same applies to @radicle_xyz:
3/ "Another key, more credit and upside for essential public goods should accrue to the contributors and builders while less should accrue to founders, big kahunas or other leaders." -@zmanian

Here, I believe Zaki means on a relative basis to what is now the norm, and I agree.
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THREAD: 11 pieces of important advice for hackers at future ETHGlobal events — delivered to you by notable members of the #Ethereum community 👇👇

For your presentations, go straight to a demo, no slides. You can explain your background or motivation while showing your hack!

Demos, not PowerPoints. All the work should go to the demo
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@NexusMutual is a decentralized alternative to insurance, providing the #Ethereum community protection against hacks.

Here's why it should be on your radar:
➕Anyone can buy smart contract insurance
➕Being a backer (staker) can earn up to 50% ROI
➕It's powered by #Ethereum
1⃣ Why Nexus? It's the best/only protection against a black swan/bug in a value-storing #DeFi app.

So if your options are:
❌No protection
✅New insurance that has 28% more capital on-chain than required to pay all claims, what do you choose?

Duh! [see]
2⃣With that framing, data from indicates @NexusMutual has quietly built one of the most successful #DeFi apps to date.

🚀$2.9M USD (13,141 ETH) staked by backers (Risk Assessors)
🚀9,915 ETH in total coverage (what's insured)
🚀Avg coverage = 93.5 ETH
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The #crypto bull is here.
People invest in hyped protocols, smart investors invest in promising tech, network effect, and even rumors.
I will give you my POV on #Bitcoin, on #Ethereum, #Tron and also on #IOTA
Share this with newcomers, protect future investors.
The most important rules before you invest:
-NEVER invest money that you can't afford to lose.
-NEVER participate in signal groups or pump and dump groups
-NEVER trust a stranger, don't send him money
-only trade on reputable exchanges, don't do personal trades in forums.
-You should go to (for example) Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Bitpanda, Shapeshift, Gemini.
Create an account, verify yourself.
Only trade there and secure the account with 2FA and at best with a separate phone. Don't share your email or number anywhere!
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I see the (#ETH) public chain private chain debate the same way as centralized/internal #oracles and decentralized oracles (#LINK). Companies started using private chains, as it's easier to test with, it's private from the competition and they have higher throughput right now.
Endgoal is still public chain. This is very clear and specifically confirmed by market leaders like #EY's Paul Brody recently again, #Gartner and #Capgemini. The real value of immutable ledger and end-to-end secure smart contracts lies with the open, decentralized way.
It just takes time till companies can/should use public chain. Privacy is one condition to be met before this happens for example.

Just as these companies test around with private #ethereum chains, they test around with private/centralized smart oracles.
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I created the first 'Collateral Swap': Swapping the underlying collateral in a @MakerDAO Vault/CDP with another asset, using @AaveAave 's flash loan feature and @UniswapExchange for collateral conversion, all in one transaction w/o liquidation. 😇

#DeFi #composability #ethereum
Use case: swap the underlying collateral of a debt position for a better performing asset, without needing to payback the loan / lose your DAI position(s)
Example: if ETH price ⬇️, BAT price ⏫, then it's safer to have your collateral in BAT.

There's probably an arbitrage use case as well ...🤔
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Very impressed by the #DeFi portfolio tracker @defisnap! I took a bunch of screenshots using it on @metamask_io mobile browser to demonstrate how it visualizes my own:

💥@UniswapExchange LPs
💥@synthetix_io staking
💥@tokensets trading
💥@compoundfinance lending
1/ First your aggregate Dashboard view. Just copy/paste a wallet address and it calculates in <10 secs.

There is so much to unpack in this Dashboard. I cropped a fraction of mine which gives you a sense how much info them cram into one view. Ignore how ugly my 2nd crop is.
2/ I am always happy to see more being done to enable LPs to easily track/see their position as market makers on @UniswapExchange. I wish could track my return in USD. Currently it’s just Pool %.
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How does @Salesforce plan to use #blockchain #smartcontracts? Extending out of #CRM into supply chain management, product traceability & trading platforms.

Seem to be familiar with the oracle problem and possibly why @dappsuite integrated @chainlink.
October 2017 - Mulesoft (Salesforce company now) How to Connect Blockchains with APIs and Anypoint Platform…
February 2018 - Salesforce integrates Dapps which uses Hyperledger

13:56 mention of a “listener” (sounds like an oracle)

Well, Salesforce/Chainlink was written off but turns out Dapps integrates Chainlink in June 2019 😎…
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