#CJs2Cents: Poking my nose around and I saw that quite a few people were upset that Unicorn of War removed the Qrow jail speech-because Clover's alive-& the Ruby and Yang conversation/tearjerker from his V8 rewrite. And all I have to say is why? Those scenes are pointless. #RWBY
First, let's tackle Qrow. So this scene is supposed to "show how much Qrow's semblance has negatively affected his life" and give him something to bond with Robyn over.

Right off the bat, there are several problems here. First of all, Qrow you semblance wasn't the reason for>
Clover's death. No, it was your dumbass deciding to team up with Tyrian to fight him that doomed his life. Not only that, but Qrow literally tried to even blame the victim himself for getting killed. Oh yes Qrow, it was Clover's fault you and Tyrian jumped him and broke his aura.
Clover was being a good soldier and following his commander's orders to arrest Qrow. But you see he's also wanting to know what's going on and wants to speak with James directly to understand the situation. Clover was doing good, follow orders and try understand the situation.
But no, Clover shouldn't have listened to his superior's reasonable order and should've just let Qrow go. I swear, so many fans have no idea how a functioning military actually works...and apparently neither do the writers.

But moving on from the first point, we get the nonsense
of it also being a scene where Qrow and Robyn could bond. Ignoring the nonsense of having Qrow bond with the bitch who started the altercation-James had no idea where Clover was when he sent out the arrest order-that later led to Clover's death, Robyn's sob story makes no sense.
Robyn tells this story of how her semblance has also made her life difficult, as a sort of bonding experience. But if you take 2 seconds to think about it you'll realize the bitch is full of shit. First of all, her semblance is nothing like Qrow's. Qrow's Misfortune affects>
EVERYONE within a certain range of Qrow constantly so long as his aura isn't broken. Qrow has no control over who his semblance fucks over or when it'll happen. Robyn's semblance requires you to hold her right hand and for her to turn it on. The only way that semblance could>
negatively impact her life would be if Robyn was actively using it on people without their consent and trying to pry the truth out of them. Not only that, but her semblance hasn't affected her too badly as she and her crew are respected & trusted heroes of Mantle. Hell, if Watts>
didn't rig the election, Robyn would've won. Now I don't know about you, but all this doesn't sound like the "tortured soul" that is Qrow who saw himself as a cursed human because of how much pain his uncontrollable semblance brought to those around him. This shit makes no sense.
Moving on from the idiocy of Qrow, we have Ruby & Yang's little "tearjerker". Apparently people say this scene was, "a good sisterly moment between the two, it shows Ruby finally breaking down from the strain of everything".

While I will agree that it was a good sisterly moment>
for the two, that's not saying much since the last time the story gave the only siblings on the team any kind of moment to feel like family, was all the way back in V5 when Yang reunited with Ruby. Yes, it took the writers 3 whole years to give the sisters another family moment.
And onto the point of Ruby breaking down, that actually would've been good...if it actually went somewhere. Ruby doesn't learn anything, those feelings don't carry over into the final stretch of the volume, and the narrative still frames Ruby as being in the right. So again I>
must ask, "what was the point of the scene" if it doesn't go anywhere? And I know there are also some who say that scene also gave us information on how Salem changed her tactics on how to deal with the SEWs and it was due to something that happened when she met Summer. But>
that's just Ruby and Yang's leaps in logic, as we could see the change in stratagem on Salem's side when the Hound's indentity was revealed. But there's nothing to support that she got this idea from her confrontation with Summer.

So the only thing this scene ultimately has>
going for it, is that it's a nice sisterly moment...that's it. So we could craf a completely different sisterly moment and it would've mattered just as much as the canon one. You guys now see what I mean, both of these scenes are pointless & you gain nothing by keeping them.

• • •

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14 Jan
#CJs2Cents: You know, after looking into that Qrow & Robyn jail scene in V8, I've come realize that Qrow is a whiny bitch when it comes to his semblance. No seriously, he acts like he can't be around anyone or live a normal life because of it, when that's no remotely true. #RWBY
Qrow, did you forget you were at a prestigious school with a functioning and spectacular team who you basically lived with for FOUR YEARS?! Not to mention all the friends & allies you've made over the years, AND the fact that you were traveling with the kids for 3 volumes?!
And then you blame your semblance for all the pain and misery to those around you, when from what we've seen it's been because of your incompetence, their incompetence, or forces far beyond just your superpower. You go through so much shit because you are literally in a war!
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21 Dec 21
Imagine thinking what the writers have done to Qrow is good character development. So the troubled uncle of our 2 main characters who showed he cared about both & tried to help in his own way becoming more and more useless and idiotic is good to you? Wow, couldn't be me. #RWBY
So it's good writing that Qrow clearly shows far more care to Ruby than Yang now, even though it was shown he cared and loved both equally? Or him being yelled at for being depressed and the only logical person in the Party back in V6 by the niece he loves so much? Oh and what>
about the narrative championing her doing this as some sort of "kids rule, adults drool" bullshit? And don't even get me started on how they write him giving up alcohol cold turkey with NO issues, or him getting over his depression back in V6 without any issues or assistance. Oh>
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18 Dec 21
You know what, I'm feeling feisty. So you guys know how recently so many CRWBY bootlickers are ranting and nonsensically complaining about RWBY rewrites, because apparently only the writers can make good RWBY? Well, let me share with you some spoilers on my rewrite's Salem. #RWBY
1. Salem in RWBY0 has her soul literally bonded to the Western dragon continent. Meaning she physically cannot leave the borders of the continent and thus she has to rely on her followers and the grimm to carry out her will on the rest of Remnant.
2. Instead of Salem's faction being made up of literally 4 people and their lackeys, my universe's Salem has an entire small kingdom of people under her command. This would mean that while Salem does have her elites at the forefront, they are not the only ones who serve her.
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11 Jun 21
Here's another idea I would've implemented in Kamen Rider Saber, the 3 Calamity Blades. Unlike the holy swords, these powerful blades & their Wonder Ride Books have the ability to effect their users' minds and control them to a varying degrees. Always negatively.

The sword of wrath would hold the power to incite feelings of rage and hatred within their user through magnifying these emotions within them and whispering its own wrath and bloodlust to them. Its wielder becomes the dreaded Kamen Rider Falchion; a previous Master Logos' wife.
The sword of sorrow would hold the power to incite feelings of despair & sadness within their user through combing its pained "heart" with them. This would result in the user usually being driven insane and becoming a mindless beast. Its wielder becomes Kamen Rider Primitive.
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27 May 21
V8 was essentially RWBY's "Day of Black Sun". An intense time in the series before the finale, where the stakes were at their highest yet, the chips were all on the table and the hype was at its peak. This was the volume RWBY needed to kill it...and it failed, miserably.
#RWBY ImageImage
This was the volume our big bad was directly getting involved, all of our other villains had assembled, the ones who opposed them were divided, there was no chance at anyone coming to help them and the fate of 2 cities, 2 maidens & 2 relics were on the line...and it just bombed.
It's not even a case of "oh you just don't like it", no, this volume was quite possibly the worst in all of RWBY! The protagonists were complete idiots, our big bad did NOTHING, James' character got the Adam treatment, Penny was a complete waste & kids never learned or grew...
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9 May 21
Okay, real talk. To those dumb enough or egotistical enough to use this tweet to divert criticism &/or complaints towards Miles & Kerry, just know you guys are disgusting imbeciles. You are literally using a dead man's-you claim to love-words as a deterrent for criticism.

Do you people not realize that criticism is based around analyzing and breaking down that which is brought to the table? Personal connection or disillusioned attachment don't hold any sway on true criticism. Friends or not, Miles & Kerry are bad at the job they were chosen for.
And you want to know something else, Monty himself isn't exempt from receiving criticism either, so don't pull that "Monty pedestal" bullshit. He may have been a great animator who could deliver high octane fights, but in terms of writing, he was severely lacking & it showed.
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