I've made over 100k from selling digital products in the last 2 years and millions for clients of mine via Twitter/IG/and Email in that time

So here's a simple formula you can steal to make your first product from scratch and start making moneybags online.

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Let's proceed.

Let's address first some beliefs that hold people back from making their first product:

1) I don't know enough

2) Nobody will buy it

3) What if people don't like it
I'm not good enough:

Yes, you are.

That's a lie you tell yourself because you're afraid of failing.

If you had clients and they were happy with your work?

You're good.
Nobody will buy it:

Yes they will.

Even if you have less than 100 followers you can get sales.

But this goes into another part which is marketing.

We'll cover that later in the thread...
What if people don't like it:

There's a formula for this:

> If you promise something and you don't deliver, they won't like it

> If you promise something and over deliver, they'll love it

Fulfill the purpose of your product and you're good
Let's talk about actually making your first product

You need to answer a couple of questions first:

> Do people need your product?
> How do you even make a product?
> How are you going to market your product?

Do people need your product?

The success of a product depends on if there's demand for it. If people have that problem, they will buy it.

But truth be told,

I've seen people sell courses on how to breathe on Twitter.

So in this land, anything goes (just lead with results).
How to make your first product:

You need 2 things

1. An outcome
2. An outline


Ask yourself what is the transformation that you want to give to your customers?

And then you're going to build the steps to take them there

This is where you structure your course step-by-step

From 0 to where they want to be

The clearer and easier those steps are, the better
In practice, here's what you gotta do:

- Create modules for your course
- Write content for each module
- Add examples to contextualize each section
- Add videos of yourself explaining (optional)
- Add worksheets (You can make them on any Google Doc)
If you want to make your product even better,

You can hire freelancers to help you out with:

> Design
>Creating a funnel
> Writing the content
> Helping you with the offer

If you're looking for help, DM me or @Rugged_Legacy we've personally trained 100's of freelancers.
@Rugged_Legacy How to sell it

You can sell a product 2 ways:

-Organic traffic
-Paid traffic
@Rugged_Legacy Organic traffic is platforms like Twitter or Instagram

How to sell:

- Instagram

> Post stories daily about your product
> Create reels promoting your product
> Tell people to DM you if they're interested
@Rugged_Legacy - Twitter

> Plug your product below a tweet that's performing well
> Use a tool such as @hypefury to create timed sales tweets (they automatically delete so you don't clog up the timeline)
@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury Paid traffic is when you pay platforms (or people) to promote your products

This requires an upfront investment...

Plus knowledge you can learn for free on YouTube

Most of my experience is with organic, however, @abrasivisms is great with paid ads definitely reach out to him
@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury @abrasivisms For the best results create your ads around their audience...


Using copy that resonates with your people will work great for you.

However - it won't work as well with someone else's followers.

So tweak your copy/images to fit the market you're selling to.
@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury @abrasivisms Other things that can help you

@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury @abrasivisms 1) Having a personal profile

If people can see your face, they can trust you and they're more inclined to buy.

That's not to say annon accounts can't sell, they can.

Social proof > everything else
@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury @abrasivisms 2) Being consistent

If you post twice a month nobody will engage with you and nobody will buy from you.

You need to be posting 2-5 times a day.

With the intention to be on everyone's mind about the stuff you're helping them with.

Example: I'm the go to guy for freelancing.
@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury @abrasivisms 3) Having a network

If you have 100 followers.

But you're connected with people that have 1,000 followers.

You can give them an affiliate link and ask them to promote your product.


(BUILD rapport first, don't just copy-paste a message to them 😡)
@Rugged_Legacy @hypefury @abrasivisms 4) Platforms to host your product

The main ones people use are:

1- @gumroad (this is what I use)
2- Teachable

But you can choose whatever you like...
Final thoughts:

Remember, you don't have to be an expert to sell.

You just have to know something that people don't.

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- Moneybag Madden aka Dylan Madden

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