Bosnia is proof that you can be secular, irreligious, and liberal Muslims and it won't really matter at all because you will still be the target of systematic Islamophobia and Islamophobic propaganda. So, justifying how "you're not like other Muslims" is fairly useless.
I'm not a very religiously adhering person but my DMs, emails, and mentions are constantly filled with hateful messages about how I'm an Islamic terrorist, jihadi, ISIS whore, & how I want to convert Christians. I'm not gonna scream about how no, actually I'm a cool Muslims.
It's not that they actually believe that Bosnia is filled with extremist Muslims ready to burst at the seems. They know that Bosnia is largely a secular country with the majority of Muslims being fairly liberal. They don't care b/c it doesn't suit their narrative.
We have seen this narrative get worse post 9/11 with people like Dodik and his ilk specifically pushing this Islamophobic rhetoric in order to appeal to the fearful Western mindset. It existed before 9/11 but that was a real turning point for their Islamophobic propaganda.
My messages over the last several days have been swamped with this rhetoric and it sounds just like Milosevic & Karadzic's propaganda in the 80's and 90's. Word for word, often. Very little has changed.
It sometimes genuinely takes me back a bit at the fact that the Islamophobic propaganda of the 90s is still very much alive. Things like how the Bosniaks are gonna force the Christians to wear hijabs (when even most of us Bosniaks don't wear them) is just horrifying.
This was not an invitation for non-Balkan Muslims to lecture us on how we chose to relate to Islam nor should it be acceptable to insinuate the genocide happened b/c we were not pious enough. The entire Middle East is constantly in turmoil & we'd never make such an insinuation.
People are secular & liberal for a variety of reasons not simply because they want to "fit into the West", I'm not discussing the way people chose to personally relate to religion but rather those who believe being a "good Muslim" will spare them from Islamophobia. Thanks!

• • •

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13 Jan
Here's something fairly controversial from me that's not related to politics. As a parent to a daughter...I've decided not to teach her that virginity should be guarded as if it's real and more importantly I've decided not to teach her that sex = love.
I've seen the damage this does to young girls and women. The shame and guilt they end up feeling. But more than that I think teaching our daughters that sex = love sets them up for abusive situations and sets them up to be taken advantage of.
When we teach young women that sex is equal to love we set them up to believe that the men who simply want to have sex with them, can "love" them into giving up their bodies, even if they are not ready to take that step. That they can guilt-trip them into sex.
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12 Jan
Mladen, before Bosnia ever even held a referendum on Independence..the Serb leadership was establishing "Serb Autonomous Regions", preparing for a take-over of all municipalities & preparing Serbs for the full takeover of Bosnia throughout JNA collaboration. Docs drawn up in 1991
You cannot honestly compare that to Bosnians wanting an equal country where there is no ethnic segregation & everyone is entitled to the same human rights. There's no shadow government being prepared, there's no take-overs, there's no collaboration to make "Bosniak only" regions
Literally in 1988, ethnic Serbs were being urged by Milosevic and his party to take to the streets under the slogans "Strong Serbia, Strong Yugoslavia" instead of "Brotherhood & Unity".
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12 Jan
1. "Bosnia, Kosova & the West" by Mike Karadjis
2. "Balkan Babel" by Sabina Rahmet
3. "The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s" by @richmondbridge
4. "Bosnia, A Short History" by Noel Malcolm
5. "Death of Yugoslavia" by Siber & Little
6. "A concise history of Bosnia" by Carmichael
7. "The War is Dead, Long Live the War" by @edvulliamy
8. "End Game" by Rhode
9. "The Architect of Genocide " by Robert Donia
10. "Safe Area Gorazde" by Joe Sacco
11. "The Bosnia List" by Kenan Trebincevic
12. "The Last Refuge" by Hasan Nuhanovic
13. "Logavina Street" by Demick
14. "Places of Pain" by Hariz Halilovich
15. "Whose Bosnia?" Nationalism & Political Imagination in the Balkans by @_edinh
16. "Love Thy Neighbour" by @maassp
17. "Surviving the Bosnian Genocide: women of Bosnia speak" by Leydesdorff
18. "Genocide in Bosnia" by Cigar
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12 Jan
You really cannot equate Bosniak Nationalism to Serbian Nationalism simply because the power dynamics and history of it are not at all the same. With that said, Bosniak Nationalism isn't the right response to the growing rise of Greater Serbia ethno-Nationalism.
Additionally though, Bosniak Nationalism is borne out of trauma. In many ways, it's really a small minority of people who even actually believe in it. It's also an extremely Diasporic attribute rather than one of Bosnians who live in Bosnia.
There is also a huge difference between Bosnian Nationalism and Bosniak Nationalism. Bosnian Nationalism is pro multi-ethnic & united Bosnia. Bosniak Nationalism is like 5 Diaspora kids in a coat thinking they can out yell the nationalists Serbs.
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11 Jan
Cannot say who but I will say that just as recent as this year I was privy to MPs declining the commemorative statements we drew up for them as they felt naming Serbia as a perpetrator of crimes in Bosnia would not be diplomatically suitable and they did not wish to "take sides".
European leadership has an almost deep seethed fear of naming the perpetrators. Listen to their statements around July 11 during commemoration events...very, very few will ever say "Serb forces", "ethno-nationalist Serbs", Serb military even or Serb political leadership.
It's cowardly, yes, but ultimately it's not their monkeys, not their circus and they wish to maintain political and diplomatic tied with specific people far, far more than they care about genocide survivors. Not all, but most.
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10 Jan
We don't give solidarity under the condition we get it back. BiH is a small place & complicated too that not everyone is knowledgeable about. That aside, my Twitter is filled with activists & scholars from all sides sharing info & expressing solidarity.
Don't attack her pls as she seems young and I am not attacking her either but it a statement I keep seeing from young Diaspora Bosnian and it's a huge case of misdirecting your anger and frustration. Other struggling groups aren't the enemy...
It's also important to note that I would much personally prefer non-Bosnians and in particular those who are not knowledge about it, share and retweet info from experts and Bosnian survivors than to lecture on social media in an act of performative support.
Read 6 tweets

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