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Thread on why I've avoided #Ethereum and will continue to do so:

Premine: 63% of existing ETH were premined. (ICO 72m ETH, current 'supposed' supply 115m). In comparison, 0% of existing BTC were premined ('excluding the unspendable genesis block').

Unsafe development: Ethereum's clients have a long history of bugs that have caused unintentional forks taking the network practically down. The last such bug on Bitcoin was over 8 years ago; the last on Ethereum was 4 weeks ago.…
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Today, the Aurora project (@auroraisnear) launched on #NEAR, combining EVM compatibility with bridge functionality to make NEAR the first L1 which can operate as a turbocharged L2 for #Ethereum.…
Here’s what that means and why it’s win/win/win 👇
For starters, #NEAR is a smart contract platform on the NEAR Protocol blockchain, which uses a novel consensus to keep block times at about 1 second and sharding to ensure it scales.
Normally, contracts are async and written in #rust or #assemblyscript.
But smart contracts are arbitrary code without boundaries. Imagine if you could build a smart contract on NEAR which took advantage of the underlying performance of NEAR but could run the synchronous #solidity apps which power Ethereum?
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14 DeFi Tokens all wrapped into ONE
- The S&P 500 of DeFi
- Strict/transparent token inclusion criteria
- Redeem underlying tokens any time
- Market-cap weighted index
- Auto-rebalancing monthly
- Eliminate costly transactions
- Diversified #DeFi Portfolio

DeFi Pulse Index $DPI
Each $DPI token contains (as of 5/11):

$UNI - 23.1%

$AAVE - 17.4%

$MKR - 14.4%

$COMP - 13.0%

$SNX - 8.0%

$YFI - 7.7%

$SUSHI - 6.8%

$REN - 2.5%

$BAL - 2.2%

$KNC- 2.1%

$LRC - 2.0%

$FARM - 0.3%

$CREAM - 0.3%

$MTA - 0.2%
The $DPI is a crypto-native digital asset index for #DeFi. The index is weighted based on the circulating supply. #DPI tracks projects with significant usage, maintenance and development.

@sassal0x explains on @BanklessHQ podcast
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Au fond d'une vallée des contreforts de l'Himalaya, des milliers d'ordinateurs tournent à plein régime en contrebas d'une centrale hydroélectrique. Dotés d'une puissance de calcul colossale, ils « minent » du #bitcoin. Reportage ⁦@LesEchosWeekEnd⁩ 1/…
« Miner » du #bitcoin, c'est générer cette #cryptomonnaie inviolable grâce à du calcul. Pour valider les transactions et, in fine, créer des blocs dans la blockchain, les « mineurs » font tourner des ordinateurs pour résoudre des problèmes cryptographiques. 2/
Grâce à son électricité bon marché, verte ou brune, la #Chine abrite les deux tiers des chercheurs d'or du monde numérique. Pour atteindre celle que gère Tian Qiang, il faut rejoindre Chengdu, la capitale du Sichuan, puis rouler deux heures en direction des montagnes. 3/
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1/ the future of $ETH / #Ethereum

- 99% of user tx's will be on L2 within 3 years (paid to rollup providers with ETH and other currencies)
- L1 gas prices soar as L2 rollups increase tx density and thus raise gas prices
- incredible amounts of ETH are burned daily w/ EIP-1559
2/ in this world for most users, $ETH's primary use is as a programmable store of value / reserve asset in the Ethereum digital economy

if users transact with it, more often than not, they will replace it

it will see significant reserve demand and increase its monetary premium
3/ this is based mostly just on the inherent properties of $ETH as i see them, which are still not well-understood by the market

over time, the value proposition of using #Ethereum versus some other L1 will be censorship-resistant, non-custodial access to ETH as a money / SoV
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On moral grounds I will never short $Eth. I will also never sell it.

Others may wish to take profits or go short. I don't think you will be profitable shorting Eth until funding goes high and right now it isn't.
Is it immoral to short #Ethereum?

You're basically shorting the future of the human race, the only good thing in the entire world right now

OTOH, if you don't someone else will since markets are sort-of efficient
Anyone tempted to short here?
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I'll keep this very brief and simple

It's not news that crypto is getting more attention (both amongst retail investors and institutions)

Now, beyond just price of #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #dogecoin, etc...

There's something you should know
Cryptocurrency is beyond just "trading coins"

To understand crypto very well, you'll need to understand the history of money

Understand how/why the fiat currency came into existence

Read through and understand the history of money, then you'll understand and appreciate crypto
Cryptocurrency is not actually speculative money.

Government and banks are saying crypto is speculative because of just 1 reason ONLY...

It's because they don't want to relinquish the power fiat currency gives them

Accepting crypto means they've lost.
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It's our responsibility as developers to do everything we can to reduce our gas footprint on #ethereum, especially with prices so high. Here's an example of the steps we take to save you money: (a thread 👇)
An Ethlings Wearable has 5 pieces of data. Its bonding curve scalar and expiration, its total supply, its reserve balance, and the total royalties accrued.
In #Solidity, all of these values are stored as a number comprised of 256 bits. But Ethereum charges us gas for every bit we use. It's in our users best interest that we optimize every bit of storage!
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How cute? #peakaboo #rottweiler #bing #israeljoffe #wuw #furry Israel Joffe and Roxy... oh and speaking of dogs.....Say bye bye to #dogecoin #toldyou #sell #MothersDay #GetVaccinated #fda #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe
I don't use Robin Hood but I told you all to sell that #doge. Everything but #Ethereum seems to be a pump and dump scam. #NeverGiveUp #cryptocurrency #israeljoffe #bing #sell #sundayvibes
Nice place to have breakfast 😎 #bing #microsoft #MothersDay #israel #joffe Israel Joffe firefighter
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"Media attention" phase ✅

#DOT on @BBCBusiness

#Ethereum co-founder, & creator of @Polkadot - Genius DR Gavin Wood @gavofyork will be on Talking Business weekly with @bbcaaron this weekend..

@KR1plc hold 3,498,842+ #DOT effectively as a FREE carry 🤯…
Sorry.. For those of you that don't understand quite how big that is!..

KR1plc (the first listed token investment fund, IN THE 🌏) found polkadot at seed-stage.
In addition to many other key WEB3 infrastructure networks..

@dfinity @cosmos @SatoshiPay @vegaprotocol @LidoFinance
@kusamanetwork to name literally just a few.

Their portfolio is incredible; track record, mind blowing..

As a result of their V.early Polkadot invstment; their current profit on DOT alone reached Circa. $170,000,000 in the 1M/high😲

DOT will only increase in value..
So KR1🤯
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Today in #Chainlink 🔗

Absolutely monumental day for @chainlink, four integration announcements, a blockchain integration grant, a developers initiative, an #Ethereal presentation, and more 🤯 Image
"@VenusProtocol, a money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol built on #BinanceSmartChain has now deployed the VIP-23 proposal to allow a full upgrade to #Chainlink as its oracle solution"

As a protocol scales, security upgrades are crucial
"We are excited to announce that @JGNDeFi, an NFT marketplace on #BinanceSmartChain (BSC), will be integrating the industry-leading oracle solution #Chainlink to enable the creation of dynamic NFTs on BSC"

Chainlink usage on BSC going vertical
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$RGT @RariCapital 🕳️
$OHM @OlympusDAO ♎️
$DPX @dopex_io ♉️

$CRV @CurveFinance 🧠
$UNI @Uniswap 🦄
$SUSHI @SushiSwap 🍣

$LDO @LidoFinance 💧
$YFI @iearnfinance 🐳
$ALCX @AlchemixFi 🪄
$AAVE @AaveAave 👻
$SNX @synthetix_io 🐍
Partition #1: God-Tier, not owning these two means you're NGMI, there is no reasonable argument against this

Partition #2: Experimental, daddy giving kids lunch money, high-risk high reward

Partition #3: The Exchanges

Partition #4: Blue Chips
Who can forget
$MKR #Makerdao 🔸️

One of the most undervalued compared to its revenue flow
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🎯 #1inch Foundation launches 🏆 legendary farming with @wirexapp!

✅ An equivalent of $2.5 mln in $1INCH tokens together with an equivalent of $2.5 mln in $WXT will be distributed among LPs to the 1INCH-WXT pool.

#DeFi #crypto #ETH #WXT #Ethereum

🤔 So what is Wirex and why is this collab so special?

Wirex is a 🌐 worldwide 💸 digital payment platform and regulated institution endeavoring to make digital money accessible to everyone 🙌

📜 In 2015, they developed the world's first crypto-enabled 💳 payment card giving users the ability to 🌈seamlessly spend crypto and traditional currencies in real life, and for now have over 👥 3.5 million customers across 130 countries!
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7 signals showing $ETH is ready for a big move up after its recent 78% monthly rally👇
1. NUPL currently sits in the Belief - Denial phase and continues to diverge from price.

As price moves higher and NUPL moves lower, it indicates $ETH could go vertical soon.

NUPL is a gauge for the market’s emotional state. NUPL on glassnode for ETH
2. For the first time, #Ethereum Google search interest is now higher than Bitcoin.

Google searches and price action are running in parallel with one another.

Ethereum searches are going parabolic while #Bitcoin searches drop/level off. Google search interest for Ethereum vs Bitcoin
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grafik formasyonlarına simetrik üçgen, alçalan üçgen, yükselen üçgen ve genişleyen üçgen ile devam edelim.

#teknikanaliz #kriptopara #bitcoin #altcoin #ethereum
diğer grafik formasyonlarında olduğu gibi üçgenlerde ayıların ve boğaların mücadelesi sonucunda oluşurlar.
normalde grafik üzerinde göstermekten yanayım ama kuralları temiz şekilde izah etmek için kendim çizeceğim.
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A metaphorical mapping between cryptocurrencies and legacy assets:


(1) #Bitcoin = Gold

Bitcoin doesn't do anything but it is scarce and Lindy. It has amazing brand recognition. Bitcoin will preserve wealth in bad times.
(2) #Litecoin = Silver/platinum

More exotic precious metal, copycat of gold. Less brand recognition.
(3) #Dogecoin = Food/grain

A store of value that perishes over time. Good for parties, good for the good times. Dogecoin inflation is about 5% per year, but taking lost coins into account it might actually be more than that as a percentage.
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#altcoinseason 2021 is going to way way crazier than 2017! Here's why

1 - There are now multiple blockchains running smart contracts applications that actually have users. 2017 was basically all about #Ethereum
2 - There have never been so many fiat on ramps. Cashapp, Paypal, Robinhood, and all the crypto native exchanges. It has never been easier for retail to enter the market.
3 - So many working products. We have amazing #defi platforms like Aave, Uniswap, and Synthetix. And dozens of new comers.
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0/ I’m not good at these kinds of things, but it must be done.

Everyone who needs to know has been told, and it’s been a while in the making.

This thread is for the rest of crypto.

After 18 months of blood, sweat, and tears, I’ll be moving on from @CryptoBriefing.
1/ What’s more, I’m leaving on a high. Some stats:

🪙 ~1M UUs, ~2M PVs
🪙 ~40K newsletter subscribers, ~20% open rate
🪙 Launched 3 popular columns (DeFi Project Spotlight, wNews, CB10 Index)
🪙 Broke stories, had a blast
2/ And any editor worth their digital ink knows that this success is also due to the rich team of colleagues with whom they work.

I’m happy to say that these colleagues have all become friends too.

That’s why I’d like to take this moment to celebrate some of their work.
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Are we about to see DeFi Summer in 2021?

Thread 👇
1/ Last year’s ‘DeFi summer’ ignited a macro bullish trend in crypto. Following the launch of @compoundfinance governance token, the development of DeFi building blocks exploded.

There’s hints of another DeFi wave developing for 2021.
2/ $COMP made yield farming fashionable.

Many other DeFi projects followed Compound’s lead, releasing their own yield farming channels. Crypto traders and degenerates jumped head-first chasing these yields, causing DeFi to explode in popularity.…
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Seguro notaste que este finde volvieron a la escena algunos de los proyectos más icónicos de #DeFi en Ethereum, #AAVE y #CURVE. Qué pasó? Bajó el gas? Explotó la #BSC?

No, se trata de @0xPolygon (antes $MATIC). En 2 palabras: #Ethereum barato.

Bueno, es un poco más complejo...
#DeFi propone una revolución financiera. Pero... es posible a 100 USD la transacción?

Muchos inversores y proyectos se pasaron de #ETH a la #BSC, que ofrece transacciones más baratas y rápidas, sacrificando descentralización para tener mayor escalabilidad.
Y que tiene que ver @0xPolygon? Mucho..

#Polygon (el nombre original del proyecto era $Matic) es una solución de layer 2 que ofrece transacciones a costos insignificantes sin poner en juego la descentralización. Image
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1/🐙 $OCTO

🥳 The future of finance is moving cross-chain and so we are thrilled to announce the arrival of OctoFi V4. 🥳

Grab your #DeFi snorkel and let's dive in 🤿

Blog 👉…

...or #THREAD below 🧵👇
2/🐙 $OCTO

This new #DeFi release enables:

⛓ Multi-chain connectivity
🤝 Bridging between chains
💸 Cross-chain swapping

Eg. @binance BSC, @FantomFDN, @huobi ECO, @0xPolygon, @xdaichain, @avalancheavax, @FUSIONProtocol and plenty more to come... ImageImageImageImage
3/🐙 $OCTO

We're adapting as user activity within the #DeFi and #NFT spaces continues growing insanely fast. 🚀 In 2020, #Ethereum settled $1 trillion. 💰 Now in 2021, according to @MessariCrypto it has already settled $1.5 trillion during Q1 alone... Image
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1/ The evolution and future of cryptocurrencies... or how we ended up with where are today with #Bitcoin, #DeFi and blockchains.

A (long) thread.


Hold tight, I'll be your ride operator.
2/ "You have to know the past to understand the present."

-Carl Sagan
3/ The material presented here is originally from my guest presentation given on @uniofjyvaskyla course "Blockchain in Digital Business."

As far as I know, it is the first interdisciplinary course on blockchains in Finland, and likely one of the firsts in Nordics.
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selamlar. grafik formasyonlarından "obo-tobo" hakkında bilgiler vereceğimiz bilgiselini yazmaya başlayalım.

#teknikanaliz #kriptopara #bitcoin #altcoin #ethereum Image
öncelikle obo derken kastettiğimiz şey omuz-baş-omuzdur. keza tobo derken anlatmak istediğimiz şey ise ters omuz-baş-omuzdur.
peki nedir bu obo? mantığı nedir? izah edelim:

yükselen trendde belirli bir tepe noktasına gelen yatırımcılar kar almak isterler ve bu kar satışı ile oluşan tepecik sol omuzu oluşturur. Image
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Bonding Curve & Emission.
Let me explain:

A bonding curve is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply where currentPrice = tokenSupply² Image
This bonding curve says that price increases as the supply of the token increases. In the case of an exponential curve such as the one above, the growth rate accelerate as the number of tokens minted increases.
When a person has purchased the token, each subsequent buyer will have to pay a slightly higher price for each token, generating a potential profit for the earliest investors.
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