1. Be uncontrollable & unpredictable

2. Set boundaries breakable by no one

3. Let no one ever know you fully

4. Keep reinventing yourself

5. Continuously renew purpose with renewed priorities based on changing circumstances

6. Aim to grow in STRENGTH every day of your life no matter what -- Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Psychologically, Financially, Morally. Nobody cares. They'd rather see you down & out

7. You become what others expect from you. Fuck their expectations. Develop your own
8. Work expands to fill time. Ready, Fire, Aim

9. Heuristic to follow in all human relationships- Give as good as you get. Apply to all friends, family, anyone.

10. Let them feel they know you. But keep shocking them by "acting out of character" purposely every now & then
11. Enjoy a Meaningful Life. Don't get TOO serious. Your Time here is short. You may be dead tomorrow.

12. When in doubt, start writing. When you're overthinking-- write. When you're not thinking enough-- read. Execute no matter how you feel.
13. Enjoy discomfort. Only way to Grow. Growth is only meaning "to live". Without growth, you're only getting by.

14. Generally, mistrust humans. Trust human nature. You'll never be wrong.

15. Find that ONE activity that will make the most difference to you reaching your goal

• • •

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15 Nov 21
Indians have a DEEP seated inferiority complex in relation to the west.

On top of this, you see young Indians mimicking the worst.

Instead of the best.

Rampant fucking Degeneracy. Throwing out kids out of homes at 17. Leaving parents to rot in old age homes.

“Feminism”. Crazy bloody Victimhood. One big hell hole. All mimicked brilliantly, mindlessly.

So sad that all the hustle & hard work, ambition,

Quest & desire for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.. along with an Adventurous spirit just gets thrown away on one side.
Forget forgetting our roots.

This massive lot contributes to uprooting our roots.

A close acquaintance with the true history of this glorious land alone can give birth to healthy feelings of pride, self respect.
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15 Nov 21
How Twatter attempts to thwart many accounts.

(An Analysis. You make up your own mind).

Presenting my Story.

July to November results.

..October onwards, the fun starts.

July 2021

Profile Visits to Follower Conversion % = 1.52%
August 2021

Profile Visits to Follower Conversion % = 1.04%
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18 Oct 21
7 Simple Life-Changing Ideas.

1. How you feel is not the result of what's happening in your life.

It's your subjective interpretation of what's happening.
2. The way you talk with others and the way you talk to yourself ultimately determines the quality of your life.
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28 Sep 21


When you haven't clearly defined your values, you start drifting.

Instead of basing your decisions on an internal compass,

you default to circumstances and "social pressures".

Instead of fulfilling your own expectations of yourself,
You become a willing slave to other people’s expectations.

Before you know it, life has passed you by. You HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED to Live.

The best way to be drained is to try to be someone else..

To live without core values. This is why you feel empty, shiftless.
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19 Sep 21
Most Believers are AFRAID of God.

"If I don't pray for what I want, I may not get it".

"If I don't profusely thank Him for the results I get, He may snatch those results away from me"

"If I don't blindly believe in Him, He will hate me & punish me somehow"

Fearfulness springs from Desire & Ignorance.

Believers are normal humans who're predictably desiring of good things (that promise happiness) in life.

They're also Ignorant of the nature of "God".

They don't go by actual Experience.

They go by BELIEF.
They believe God exists OUTSIDE them (maybe in some sky)

And "belief" is ignorance.

Their nternal "connection with God" oscillates between Desire & Fear (explained in the first tweet of this thread).

This is a debilitating mental Model.

God DOES NOT EXIST Outside. Image
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17 Sep 21
20 CRITICAL Life Lessons for Young Men.

1. Learn Critical Thinking (without becoming an "overthinker)

- Clear, Rational, Common Sense Thinking (so your brain doesn't get flushed down by any ideology)

2. Spiritual Practise

PRACTISE the qualities of Equanimity, Dispassion & Detachment in your daily life.

Better than concentrating on "faith". Ditch blind belief.

Embrace a truth seeking attitude instead.
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