1. What the fook is going on.

My informed opinion is as follows, based on my perception of what Big Pharma and Virology actually do.
2. In a "medical lab," when studying effects within a biological system of an organism, for example a mammal, stressors are introduced.
3. These stressors can be chemical, electrical, starvation, or any introduction of a foreign agent or other organism, including bacteria, etc., to get a reaction/effect, then document the results.
4. Keep in mind that the majority of these "studies" are directed to create a *patent* for a new product, where things found in nature cannot be legally patented, *yet.
5. In the case of the Virology game (industry), their products, to get the initial patent, have to be *unique* in some way shape or form.
6. They do this by finding a reaction from their "lab studies," log it, then qualify it within a "unique" genome sequence; just an arbitrary set of letters and numbers from a database they attach to nucleic acids of what they say is the target cause of this said "reaction."
7. These numbers are said to be unique to that specific nucleic acid(s), which most refer to as RNA or DNA. This said reaction they mentally distill down to a singular cause and label that "virus."
8. Now, this supposed unique genome sequence is modeled in a computer, a purely mental construct as they do not find a complete genome in the lab. It is all mental masturbation.
9. So they start with a virtual/digital fraction of DNA (letters and numbers), then cut and paste other fractions of digital DNA sequences they download from a database to construct the rest of the genome they never found but just imagined.
10. This process is done through a computer branch study of Virology called bio-informatics. It is totally conceptual, meaning it comes from the mind, then is put into a computer program to construct what their imagination imagines.
11. Keep in mind, their target is to get a patent, so everything they do is to create an environment for that patent.

When you hear about "lab-born virus" or anything about a contagion being created in a lab, the aforementioned is all that is being done.
12. They cannot create a literal virus or a contagion, these things are conceptual, i.e. made up, as they cannot exist and do not exist in nature, whether man-made or not.
13. Never throughout this process are there true controls to prove what they say is a virus is actually a virus; never has a virus been isolated in its pure form as a particle, never has a virus been proven to transmit between infected to uninfected, never has a virus been...
14. ...found in nature; never has a human host been infected, throughout all history, by what Virologists call a virus, either by man or by nature.
15. What they are doing when they conduct these lab experiments is to find a reaction/effect, then say that reaction is something that justifies a new drug and patent, THAT IS ALL.
16. They are not creating contagion; gain of function is not creating contagion, it is just a more twisted method to create *unique* false constructs that they can then say need a drug, *or to create toxic effects for whatever sick and twisted reason, which are not virus, nor...
17. ...are they transmissible (more on that later).
18. As Stefan Lanka points out, these genome sequences Virologists call virus can be found in every living being no matter the health status at any given time <<< And that is the trick, especially when using the amplifying mechanism of a PCR.
19. They say something that is already present in the human or animal organism, which they represent with numbers and letters, is deadly, then produce a drug with a patent they say can "fix" it.
20. All of this above is not just drugs or chemicals for humans, it's also for animals, plants, our food, all sorts of living things to create patented, Big Pharma products for.
21. They are literally saying what is in existence on a cellular level found within all life is virus or disease, and they qualify that by unnaturally, chemically and by starvation of cultures, in a lab, kill off cells just to say that reaction is virus.
22. Keep in mind the experiments they use to qualify this do not happen in nature. They are artificially constructing their target outcome, that is all.
23. Now, when they get that *unique* set, computer aligned sequences of numbers and letters they cut and pasted together on a computer that no one else has "created" yet, coming from the genome data-banks (hahahaha, see how this works!?), they then create a vaccine that has...
24. ...the chemicals in it that produces the destruction of cells from which that RNA/DNA sequence they fabricated *by the same means in a lab* are found.
25. Now the vaccine produces the lab effect, and they can keep testing people with a PCR to detect their own creation, thus the self-feeding mobius strip is complete and they have a product that can stay in the market for decades.
26. Keep in mind that no transmissible contagion can be created in a lab, the vaccine produces the sequence(s) they test for.
27. All they are creating, or "finding," is something *unique* that has not been logged by the medical community, then attach symbols to it and call it a virus.
28. It is arbitrary and can hardly be called “viral,” but just nucleic acids that everyone will have. They are just saying the death of cells, which happens all day, is virus.
29. And depending on someone’s health condition, those dead cells might have more volume in the bloodstream at any given time.

All of the above is the game Big Pharma’s corporate Virology model.

No contagion was released from a lab, as there is no such thing.
30. This is all smoke and mirrors.

The cash cow of Big Pharma dies if Virology dies, and they know this.
31. As long as people still think that a viral contagion can exist, and worse that man can make one (superstition), then they still have a mechanism of protection for this massive medical scam.
32. Now, if someone wants to talk about TOXINS or POISONS, that’s different. Those can be quantified, and are not “transmissible” like germ theory’s fake virus, but sure as hell can be used to make people think so.
33. Gotta make sure it ends on 33, right...
34. NOTE! I did not explain what the "patent" is. The patent is for the computer generated, RNA "gene sequence" they fabricate.

Many talk about SARS-CoV-2 patent, but don't explain it is the fake RNA sequence that is patented, because that's what they need, hence mRNA "vaxxx"
35. They're just putting patents on numbers and letters, then saying those belong to something in your body, that something just being a computer generated. conceptual model of a supposed genome they never found in the first place, but just imagined it into a virtual reality.

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