Twitter has given NO concession to the Nigerian government and I can't believe people are falling for the narrative that it has.

The "access to Twitter's backend" thing is based entirely on this section from the press release sent out to media last night (Photo 1)

That statement "The Partner Support Portal provides a direct channel for government officials and Twitter staff to manage prohibited
content" is false.

ONLY Twitter staff can manage content under the PSP. It didn't take me 5 minutes to find this out.…
Furthermore, Twitter's Law Enforcement Portal does NOT give any government anywhere in the world tye power to directly manage content on Twitter.

Again, you can confirm this for yourself here…
In all cases as you can clearly see, whether under the Partner Support Program or the Law Enforcement Program, governments are required to go through court processes and provide valid court orders before Twitter will then INVESTIGATE (not take down) the said tweets.
Even if Nigeria passes laws criminalising free speech, Twitter will NOT action law enforcement reports made using such laws, because as clearly stated here, its platform speech policy is based on the US Bill of Rights and the EU Convention on Human Rights.…
TLDR: Nigeria's government is telling lies about its engagement with Twitter.

No concession whatsoever has been achieved, except you count vague promises about tax and CAC registration. It has merely been added to a program that already has dozens of governments participating.
The Nigerian government will have NO control whatsoever over the content Nigerians post on Twitter, and will have NO control whatsoever over Twitter's definition of free speech, which is based on US and EU law, with input from the UN.

Aso Rock is a complete non-factor.

The end.
P.s: Journalists reporting on such stories really need to show some depth in their work, instead of simply repeating shit off a press release.

Why was even CNN repeating this "Nigeria's government will have platform content moderation power" bullshit as some kind of fact?

• • •

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2 Jan
They can buy all the 4K UHD cameras and expensive lighting in the world. They can attend New York Film Academy and learn the swivels and flourishes of movie making.

But as long as they refuse to pay for quality script writing, their movies will continue to be trash.
The only reason King Of Boys is a unicorn is Kemi Adetiba's individual writing genius.

If she did not take personal responsibility to think up a genuinely interesting storyline and spend years fleshing it out, it would have been just another bit of shiny neo-Nollywood nonsense.
In Hollywood, it is common to see screenwriters get paid 6-7 figure USD sums per movie. That's why Hollywood storylines are good - they pay for quality.

Nollywood INSISTS on treating writing as a cheap afterthought, so here we are. "Shebi it's just to write, what's there?" abi?
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31 Dec 21
I'm not sure where this narrative that "Nigeria does not promote other African music" is suddenly coming from, because I know FOR A FACT that this is NOT true.

A little thread with some facts and some anecdotes that I hope will provide some insight to cut through this myth.
I used to work for BHM, which was Viacom Africa's PR agency, so I had an inside view of much of Africa's contemporary industry.

This guy - the person who pitched MTV Base Africa to his bosses at Viacom USA, and built it from the ground up was Alex Okosi - a Nigerian. Image
If you're not aware about who Alex is and the central, foundational role he played in the post-2000 growth and development of contemporary African music, I recommend reading this:…
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22 Dec 21
Always funny when a victim of injustice voices out, only to later reverse themselves, as if that apology will change anything with their oppressors.

Someone has stolen the streaming rights for what could be the only hit record you will ever make, and you're apologising lol🌚
People - Nigerians especially - seem not to understand that when you go to war, you must be prepared to sacrifice everything. You don't start a war on the side of justice, then pull out midway through. That makes you a joke.

Stand up for yourself or cower. You have to choose one
This is what 15 million streams is worth on each of these platforms. Maybe because it's Africa, you can divide these figures by 3 or 4, but for someone coming from the trenches of Ifo, imagine how life changing these amounts are.

Poco Lee has stolen this from oni apology😭
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21 Dec 21
A big takeaway from all this is that upcoming creative talents should lean more on the internet creative ecosystem and less on these parasitic middlemen.

There are artists like Chance The Rapper and Ahmir who have made millions of dollars without a record deal or a "helper."
Using just YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and social media, these guys built themselves into multimillion dollar brands without signing themselves into slavery in the name of "A&R" this and "record label" that.

The internet is coming for middlemen in the creative space!
Creatives (Painters, musicians, designers, writers etc) are the lifeblood of the creative industry, and nobody should tell you any different.

The job of these middlemen is to convince creatives that they need them. This is no longer true. The internet has changed the game.
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21 Dec 21
If you're as big as you claim to be, you shouldn't need to rip off upcomers in the name of "helping" them. If you want to help, help and be reasonable about it. If you don't want to help, free them. Don't be an agbaya.

How I hate this Portable vs Poco Lee story.
Once you're in a creative space in Nigeria, everyone is just hovering around you like a tsetse fly hoping to take a bite out of you.

The concept of noblesse oblige is completely nonexistent. Just a bunch of agbayas sitting on people's heads. Disgusting and tiresome.
Start making a name as a musician and someone will try to sign you to a slavery contract and steal all your IP.

Start making a name as a writer and one "senior colleague" will steal your work and put their name on it in the name of "helping you" (I experienced this)

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21 Dec 21
I remember when "Africans have natural immunity" was rubbish pseudoscience on par with claiming the earth is flat.

Now, because of the "be afraid of Omicron" scare campaign, this is now apparently an accurate scientific statement.

Very interesting.
"The only reliable data on Omicron comes from South Africa and it shows that it is significantly less dangerous than prior variants, which doesn't suit the narrative we want.

What shall we do?

I know!
Let's revisit the idea from last year that Africans have natural immunity to this virus due to genetic and demographic factors. You know, the idea that we savagely shot down and dismissed as rubbish pseudoscience.

Now let's rebrand it as self evident fact. Job done."
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