covid has shown that our whole economy based on people coming into a room and doing *something* for exactly 8 hours to produce units of *something* might not be the best use of anyone's time and it is really pissing off the overseers.
i had a discussion about this recently with a friend who is kind of small-c conservative about things. he kept saying "well people need to go back into the office instead of just being at home." and i kept asking him, "why? if they are producing what they need to produce, why?"
if your company needs to hit xyz target by x date, what does it matter how you get there? if your employee takes 2hrs to do it on a pc at home and not 8 hrs attached to their desk in the office, what does it matter? you still hit the target!
i really feel this because im no wild-eyed left wing radical on this topic. im probably even a little conservative on it. but who cares how you get to the the end zone as long as you get there, is how i see it.

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14 Jan
this is paul gosar's political ally and @GOPLeader is fine with that
just a few stories about @RepGosar and his ally, the racist nick fuentes, from last year

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar keeps amplifying Holocaust deniers — and no one's saying a thing…
Here's the white supremacy that was on display at conference featuring Rep. Gosar…
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14 Jan
too many liberals think that a bunch of facts will stop a fox news narrative. because they ignore fox they think it operates based on reality. "oh, this debunks fox, they'll have to stop making that accusation." that isn't how it works. fox just keeps attacking. it is undeterred.
we can't just ignore fox news. it is the animating element behind nearly everything the republican party does. looking away is an idiotic action. and even worse, its what liberals have done for years, and why we're in a mess.
if you have any interest in political activism from a liberal pov, you have a duty to understand fox so you can motivate opposition to it, and thus the republican party. you can't just look away cause it makes you feel bad. that's moronic.
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14 Jan
My least favorite thing on political twitter are the people who think tweets asking democrats to please God fight for things = “voter suppression.” A voter is far more likely to be discouraged by Dems not fighting than 100,000 mildly critical tweets.
I think it’s as obvious as the sun is hot that Democrats and liberals in general do not fight hard or often enough for things. It’s been true for years. Not “helpful” to pretend otherwise and this myth that it’ll be all ok if everyone just pretends things are going great is bad.
There have been very few fights over the last 25 yrs or so where I think you could honestly say Dems “left it all on the field.” Theres always sense of fear and hesitation, always holding back, always “waiting to take the right shot,” which in reality just has left tons on table.
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13 Jan
not that debates really move the needle but the rnc's decision to walk away from presidential debates should be noted in context that obama cleaned romney's clock and hillary and biden beat trump.

please proceed.
the only debates i would argue that the gop won was the first 2000 debate with gore sighing and the obama-romney debate where obama phoned it in. even kerry beat bush in the debates, for all that it mattered.
do people remember andrew sullivan freaking out at that first obama debate? lol. obama did a poor job but then he turned out to just be gathering steam.
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13 Jan
this is kind of a provocative position of mine but a lot of people on the left seem to have this pov that "propaganda" is always a negative thing. be aware im not arguing that propaganda has not often been used for evil things. but look at the actual definition. Image
i once had a multi-tweet argument with someone on here because i dared to say barack obama's very good political speeches were "propaganda." when yes, obama's speeches are textbook definition propaganda, and he's damn good at it.
there's this idea that "the stuff i like is pure and the stuff i dont like is propaganda" and that's not true at all.
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13 Jan
its kind of maddening how much of liberal twitter believes the entirety of governing is just writing bills. nonstop writing bills.
they attack people on the left flank with this idea so often. "why dont you write a bill?" as if this is the entirety of how one governs.
bills are important. but so is talking about the issues in those bills, attacking those who get in the way of those bills, rousing the public to support those bills -- this is all a part of governing.
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