// Nsfw

Ok but I’m thinking of 🐥Chuuya asking Dazai to command him in bed

It’s a /major/ proof of trust and consent, but they both know that Dazai has a lot of pent-up possessiveness to release and Chuuya loves how the commands roll on his skin, low and velvet-thick
Btw Chuuya /totally/ has a power play kink — one he refused to acknowledge since he was constantly defending himself in relationships, but it’s there. Like, majorly.

But Dazai is usually a very controlled alpha with a strong bloodline, so he low-key goes full darkzai when he
has the chance — and Chuuya loves to be commanded to shut up and be a good boy and do what /his/ alpha says 😩

But they trust the other completely and even if the sex gets super rough — always in Chuuya’s comfort zone — it’s always followed by lots of aftercare and crooning 🥺
And one can say that it’s cathartic for both of them — it’s all about trust and consent and letting go, after all — the major point is that Chuuya high-key has a thing for when Dazai fucks him doing dangerous (and illegal *cough*) things, and looks hot while doing them

• • •

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More from @Blind_Blossom

10 Jan
No update because I’m still cleaning the house, but I’ve been brain rotting on some domestic ways 🐥skk say ‘I love you’ without saying it

Chuuya waking up earlier to make a bento for Dazai

Or Dazai accepting to watch on TV that movie he hates because Chuuya /loves/ it — and
even if Chuuya falls asleep halfway through he doesn’t change it

Dazai falling asleep on the couch after uni and Chuuya covering him with a blanket

OR Chuuya actually asking his mate to grab something from the highest shelf instead of climbing on chairs just to prove a pointTM
But ALSO they argue and slam doors, only to end with the slowest make-up sex and Chuuya nibbling on the bonding marks on Dazai’s chest

And Dazai chatting with all the neighbors when he and Chuuya have the first pup because he wants to know /everything/ on how to raise a kid 😭
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8 Jan
🐥 skk being apart because Chuuya has to visit his uncles in Paris.

Once they see each other at the airport a month later, Dazai holds onto Chuuya /so/ tight, unable to let go, nose buried in his mate’s hair.

It’s the longest hug and they can’t break it even if ppl are sharing
These two are the kind of couple who can’t stop kissing/hugging/staring because they just feel too /at home/ in each other’s arms and I’m not ok
When Chuuya uneasily tries to pull away — not because he wants to, but because they have been hugging for ten minutes now — Dazai pulls him even closer, touches his lips to the mark on his neck and murmurs:

“Just one more minute. I’ve missed you.”

Chuuya literally /thaws/ 😭
Read 6 tweets
6 Jan
Ok but this is exactly my jam???

SKK a/b/o royalty where there was… well, if not love, at least attraction in the beginning.

They were young and rakish. Chuuya was a handsome lordling and prince Dazai wanted him. Nobody but him.

He moved mountains and kings to marry Chuuya. ImageImageImage
But years pass, the couple doesn’t have heirs and the marriage turns into something Chuuya never imagined: a mistake.

A love that bloomed in spring, lasted a summer, and withered with the first snow.

Clearly, Dazai’s coldness doesn’t do well with Chuuya’s impetuous temperament.
Chuuya has the confirmation of it when Dazai’s attention starts wandering to other omegas.

The free lordling turned heartsick prince /won’t/ have it.
He can’t deal with the rumors, with infidelity.

But, even though thoughts hurt Chuuya’s pride all the same, Dazai is not acting.
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29 Dec 21
Omegaverse SKK AU where Chuuya is selected as the surrogate for the child of prestigious Mori Corp CEO Dazai Osamu and his wife, Michiko.

CW // mpreg

Michiko is enthusiastic about the pregnancy, and insists that Chuuya temporarily moves in with them. To be fair, Chuuya
doesn’t really mind — Dazai’s house is huge, and he can have a /driver/ to the pre-school where he works. A damn driver. It’s like living in a fairytale.

The first weeks go smoothly.

Dazai is a pain in the ass and an obnoxious asshole, but Michiko isn’t bad at all.
It’s fine.
Until Chuuya starts to notice little odd things.

Michiko /doesn’t/ want this baby.

She doesn’t even want her husband. She sure as hell pities Chuuya.

All she wanted was to live up to the peer pressure of being an accomplished upper-class wife with a good husband and a child.
Read 11 tweets
9 Dec 21
Ok but listen. AU where Soulmates can communicate telepathically.

Cut to Soukoku: the most devastating partnership the mafia ever had.

An understanding so complete that also comes from the fact that— well, they /do/ hear each other thoughts.

They /have/ a deeper connection.
Nobody knows it because they always refused to address their unwanted connection, but—

but /they/ know.

They both try to ignore their link after Dazai defects. Sometimes they still talk, sometimes they argue.

Chuuya does his best to respect Dazai’s mourning, to keep out of the
brunet’s head while he remembers his best friend.

And then, on some nights, Chuuya gets /really/ drunk and angry.

Dazai ignores him, letting the redhead shout into the void while he rolls on the side and tries to focus on the pillow under him and not on the voice in his head.
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4 Dec 21
When he comes home, Chuuya finds the door unlocked.

Which is /not/ normal.

It’s early afternoon on a weekend, therefore not a time he is usually home.
Dazai just sent him a picture of Ranpo from the library too, so—

A rustle from the kitchen turns Chuuya’s blood into ice.
He leaves his shoes and backpack in the genkan, holding his breath and damming the muffled howling of his stomach.

He hates it. For some reason, his belly always decides to be loud when he’s anxious — and when there’s utter silence.

And if he dies, what will the headlines be?
‘Handsome redhead with a brilliant future found by killers because his stomach growled’?

/It’d be so—/

Suddenly, the noises from the kitchen stop. Chuuya halts too, fight-or-flight instinct kicking in.


A pause.

Then, noise again. Steps. Someone humming.
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