The concept of traditional education system has changed.

Therefore, I will be homeschooling my son, Zayn.

Here is a thread on this journey πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
1/Why Homeschooling makes sense now?

β€’ Knowledge wise: Customised internet education > School education.

β€’ Career/job wise: traditional education systems are slow and outdated.

Contemporary jobs require constant re-learning, schools don't promote that.


It is no wonder that almost 90+% kids go to tuitions (for better learning) despite spending 6-hours at school.

This is largely due to the fact that Government's mandate is inclusive education, not quality.
2/ Schools= business.

With big EdTech firms entering this space, the quality of education will only go down.

Their job is to maximise profits.

Most of the money in this space flows to marketing, not good teachers/customers.

Increased competition = more marketing.
3/ Kids are supposed to play, have fun, create memories.

Each day gives you new opportunities to learn.

School is not the only place where learning can take place.
4/Here is a better system than school:

β€’ Group Sports (2-3 hours per day)
β€’ Group language learning class (2 hours)
β€’Β Technical skills (2 hours: through internet/private tuition)
β€’ Read for fun
β€’ TV shows/documentaries/movies (to learn Science, Economics etc)
5/ For homeschooling you need time as a parent. I am a stay at home dad, so this option might be feasible for me, but not for others.

For parents, who have no option but to send their kids to schools, do figure out a way to get your kids some practical learning opportunities.
Summary: To quote Mr.Miyagi: just like how a Bonsai tree grows its own way, we should also develop our own learning methods.

For this, we don't necessarily need to go the 'school way'.

There are enough resources now for kids to foster their own learning styles.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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13 Jan
Guess what? you will always be pressed for time.

- First, it would be clearing some exam.
- Then, it would be getting some job.
- At some stage, spending time with family would become your top priority.

You will never have enough time, this is what you can do πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
1/ Plan your day. At some stage, we should stop with the attitude of going with the flow.

To rephrase @naval: if you are not learning, earning or relaxing, what the F*ck you are doing.

PS: not sure if he used the F word, but let's use it for drama.
2/ Be micro. Try to condense everything: have short meetings, short phone calls etc.

- The more work you cut, the more time you would have to relax πŸ˜…
- So be efficient. One of the fastest ways of being efficient is structured thinking.

Example πŸ‘‡
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12 Jan
I started working, when I was 20.

Building and running startups (even at a micro scale) has taught me more > all education combined.

Here is the Psychology I cultivated in 20s to be wealthy (or wealthier) in 30s:

(This thread is written especially for my Son, Zayn)

1/Start with Macros:

Develop good habits: don't drink (at least not excessively), work hard and be optimistic about life.

If the macros are bad, you will often feel sad/unhappy in the your most productive years.

Discuss ideas, explore, learn, travel and have fun.
2/Find good inspiration, if not good mentors:

I never had a mentor. I reached out to folks and almost everyone simply rejected me, as I had no value to offer.


Just learn from good folks. For me it has always been Ray Dalio, Ratan Tata, Mark Cuban etc.
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26 Dec 21
What does DiCaprio's latest movie and Turkey's financial Crisis have in common?

Here is a thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

2008: 1 Turkish Lira= 1 USD
2021: 17 Turkish Lira= 1 USD

Turkish Lira has been plummeting. And, this crisis has skyrocketed in 2021.

In Nov, 2021 inflation was 21%. i.e put 100, get 79 back after a year.

When inflation goes up, central banks usually tighten the interest rate. This removes excess money in the economy and brings the inflation down.

But, Erdogan, Turkey's President, thinks otherwise.
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25 Dec 21
Some market predications for 2022:


1. Commodities: Steel will grow due to expanding demand, but gold will stabilise. Oil will stay very volatile.

2. Stocks: this would be the decade of Industry leaders. Pick a segment, pick an industry leader.

and If ... buy it at a good price, you will make great money.

3. Markets overall might consolidate sideways for a long period of time. Hence, Index investing this year might not be a great idea.

4. Exponential asset classes: Cryptos, NFTs. Favourable regulations will ..
.. skyrocket their growth.

5. Bullish on AMCs, Insurance & Banking. These might give secular growth.

6. Overall, we are still very much in the bull run. In fact our monetary system, can't afford a failure and asset prices will stay inflated, barring external shocks.
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23 Dec 21
Do you know that you can make 36% interest on your Fixed Deposits?

Here is how πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
1/Buy NFTs and stake them; you can make upto 108% APY through this.

Okay, what do I mean?

This is what an NFT looks like:

Now many folks would say: How are people making money from these funny looking pictures?

Well, simply put this is an NFT. And an NFT is a blockchain 'asset'.

Assets in the Crypto/Blockchain world can be 'staked' for returns.
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16 Dec 21
Rich people in the US, have built business empires taking on debt.

But, normal retail folks like you and me can ruin our financial well being by taking debt unnecessarily.

So it makes sense to understand the difference between good and bad debt: πŸ‘‡
1. Robert Kiyosaki puts it well:

- Rich people build assets (Assets=put money into your pocket)
- Example: when Jared Kushner buys Real Estate, he will rent/sell it. This is a 'cash flow' for him.
- Unfortunately, when normal folks buy Real Estate, they create a liability.
2. Normal folks are champions at creating liabilities:

- Eg. buy an i-phone on EMI.
- Buy a house on a massive loan.
- If you max out 1 credit card, time to apply for a new one.

With endless WANTS, Discounts/Cash-backs/EMIs become tools to push demand.
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