17 bits of financial advice guaranteed to make you a millionaire

Your future self will thank you:
1. Quit buying dumb shit

$400 Gucci bags, fast cars, and expensive nights out are making you look STUPID if you still have to work everyday.

1st - Work on retiring early
2nd - Enjoy your dream lifestyle
2. Always look for better job opportunities

People have a habit of staying at the same job FOREVER.

Guess what?

If you're ACTUALLY good at your job, somebody somewhere WILL pay you more.

- Ask for promotions
- Look for better jobs
- Get paid what you're WORTH
3. Ask for raises

If you've worked somewhere long enough (and have done a great job there)

It is VERY unlikely you'll be declined a raise.

And if you are?
-> Search for another job

Chances are your current job will pay you more to keep you or the next job will anyway.
4. Live FAR below your means.

You make $6000/mth?

Find a way to only spend $2000
Invest $2500
Save $1500

This is REQUIRED if you wish to become wealthy
5. Collect 6-12 months of expenses & invest RELENTLESSLY afterwards

Follow these guys for investment help:

- @OhHaiAndy
- @FI_Squirrel
- @thewealthdad
- @SteveOnSpeed
- @ParrotStock
- @StockDweebs
- @CJ_Johnson17th
- @BusinessFamous

Let's continue 👇
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 6. Start a side-hustle and invest every dollar from it

This is the #1 wealth hack out there

An extra $1000/month over 20 years turns into $580,000
$2000/month turns into $1.1 million

And if I'm being honest.. There's no reason you can't make $4000/month+ on the side
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 7. Do whatever you can to surround yourself with wealthy people

Even if this means taking a job that pays you less, the opportunities you'll be presented with could be worth millions

(Bonus points if you get these people to like you)
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 8. Never "buy too much house"

If you get approved for a $350,000 house, that doesn't mean you NEED to buy a $350,000 house.

- Make a ton of money
- Invest a huge portion of that money
- Live on the rest (without making your life miserable)

This is how you retire by 30
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 9. Never stop learning

The second you start believing you "know everything" is the same second you start falling behind.

Read constantly
Write constantly
Keep an open mind
And spend time with people doing better than you
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 10. Have a long-term mindset

Most people lose money in the stock market because they watch it WAY too often

If you invest in the S&P 500 and are willing to hold your money in there for 10-20 years, you are practically GUARANTEED to make $$
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 11. Don't rush to move out

If you're young:

- Get a great job
- Live with your parents 2-3 years
- Stack away 80-90% of the money you earn

This is an INSANELY quick way to get ahead financially. (My Net Worth at 21 was $100,000 because of this)
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 12. Invest in courses, coaches, mentorships, and consultations

Investing in information is one of the only shortcuts to success.

Who gives a shit if it costs you $100 to get started quicker. Your time is the most valuable thing you have
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 13. Don't let a "raise" lead you to spending more money.

People love giving themselves a little more slack with their spending when they start making more money

Being able to increase your income WITHOUT increases your expenses is how you become wealthy QUICK.
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous 14. Prioritize your health

Being healthy gives you more energy

Having more energy increases your productivity

- So get plenty of sleep
- Drink a shit ton of water
- Exercise 4-5x per week

Your business/work life will improve significantly

(Follow @roanwar & @JohnConstas)
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous @roanwar @JohnConstas 15. Only go to college for a degree that'll pay you WELL

Going to college is likely to leave you with $30,000-$60,000 in debt

If your degree won't get you a job paying a MINIMUM of $60,000, you're fucking yourself.

There are jobs out there that pay more without all the debt.
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous @roanwar @JohnConstas 16. Marry the right person.

The right person will:

- Support your mission
- Leave you with more energy
- Motivate you to better your family's lifestyle

(Having an additional source of income is a massive benefit as well)
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous @roanwar @JohnConstas 17. Build something that pays you 24/7

We're alive 24 hours/day

But most people only make money for 8 hours/day

- Websites
- Email Lists
- and Social Media

Can work for you 24/7

Click here and I'll teach you how to make money on Twitter for FREE: askthegiver.ck.page/99f8271da5
@OhHaiAndy @FI_Squirrel @thewealthdad @SteveOnSpeed @ParrotStock @StockDweebs @CJ_Johnson17th @BusinessFamous @roanwar @JohnConstas As you progress through you wealth-building journey remember these things:

* It won't happen overnight
* It'll take massive discipline
* You'll have to make sacrifices

But applying the advice above will almost guarantee you multi-millionaire status

Thanks for reading,

- TG ❤️

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