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13 May
FACT: “Ushering in a New Era of Development in External Relations”, published by DPRK’s Foreign Languages Publishing House via the Naenara website on 5-12-21, is not "propaganda". It’s a book of text & photos highlighting DPRK’s successes in IR & summitry.
2/The photographs, taken by North Korean photographers, are priceless.
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13 May
New DPRK book, “Ushering in a New Era of Development in External Relations”, highlights Kim Jong Un’s "summits w/ foreign leaders since 2018 & offer[s] a positive outlook on U.S.-DPRK relations resulting from three meetings w/ U.S. President Donald Trump”.
2/Published thru its Foreign Languages Publishing House via the Naenara website on Wednesday, the book “also praises Kim’s five summits with Chinese President Xi Jinping as well as summits with leaders from Russia, Cuba, Singapore and Vietnam.” “Kim’s summits with Moon [aren’t]
3/"in the book because the publication is explicitly about “external relations,” and the Kim-Moon summits are in the category of inter-Korean relations."

"The book included a list of all of Kim’s summits with foreign leaders since 2018, except for Moon Jae-in."
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13 May
Into The Sun- Sean Lennon via @YouTube
Home - Sean Lennon via @YouTube
From Sean Lennon’s album Into The Sun, 1998
(All songs in this thread from Into The Sun)
Photosynthesis via
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13 May
The Two Sides Of The Coin
"Expert readiness and rock solid combined defense posture remains the single greatest deterrent for any potential aggression against the Republic of Korea." - Robert Abrams
“Our weapons are meant for protecting our motherland from the permanent U.S. nuclear threat. The U.S. has to get along w/ the DPRK’s nuclear status.” - Choe Son Hui
3/“We will coerce the Americans to peace and respond to fire with fire. We have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but we will not use them if there is no threat."
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12 May
“North Korea on Wed published a photo album showing leader Kim Jong-un's diplomatic activities...[It] carried several photos of Kim and Trump at the Singapore summit in June 2018, saying that the leaders "wrote a new history in U.S.-North Korea relations."
2/Trump has huge respect (& “cred”) in DPRK, whose leadership thinks Singapore & DMZ summits, ANYTHING BUT “Photo Op”, “Reality TV” & “Theater”, were “Nixonian moments” in US-DPRK relations. KJU’s words reflect that reality. Now I’m convinced that at the DMZ summit Trump wanted
3/to repair the state of US-DPRK relations after the fallout of the Hanoi summit. Whether it was Bolton or Trump behind that “all or nothing”/“No deal is better than a bad deal” goose egg we may never know. Yet despite the US failed attempt at a deal Trump then sets foot in DPRK.
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12 May
Anthony Ruggiero: “…the North Korean regime is not actually as interested in the North Korean people as these humanitarian organizations.”
WRONG. KJU is ACTUALLY doing everything he can to boost economy, grow food & build housing UNDER BRUTAL SANCTIONS.
2/Ruggiero typifies the error of erudition not based in the real world but in a fictitious construct that is real only in the subjective imagination. I.e that's "all in the mind". He's actually saying that the Workers' Party of Korea "isn't interested in the North Korean people".
3/He gets to be taken to task for what is one of the most ignorant comments I've ever heard from a supposed "expert". So KJU is "not interested" in improving DPRK's economy??

Kim Jong Un's big plan to grow North Korea's economy faces harsh reality
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12 May
“Sanctions proponents counter that if ordinary people are hurt by these policies, it’s the North Korean government’s fault. Alongside this argument is an oft-repeated refrain that “North Korea starves its people while building nuclear weapons.””
2/THE TRUTH: The US & UN hope sanctions cause economic collapse or revolt leading to regime collapse/change & a US-friendly a##-kissing gov’t that gives DPRK’s nukes to D.C. like an obedient dog rewarded w/ the bone of “subtracted Western capitalism” from its imperialist masters.
3/The DPRK is fighting for its right to survive and live by its collective socialist system (aka Juche ideology), striving towards “the complete victory of socialism in North Korea”. You survive thru building your economy and a strong military defense. Without its nuclear
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11 May
North Korea's No First Use Policy Self-Defense:
“We will coerce the Americans to peace and respond to fire with fire. We have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but we will not use them if there is no threat." - Choe Son Hui in 2017
[Nov 17, 2017]
2/On Oct. 20, Choe Son Hui, who heads the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s North American Department, reiterated her country's self-defense message at a Moscow conference on nuclear non-proliferation.

"Our leader Kim Jong Un has explained our stance: We will coerce the Americans
3/"'to peace and respond to fire with fire,” Choe said, according to the official Russian news agency Tass. “We have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but we will not use them if there is no threat."

"Our weapons are meant for protecting our motherland from the permanent
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11 May
2/IF the US is NOT prepared to co-exist w/ a nuclear DPRK, THEN DPRK's nuclear weapons are NON-negotiable.
IF US IS prepared to co-exist w/ a nuclear DPRK, THEN DPRK's nuclear weapons are NEGOTIABLE.

To negotiate or not to negotiate. That is the question.
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10 May
The Farmer - Everything (Original) via @YouTube
The Farmer - Kabukiran (Freddie Aguilar Cover)
Island Girl by TribalSeeds cover by THE FARMER
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10 May
Seen thru jaundiced Western lenses, some think Kim Jong Un does nothing for the people of DPRK except “brutally oppress” them. In actuality, under relentless pressure of sanctions that hamstring DPRK’s economy, "the Marshal" harnesses science & tech to improve agricultural yield.
2/“The problem of properly setting the right season for crops to withstand adverse weather conditions and transplanting rice seedlings on a qualitative footing was handled most importantly of all others in the courses.

To proceed, the attendees were taught in detail how to
3/"scientifically and technologically fertilize paddies and controlling their water according to the stage of rice growth."

Farming is the agricultural basis for any people, primitive or civilized, going back to Neolithic times. Something often lost on the jet set bourgeoisie.
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10 May
Commentary on:
Biden can save lives by focusing on everything but North Korea’s nukes
Stopping more conventional weaponry probably won't win leaders a Nobel Peace Prize, but it would improve security
threadreaderapp.com/thread/1391637… ImageImage
2/post-thread comment:
I realized that Lee's: “The core outline of this deal would be to offer limited sanctions relief in exchange for significant NON-NUCLEAR disarmament measures.”
doesn't match Kim Yo Jong's: ""denuclearization measures versus lifting of sanctions" should be
3/changed into a formula of "withdrawal of hostility versus resumption of DPRK-U.S. negotiations"."
And that "elephant in the room" alludes to raising the question of nuclear disarmament, not the DPRK's nukes & ICBMs themselves that arguably are strictly meant as a deterrent.
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10 May
Biden “should look to emulate perhaps the most admirable component of Moon’s initially successful rapprochement project: the focus on conventional arms control”, says Jumin Lee. However the DPRK has much bigger fish to fry.
2/Commentary: Why does the US & ROK always turn DPRK's TEXTBOOK nuclear deterrent self-defense into the bogeyman?
“The existence of these weapons means that any act of North Korean provocation could escalate into an unfathomably deadly conflict, even if nuclear weapons are never
Notwithstanding the fact Kim Jong Un has emphatically insisted that "North Korea won't strike U.S. first", a fallacious conspiracy theory is embedded in the US/UN/ROK/EU psyche: The mere existence of DPRK's nukes poses "existential threat".
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10 May
“In a statement Sunday, Geometric Energy Corp. announced the “DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon,” the first-ever commercial lunar payload paid entirely with dogecoin.“
2/“Having officially transacted with doge for a deal of this magnitude, Geometric Energy Corporation and SpaceX have solidified doge as a unit of account for lunar business in the space sector.”
3/“This mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce. We’re excited to launch DOGE-1 to the Moon!”
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7 May
Commentary on:
North Korea has much to consider — when, and if, talks resume
“What is clear at this point is that the North Koreans are not ready to talk.”
“The North Koreans never have seemed in a hurry to talk, and often act as if they have all the time
2/"in the world to consider a negotiation.”
[Is that right? Hasn’t Hill read Choe Son Hui’s remarks? The channel for interaction with Washington will once again be DPRK’s Foreign Ministry, the domain of seasoned high-ranking diplomat Ms Choe Son Hui.
3/Representing DPRK’s official position towards the US she has said:
-- “We have already declared our stand that no DPRK-U.S. contact and dialogue of any kind can be possible unless the U.S. rolls back its hostile policy towards the DPRK.”
-- “In order for a dialogue to be made,
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7 May
[From Sep 7, 2019]
"WASHINGTON -- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged Friday that North Korea has the right to defend itself and assured Pyongyang of Washington's security guarantees should the regime dismantle its nuclear weapons program."
2/"Those nuclear weapon systems that North Korea has been driving towards for decades now don't provide the security that the North Koreans believe they do," he said in the interview. "In fact, what will provide them security is coming to a set of understandings with the United
3/"States and with the world to denuclearize. And when they do so, we'll provide the security assurances that are needed for them and for their people. Every nation has the sovereign right to defend itself. Then we can create economic opportunity and better lives for the people
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6 May
Hello Washington
I think you're going to need more in your arsenal of negotiating strategies if you don't want DPRK to slam the door on you. The CVID of North Korea is ballast that must be discarded for diplomacy to make progress.
2/What are the balloons and sandbags in the US's diplomatic efforts to reach stability and peace on the Korean Peninsula?

Balloons and Sandbags: a technique to identify things holding down your innovation efforts
3/An objective solution can be reached. The "ballast" of the US not deviating from the CVID of DPRK (which many analysts advise against) is a monkey wrench sabotaging the diplomatic path to stability and peace on the KP, the "balloon".
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6 May
“work together toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”
"fully implementing relevant UN Security Council resolutions"
"cooperating to strengthen deterrence"
“complete, verifiable and irreversible abandonment” of DPRK’s nukes and ballistic missiles
2/That's it? That's the North Korea Policy Review? Not an iota of negotiating strategy. Conspicuous by absence: security guarantees, peace declaration. A new acronym CVIA: the "complete, verifiable & irreversible abandonment" of DPRK's nukes. New grade: C-
3/There's also this: “We remain deeply preoccupied by the precarious humanitarian situation in the country, which is the result of the DPRK regime’s choice to prioritize its unlawful WMD and ballistic missile programs over the welfare of its own people."
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6 May
I wonder if
could ever recognize the TRUTH even when it was right in their faces?

I Missed You, My School: PYONGYANG TOUR SERIES. Narrated by North Korea'... via @YouTube
2/The highly social DPRK society isn’t as it is portrayed by Western media.
3/Children are cherished and their education is invested in.
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6 May
Just so you know, IFF a Biden Admin thinks of staging a military attack against the sovereign socialist state of DPRK, they're not backing down.
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down (Official Music Video) via @YouTube
2/Clearly Washington doesn't comprehend how a socialist system works, and doesn't understand how nuclear deterrence works. If you had any brains, you'd end the Korean War and ratify a peace treaty. Your fear is IRRATIONAL. You're mistaking a coiled rope in the night for a snake.
3/The danger's all in your mind. DPRK wants peace & it has the sovereign right to defend itself against US threats of regime change, decapitation strike or preemptive nuclear first strike. You can fool the People but you won't fool God. Tom Petty's song is exactly how DPRK feels.
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6 May
Pentagon is Fearmongering in DC over DPRK’s justified Nukes

“The U.S. military must be prepared as North Korea continues to pursue nuclear, chemical & biological weapons, a high-level Pentagon official told a House Armed Services subcommittee hearing.”
2/“North Korea’s continued pursuit of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons jeopardizes international stability and weakens the global nonproliferation regime,” wrote Walsh, warning that American joint armed forces should be ready if Kim Jong Un “[seeks] to employ weapons of
3/"mass destruction (WMD) in the course of or to stave off a conflict on the Korean Peninsula.”
She wrote that the Pentagon will work with allies to “deter and delay North Korea’s WMD ambitions,” adding that Washington plans to train U.S. forces how to fight in conditions where
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