There's something immensely calming about simply deleting an email from someone who begins with "I am writing to invite you to be part of this diversity initiative" and then goes on to position you as antagonist to the current system right from the get go. #NOPE
I'm very opposed to the current system but I'm 100% not fool enough at this stage to voluntarily put myself in any situation where I'm asked to provide the labour of identifying issues, providing constant justification and education, and then inevitably called "strong"/ "angry."
I am begging white people to really think about the stuff they put in emails of this sort because wow, does it say a lot and none of it good.

• • •

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13 Jan
Some days science reporting is amazingly weird and it makes me so happy. "... a new discovery reveals some planets might look more like a potato."…
Petition to rename the big bang "that spicy planetary potat mash."
"But a group of exoplanets known as Hot Jupiters orbit their home stars in a matter of days, sometimes just hours. Hot Jupiters which orbit their star in less than a day are known as ultra-short-period planets."

I've just whispered "Hot Jupiters are fast and fertile" to myself!
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11 Jan
Immense amounts of 'what the actual fuck' here. Firstly, genders outside the binary have always existed. TERF claims that trans, non-binary, and agender identities are somehow colonial is so much ahistorical bullshit, I don't even know where to start.
And yes, Vaishnavi Sundar is transphobic, has been transphobic for actual years. Just. NO.
No part of disability studies or disability advocacy excused being a rampant transphobe so I'm extremely side-eyeing people following this person letting this slide. Dehumanisation is never okay.
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5 Nov 21
This panel on decolonial approaches is... messy, at best. I'm deeply suspicious of any approach that by default assumes precolonial cultures lacked violences or oppression and want to mythologise them in ways that fail to acknowledge contemporary contexts and community needs.
If we're unwilling to acknowledge the complexity of precolonial cultures as histories that are also messy, what we're pretending (at best) to reclaim is a myth, and usually one prone to co-option by particular forms of nativism. I'm very wary of this turn to almost fetishization.
It is absolutely possible to resist colonial systems without assuming that the only way to do so is through the construction of a sanitised history. A sanitised history itself is coloniality in action; the repetition of this system is by no means decolonial.
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5 Nov 21
I don't know how often I have to say this but: it's totally okay to admit that you're not well-versed enough on a topic to have anything of worth to add or publish. It's not false modesty to admit a genuine limitation, and it's okay to learn things at a pace that works for you.
I am so often confused by the resistance to this. It's okay to just be interested in a field without publishing in it or positioning oneself as cutting-edge, particularly if there's nothing of worth added by one's contribution. Not everything needs a contribution and that's fine.
I get the urge to jump on each and every publishing opportunity, I truly do; I am a magpie myself. But it is still harm to know that you're not up to a task and take up that space anyway instead of pointing it to someone who could benefit and might not otherwise get in the door.
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23 Oct 21
I can't say I'm surprised. I've held for a long time now that the OTW is effectively somewhere between overt white supremacists and a ridiculously apt example of Bonilla-Silva's theorisation of racism without the racists (i.e. I'm too progressive/ nice to be/ know a racist).
Not for nothing, but the assumption that antiracist work is erasure/ censorship/ is coming from "outsiders" & not those in fannish communities is absolutely white supremacy. Literally look at dog whistle discussions of CRT or any attempt to decenter whiteness; it's right here.
The claim that all these "outsiders" are seeking to destroy the ~greatness of the AO3 by asking for policy to deal with racism sits in parallel to entire histories of global anti-immigrant/ antiblack rhetoric. Zero recognition that POC have long asked for this/ helped build this.
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19 Oct 21
#LRT A reminder that Adani has been so heavily involved in environmental destruction across multiple countries that this claim to be invested in renewable energy is (mediocre) PR at best. For anyone looking for a starter on this, here you go:
We should remember that Adani's sponsorship of the Science Museum is hardly the most ridiculous thing we've heard, as he is seeking to speak at COP26 - a fact that almost everyone with an ounce of common sense has called a blatant attempt at greenwashing.…
Also, a reminder that the protest to save Hasdeo and stand with Adivasi communities is ongoing. Adani's actions aren't abstract climate injustice; they displace and harm Adivasi communities, harm ecology, and actively work against climate change:…
Read 4 tweets

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