Interesting to see Stellaris is planning a rework that broadly will make unity a currency for internal Empire management, and influence much more aligned with external force projection and expansion.

The bigger issue with playing tall/internal-Empire-focus is Stellaris is ultimately about big military crises - great Khans, awakened Empires, the Crisis.

You have a big fleet or you lose.

Until that changes, whatever playstyle gets you the biggest fleet is the only viable one.
To be clear, this isn't inherently bad, it just feels a bit wonky.

Stellaris' biggest moments - including the entire end game - can exclusively be handled via a military solution.

In a game where you can choose to be militarist (correct) or pacifist (objectively wrong).
To me, the solution seems pretty clear - there needs to be a correspondingly difficult non-violent way to resolve the major military crises.

Pay off the Great Khan, negotiate with Awakened Ascendancies, find a research solution to the Crisis (say, a virus for the Contingency).
The ground work for this exists already - the subterfuge system seems very well set up to have, say, major assassination missions during big crises - assassinating the Great Khan to immediately fragment his Empire, say.
The rare resources offer opportunities too - what if you needed an absolutely ludicrous amount of Dark Matter to nuke the Unbidden's rift and destroy them all? So suddenly you have the need to aggressively seize mining sites AND throw everything at the Galactic market.
Also, between the various DLCs, we're just swimming in planet destroyers and star eaters that don't actually DO that much.

Why not have an alternative solution to the crisis be absolute quarantine? Burn every planet, star and hyperlane to trap a crisis. Problem 'solved'.
I just ultimately want Stellaris conflicts to be solved by something other than 'Who has the most fleet power?' which is why Nemesis ultimately disappointed me a little bit.

Sure, it's nice flavour, but even most difficult subterfuge missions barely inconvenience your enemies.
Say you go to war with somebody, they have the bigger fleet, but you have superior espionage.

What's the biggest, most difficult military subterfuge you can commit?

It's destroying a single random building or module on one of their starbases.

Laughably pointless.
I think subterfuge may be one of the biggest misses of Stellaris so far - it is utterly feeble how little you can do with it.

Surely it should be obvious it should help weaker military Empires win wars via unconventional means?
Let's list some obvious ones;

- Blackmail an enemy's ally so they break off a defensive pact.

- Trigger an uprising on an enemy planet (effectively a free invasion army)

- Screw up enemy targeting systems (reduction in fleet power for a few months)
I just find it a bit frustrating that subterfuge is a good system for flavour and general information gathering, but the actual complex operations are aggressively useless and do not provide any real alternative ways to play the game.
The point is Stellaris is frustratingly hamstrung by its own crisis system.

All attempts to make alternative playstyles are undermined by the simple fact you have to view all of them through the lens of 'Does this get me more fleet power' because eventually nothing else matters.
Until there are win conditions or mechanisms beyond 'Can you beat the Crisis in a straight-up shoot-out' that will remain the case.

• • •

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13 Jan
The Hitman 3 2022 Roadmap reveal is about to happen, and if it's anything short of a DLC campaign with at least 4 full new levels, I'm going to be furious.

Ok, PC VR imminently, that sounds like a laugh.
Bah, that new level they teased is just a safehouse for a revised contracts system that's just variant of the elusive targets mission - I am already underwhelmed.
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4 Oct 20
Just imagine this for a second.

What if Trump were never seen in public again? Not even if he wins the election. Executive orders emerge with 'his' signature, and Republican senators swear that they met him in person just yesterday. But he's never seen again.
Over the next 4 years, video and audio are released, which are heavily questioned, but nobody can prove definitively that they're deep-fakes.

The tweets keep coming. Speeches are livestreamed.

And nobody ever knows for certain who's actually President.
QAnon slowly becomes mainstream, as they circulate the rumour that Trump is only staying in 'hiding' because he'd be assassinated by the Deep State if he wasn't. In fact, his absence PROVES he's getting close to defeating the Deep State.
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15 Jul 20
The strangest The Last of Us take I've repeatedly seen is that Joel is 100% morally ok because the Fireflies were terrorists.

Which is strange thing to say without the context that what they were resisting is a military dictatorship that abolished democracy & civilian Government
Like, the game doesn't hide this fact. It's in the prologue. The US is under permanent military rule. And not even competent rule. 90% of the Quarantine Zones we see have failed and fallen. Boston's probably the most successful we see, and it's still a mess.
This leads into another common related argument which is 'They appear incompetent so they'd never succeed' which is arguably more true, but they seem to be doing better than anybody else we see.

Do people think that world should just give up? Not bother with science anymore?
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1 Jul 20
Hmmm. Hold up. Just did a bit of Fallout 76 maths.

So there are 100 Legendary Run spaces. First space costs 1,000 SCORE. Each step is 25 more than the last. If my maths is right, that's ~224,000 SCORE needed for the whole thing.
The Season is 10 weeks. Weekly challenges provided ~1,000 SCORE each, there are about 6 of them. Over 10 weeks, that's 60,000 SCORE.
Daily challenges are 250 SCORE or so each. Again, normally 6 of them. That's 105,000 SCORE over 10 weeks.

Put the two together, that's 165,000 SCORE if you do literally every challenge.

Which is over 50,000 short of what you need to complete the challenge.
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24 Jun 20
In Elder Scrolls VI, I want to start the game as a guard, with my guarding duties as the tutorial, culminating in my first quest being to capture a mysterious silent character of randomised race/appearance, who then escapes in a staggeringly unlikely accident.
For the rest of the game, every town you get to, every character is talking about the exploits of this mysterious stranger. Many of your quests involve helping those who got screwed over when the stranger chose to help an opposing faction in town.
In addition, there should be constant rumours of the Return of the Great Demon, but at no point in the game do you ever see a demon. Just clear signs that there used to be a Demon summoning spot, that somebody else already trashed.
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14 May 20
It'll also take a long time to verify whether it is consumer-unfriendly or not.

So let me just put my Former-Marketer hat on for a second. If I wanted to make this as profitable as possible, here's what I'd do;
Step 1 - Start it off like the early levels of an MMO. Levelling up is fast and easy. Make the challenges simple for the first week or so. Put some decent rewards early in the progression. Make sure people feel like they're making fast progress, and getting rewarded for it.
Step 2 - watch the data carefully. I'll have access to how many people are on each level of the progression-board.

Once the average player is making some good progress, make the challenges a but harder and slower to complete.
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