South Korea is caught b/t a rock (the military option) and a hard place (admitting the North as a de facto nuclear state)
US-ROK Deterrence Architecture
[27 Feb 2018]…
“The military option, which involves attacking North Korea preemptively, cannot be South
2/“Korea’s choice, because its goal is peace and there is undeniable risk that military conflicts would ensue and possibly lead to a nuclear exchange. Still, surrendering to the rogue regime’s military ambitions by admitting the North as a de facto nuclear state should not occur.
3/“The right strategy can frustrate the enemy to surrender even without any conflict.”
No one wants to be caught b/t Scylla and Charybdis in a real-world situation. However ROK’s dilemma is largely of it’s own making, a perceived conundrum brought to life by inadequate problem-
4/solving skills, misperceptions and insufficient objectivity & critical thinking skills. Let’s examine ROK’s erroneous strategy:
I) The false dichotomy: military option vs admitting DPRK as a de facto nuclear state.
To accept or not to accept reality, that is ROK’s difficulty.
5/It doesn’t want DPRK to be nuclear. Well guess what? DPRK is staying nuclear b/c it can’t trust US-ROK & won’t be another Libya. So ROK wants to live on the river of DENIAL: “We cannot accept DPRK as a nuclear state”. News flash: It’s been a de facto nuclear state since 2017.
6/So ROK isn’t living in the real world. Got it. Check.
II) The false premise: DPRK will eventually fully denuclearize
Actuality: Nuclear deterrence is part of DPRK’s National Defense, i.e. non-negotiable
III) The wrong strategy: “Win w/out a fight”, I.e. get DPRK to “surrender”
7/by applying Maximum Pressure sanctions that crippled the economy.
The reason: An Armistice was signed, DPRK is waiting for a Peace Treaty & won’t “surrender” anything. No one “wins” or “loses” the Korean War b/c the Armistice is supposed to lead to ☮️. The mindset of: “We can
8/can get DPRK to surrender” is problematic and shows that US-ROK are acting in accord w/ Zhou Enlai’s famous maxim: “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means”. DPRK is waiting on the Treaty promised by the Armistice. “Surrender”?? What is ROK

• • •

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DPRK National Defense To Deter US Attack: “Kim Jong Un has made his “strategic decision” clear—to become and remain a nuclear-armed power—despite the costs.”…
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Talking Security Guarantees will positively get DPRK’s attention.
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Chongsan-ri Cooperative Farm - DPRK Guide
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Average Monthly Expenses: From Single Person to Family of 5
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The Calculus of Sanctions on the DPRK (Squeeze ‘Em Harder)
The true impact of North Korean sanctions
3 July 2019…
“There are two issues that need consideration [in analyzing the economic impacts of sanctions on North Korea] — how sanctions are impacting the
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In the longer run, things could become more dire if current difficulties persist for the country’s industry. For example, it is hard to see how any
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Under the sanctions, North Korea is unable to sell its most crucial export goods. In 2018, Chinese imports from North Korea plummeted by 88 per cent. UN numbers show that Chinese imports of North
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Is DPRK's latest missile launch 'destabilizing actions' or 'strengthening national defense'? It's the latter. This is the result of the US holding ☮️hostage demanding DPRK's nukes as ransom.

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile, second in a week
2/We have to promote peace, reduce tensions & improve relations w/ the DPRK. Frank Aum shows that maximum pressure is inherently hostile, and DPRK has made clear that the US's "hostile policy" has to change before it will sit to talk. That's the name of
3/the game. If the US's position is: "That's not the game we're playing. You do as we say and fully denuclearize before we lift sanctions", the DPRK will say, "F*** you US", hunker down under sanctions and launch more missiles. That the US & allies are utterly blind to the
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Trump’s ‘America First’…
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2/"guided by outcomes, not ideology."

“America First refers to a policy stance in the United States coined by progressive, internationalist president Woodrow Wilson that generally emphasizes nationalism and non-interventionism…

“Trump…”agreed with a suggestion that his ideas
3/"might be summed up as 'America First'." Since that time the Trump campaign, and subsequently the Trump Administration, made 'America First' the cornerstone of Trump's foreign policy. The administration even branded its 2017 National Security Strategy of the United States of
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