There is a consent manufacturing campaign going on to imply EJ thinks idealism is "just thinking" or "just hypotheticals." This video from the conversation with Vaush shows very clearly how EJ defines idealism: the belief that you can find truth in thought ALONE.
This is exactly what Marx and Engels argued, it's why they broke with idealism: because they believe that objective reality is the first basis for truth. This doesn't mean conscious processes can't be used to seek truth, but all thoughts must be tested against objective reality.
We test our ideas against reality through systematic observation, through experience, and through experimentation. I.e., through practice. This is the fundamental basis of both science and scientific socialism.

From Socialism: Utopian and Scientific:
From These on Feurbach (thanks @Zahn_Zee)

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11 Jan
Capitalist media outlets in the West are very good at indoctrinating people.

It's so insidious that most of you dont even know you're indoctrinated.

Even if you realize that, you will never fully know how deep your indoctrination is.
Like this workers' unions example:
They just reported that we "banned" independent unions aka we BAD.
They NEVER tell you that Vietnam is already a workers' state.
Workers unions have protection from the gov. to fight against the influence of capitalists.
We have more than 100 THOUSANDS workers' unions already with more than 11 MILLIONS members.
The Federation of Labor Unions in Vietnam is one of the main part of our political system.
Totally different situation than in the West.
But of course, most of you don't know about this.
Read 8 tweets
11 Jan

This article is an in-depth explanation for why EJ and I are sensitive to spreading nazi propaganda and anti-semetic lies. Lies about Jewish people controlling banks, governments, etc., go back centuries and must be stamped out, NEVER tolerated.…
The Proud Boys and fascists in general want to overthrow the US government because they think it's secretly controlled by Jewish people. This is the SAME lie used by Nazis in the 20s (which Vaush shared).
Jews in Weimar Germany were ~1% of the population and ~1% of bankers. 6 GERMAN banks had consolidated the financial system in Weimar Germany. Spreading long-debunked lies about Jewish people controlling banks/the world is DANGEROUS FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS.
Read 7 tweets
11 Jan
THREAD with some of @VaushV's disgusting statements tonight.

First the FULL CUT of the one he shared out of context as a "joke" (because he thinks joking about the holocaust is funny). Clearly we are DISGUSTED by Vaush's use of a Nazi lie to defend that "Jews control the world."
"Why is promoting racism and white supremacism bad?" - Vaush, 2020
Vaush likes to tell bizarre hypothetical stories about how aliens visiting Earth might justify pedophilia in his sick imagination.
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11 Jan
He hung up on Vaush because Vaush began building a case that Jewish people secretly control banking and the world. Moments before he hung up he explained exactly why the holocaust was bad: because the ideology of nazis was false consciousness which led to murder of millions.
The Nazis were evil because they developed an ideology of false consciousness which included abject lies about people like Jews which did not line up with objective reality, as well as formulating "solutions" which solved nothing and caused untold suffering and oppression.
This book outlines the fundamentals of dialectical materialist ethics perfectly. Our ideology and our solutions must align with reality and develop reality towards the liberation of humanity.…
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1 Dec 21
For twenty years, people in Da Nang have been illegally farming fish in public waters, which has been damaging the environment. Finally, the local government closed these farms down to clean up the water... but did they punish those illegal fish farmers?
Nope! Instead they helped the fish farmers to sell all their remaining stock to help them fund new ventures to replace the shut-down fish farms. See that on the corner...? They're government-run fish shops to let those farmers sell their remaining fish!
Nobody arrested, no fines, no punishments. Here's a thank-you note the posted on their local ward page thanking the local gov and sharing the news that they sold a lot of fish. The gov is also providing free advising and special loans to help them move forward!
Read 5 tweets
30 Nov 21
This account has been spreading lies about Vietnam land reform, and I feel I must address it.

They claim that Vietnam ONLY gives farmland to "state officials" and "children of state officials." Their only "evidence" is in this screenshot. This thread will explain why it's BS! Image
Even with this poor google translation, you can see that the law lists all categories of people who can claim farmland. "children of state officials", "officials", "state employees" can ONLY claim farmland if they have no jobs or lost their jobs. This is important because... Image
This law actually exists to prevent children of state officials who ALREADY HAVE jobs from obtaining farmland. So it's not a "special privilege" for state officials, but quite the opposite, it's a RESTRICTION to prevent state official children from taking land they won't use.
Read 9 tweets

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