"Global SUV sales have proven resilient throughout the pandemic, growing by over 10% between 2020 and 2021. In 2021, SUVs are on course to account for more than 45% of global car sales – setting a new record in terms of both volume and market share." iea.org/commentaries/g…
let's keep arguing over parking everybody
"Over 98% of SUVs on world’s roads today still rely on internal combustion engines. SUVs are also heavier and consume 20% more energy than a medium-sized car. As such, SUVs rank among the top causes of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions growth over the last decade."
it's all cars. everything about our world is just ... cars.

make the planet uninhabitable for humans? cars.

leading cause of violent death and hospitalization? cars.

driving "inflation" because of our dependence on them? cars.

make housing unaffordable? cars.
knock out progressive politicians over gasoline prices? cars.

use up 50% of our urban land? cars.

turn otherwise normal humans into violent psychopaths? cars.

cause wars over oil? cars.

fund the most violent and oppressive political regimes on earth? cars.
at this stage i'm cynically glad we're investing so many hundreds of billions of dollars in new and expanded highway capacity.

when humans have wiped ourselves off the face of the planet, the cars that remain will have the habitat they need to survive and thrive.

• • •

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14 Jan
electric vehicle advocates are basically assuming they'll be able to convince a ~ billion gasoline SUV drivers in 2030 to retire their SUVs early and drop ~ $25,000 on a new electric vehicle "because it's better"
The more likely scenario is, taxpayers will be forced to give SUV drivers $25 trillion in "cash for clunkers" programs.

Hell, Bernie Sanders proposed this exact approach two years ago -- $2 trillion in handouts to the for-profit capitalist car industry!

"climate action"
alternatively, we could *stop* burning money, start to claw back all the land and tax dollars the car industry stole from us, use it for housing and transit, and do it all *for less money*

Demand for walkable neighborhoods is through the roof.

People hate long car commutes.
Read 5 tweets
14 Jan
Honestly, these things are always impossible to see in the moment but I abso-fucking-lutely guarantee that the humans of 2122 will view the car industry (which will have been nuked from outer space -- just to be sure) as the single worst villain in the history of humanity.
What's wild about this, is cars are *just about* single-handedly responsible for failure on climate because of where they sit in the ecosystem of pollution sources.

This is not just about gasoline.
In addition to their oil addiction, cars are the largest consumers of steel and related products on earth, and *also* the largest drivers of demand for concrete for roads.

Steel and concrete cause 15% of all carbon emissions globally.
Read 6 tweets
12 Jan
One reason to generally* avoid engaging left-NIMBYs/vacancy truthers is not just it's a time suck & they're acting in bad faith (which, true) -- they don't even bother to check if their claims are accurate.

For example, vacancies are at historic lows.
While it's problematic when NIMBY lies cross over into actual policy discussions, this generally only happens with policy makers who are *themselves* already NIMBYs and appreciate the legwork left-NIMBYs do in providing them with right-wing talking points in "lefty-ish" language.
Which is to say, the work is about electoral strategy and keeping NIMBYs out of office to begin with, because once they're in there, it doesn't really matter what the facts are -- left-NIMBYs will feed them lies and they'll try to legislate with them.
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
I have to admit, I kind of expected the inflation discourse to be more sophisticated than it is. I was naive.

If rising rents and used car prices are the biggest factors, but inflation scolds win higher interest rates, we're kind of doomed.
Rising rents: This began pre-pandemic, and when the pandemic shut down homebuilding, pushed the housing shortage over the cliff. Approximately zero inflation scolds are calling for land use reform.

Used cars: Lack of housing near jobs/transit is forcing people to drive further.
But because rents are rising, they can only "afford" used cars (a huge share of people who drive can't afford it at all).

So, two largest expenses humans face -- housing/transport (which are fundamentally the *same expense*) -- will be solved by ... higher interest rates?
Read 4 tweets
5 Jan
One year ago today, Confederate traitors prepared to rekindle a war they never stopped fighting.

White Americans who’ve never been exposed to real red-state/American Taliban sentiment tend to not believe those of us who’ve lived/seen it.

They’ve been gaslighting us 30 years.
In 1989 I moved to Colorado Springs from Washington, DC for school. My childhood was purely progressive: Protests against apartheid at the South African embassy; constant protests against Reagan’s “friendly fascism” — I thought that was what America was like.
Landing in Colorado Springs was like diving into a cold plunge. The largest Christianist indoctrination centers were there, training a generation of violent fundamentalists to hate un-Christianist, unwhite, female, and LGBTQ Americans. They were very active in the community.
Read 20 tweets
4 Jan
I don't spend much time on LinkedIn but every now and then I check it out. Up til ~ 5 years ago, I worked mostly in clean energy/utility/climate policy & related fields. I came to housing as a natural outgrowth of that -- it's the key missing link in climate policy, bar none.
So I'm always shocked to go catch up on some LinkedIn threads and see the number of clean energy professionals who are just totally hardcore NIMBYs -- almost always, wealthy, white, suburban professionals who are all in on solar but think zoning reform is a neoliberal conspiracy.
I know, "not all solar advocates," there are *plenty* who are all-in on urban infill, density, transit, etc.

But entirely too many think climate action is only the stuff that doesn't require you to accommodate any change whatsoever in your neighborhood.

This is a problem.
Read 4 tweets

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