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The soft launch of the two new LRT lines (LRT Jabobek, meaning Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Bekasi - it doesn't run through Depok nor Bogor though, for now) is still slated for July 12 when passengers can use the system for free for a while. #LRTJabodebek #ujicoba #trialrun #LRT #Jakarta Image
Free is not entirely correct, as the cashless system used in the Greater Jakarta area doesn't allow for fares to be 0 rupiah, so you'll pay 1 rupiah instead. Apparently the operator didn't find this out until late last month. 😬
The two lines that will start is commercially split into three lines to make it easier to understand what train is going where. Let's run through these as well. Image
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le problĂšme c'est AUSSI, que dans ce pays, personne n'arrive a se positionner, mĂȘme quand le problĂšme relĂšve de la justice mais c'est pas condamnĂ© ou qui ne relĂšve pas de la justice.

il y a, à mon sens, un aveuglement quasi sacré concernant la justice
(pas aidé par certain juristes notamment)

la justice est vue comme seule instance capable de discerner le vrai du faux (genre elle ne se trompe jamais ?) comme "imparfaite" au yeux de ceux qui la tentent de la rendre.
imparfait pardonnez moi le mot est un peu limite
tout se jauge et se juge plus uniquement qu'en terme de loi, ton voisin t'as insulté, hop "vas porter plainte", du caca sur les trottoir "hop va porter plainte", ton stylo n'a plus d'encre "hop va porter plainte"

et s'il n'y a pas plainte et surtout pas condamnation alors c'est
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#LRT A reminder that Adani has been so heavily involved in environmental destruction across multiple countries that this claim to be invested in renewable energy is (mediocre) PR at best. For anyone looking for a starter on this, here you go:
We should remember that Adani's sponsorship of the Science Museum is hardly the most ridiculous thing we've heard, as he is seeking to speak at COP26 - a fact that almost everyone with an ounce of common sense has called a blatant attempt at greenwashing.

Also, a reminder that the protest to save Hasdeo and stand with Adivasi communities is ongoing. Adani's actions aren't abstract climate injustice; they displace and harm Adivasi communities, harm ecology, and actively work against climate change:

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Storytime: A while ago, #AWS outmaneuvered one of our competitors in the cloud

#AMZN isn’t just big, they can out-think you too. Wardley Maps are one of their tools. (@swardley)

Our friends made a Facial Recognition (FR) system specifically for Fraud Detection on AWS. 1/8
#AWS noticed the usage analytics and recommended using it for general user authentication (red).

Our competitor saw no problems with this – their secret sauce was the algorithm - not the UI or API.

Everything was built on EC2. 2/8
AWS then built their own version – Rekognition – just for User Authentication.

Our competitor was happy as their algorithm was “industrial strength” and won awards in “NIST Testing”. User Auth is a toy by comparison.

AWS built on the then-new ECS instead of EC2. 3/8
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THREAD: Calgary Transit is implementing a three-step plan to address concerns around safety.

Effective immediately, Calgary Transit is doubling the number of peace officers (from 30 per day to 60 per day) that are deployed on the system at any one time.
#yyccc #Calgary #LRT
Peace officers will continue to work with DOAP and Calgary Police Services (CPS) to address issues. This immediate activity will be achieved through overtime with existing resources – all peace officer functions will be maintained. #yyccc #Calgary
Step 2: Utilize partnerships with Calgary Community Standards, CPS, and Corporate Security to relieve and support the existing peace officer staff which will allow for additional visibility on board the trains as well as more active monitoring at the stations. #yyccc #Calgary
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Operasi LRT Jabodebek mundur dari target. Awalnya ditargetkan bisa beroperasi di akhir 2021, namun kini mundur ke pertengahan 2022. Direktur Utama Adhi Karya Entus Asnawi Mukhson mengungkapkan faktor utama molornya operasi LRT Jabodebek.
Hal tersebut adalah pembebasan lahan yang lambat.

Salah satunya terjadi pada lahan proyek di kawasan Dukuh Atas. Tepatnya pada lahan yang akan digunakan untuk pembangunan salah satu jembatan bentang panjang alias longspan pada lintasan LRT Jabodebek.
"Memang, dibandingkan rencana awal ada kemunduran akibat pembebasan tanah dan penetapan lokasi, di lokasi ini nih (Dukuh Atas)," ujar Entus dalam peresmian pengecoran longspan Dukuh Atas yang disiarkan melalui YouTube, Rabu (11/11/2020).
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#LRT i care about what in my opinion are important callouts like this, if you’re still following them please be aware their account is full of nonsense takes that they don’t take responsibility for.
This shitty person claimed cee pee cee eas being misunderstood “just like WWX” which is completely FUCKED. I think what’s the most mindboggling thing is that they live in the Netherlands.
Regret not screenshotting the entire tweet but as my friend put it. Wtf? Image
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#LRT oh no I’m not okay. Leaving a mark in history... both that desire to... and in contrast the lack of desire to... feel so real. Especially when ancient history is my interest.

You’ll wonder at what’s being left behind.

And at all the things that got lost through time.
the things that get preserved are official historical records and important artifacts. the things that are discovered are stuffed in tombs or hidden somewhere and discovered by chance.
maybe a very, very long time later, after everything is said and done, somebody in the distant future will discover a hidden box of trinkets. A collection of letters, bound into a volume. Maybe scholars will write books about it.
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#LRT J'avais lu un livre de cette personne. Elle déduit le concept de laïcité à partir de la comparaison avec le concept de tolérance. C'est intéréssant mais un travail de philo et non d'histoire, ce qui fait que j'ai aussi des critiques à faire.
Le principe de tolĂ©rance (Locke) prĂ©suppose la contingence des religions. Donc proposition 1 de la tolĂ©rance: "personne n’est tenu d’avoir une religion plutĂŽt qu’une autre". Cela suppose l’autonomie du jugement, qui suppose la sĂ©paration sphĂšre privĂ©e/publique.
Donc l’État ne peut pas avoir un discours public sur la religion Ă  caractĂšre contraignant, athĂ©isme inclus. Donc proposition 2: "personne n’est tenu de n’avoir aucune religion". Jusqu’ici aucune diffĂ©rence avec la laĂŻcitĂ©.
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All day today I'll be taking the #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge ... "spend a day avoiding anywhere that is not accessible" and detail the day on Twitter as I go. So today some tweets will not be transit related.
My current home is only suitable for a person who can climb stairs. Like thousands living in a townhouse, I would have to move if mobility changed. A stair lift is not an option. No ground floor bathing or possible bedroom. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
When my elderly friends visit the steps m are an issue, the condo does not have stair rails at front or rear doors. I'm in process of asking for permission to add them. Not clear if this will be easy or a hassle to get boards approval. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Picture of my front door with it's two steps and no railings.
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No mention of #Gatineau serving @OC_Transpo buses in post #LRT readiness report? Specifically not in remaining route adjustments summary. Only STO service?
@AllanHubley_23 @AltaVistaWard18 @TimTierney @tm_kavanagh @glengower @cmckenney @JennaSudds @RiverWardRiley
Ready for Rail My Route page has some information but doesn't address peak hour capacity provisions. 85 will have to run a lot to handle all East Ottawa folks transferring at Pimisi. (Western folks seem to have more trips / route options.) #LRT #transit
The #transit fare zone transfer areas for Tunneys, Hurdman and Blair are hard to picture. Pedestrians come at those stations beside bus roadway so... #LRT
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1/ In case we needed more reasons for building better cities, the evidence is growing that #mentalhealth is significantly affected by #urbanplanning and #urbandesign ... whether for the better or the worse is up to us ...
2/ Exposure to natural light is linked to better sleep, reduced stress, and better work/school performance A well-designed city ensures access to natural light on sidewalks, in public spaces, and inside homes and offices.
3/ Boring streetscapes, with monotonous, feature-less facades and lack of sensory stimulation, can increase sadness, addiction and disease-related stress
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OK, bienvenue à bord d'un thread un peu chaotique à destination des personnes féministes et blanches, particuliÚrement les meufs cis.
Ça fait quelques temps que je tombe de plus en plus souvent sur des commentaires de fĂ©ministes blanches qui commentent des threads de personnes racisĂ©es en essayant d'invalider leurs expĂ©riences avec des propos soit-disant universalistes.
Du coup, j'vais essayer d'expliquer pourquoi ça me trigger de ouf, moi qui suis pourtant exactement la mĂȘme chose, cĂ d une fĂ©ministe blanche, et pourquoi ce que vous considĂ©rez comme des rĂ©ponses violentes sont carrĂ©ment justifiĂ©es.
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