The words we use today could not have been used or understood by those who were called physicians in even the relatively recent past. It would have made no sense that there should be people around who prolong life… by fighting life threatening elements in the environment. /1
In the mid-19c an idea of killing pain without killing a person appeared in America. At the same time people began to have diseases , rather than be sick. /2
[In Medical Nemesis Ivan Illich tried to understand] how this ghastly world could come about in which most people are convinced that they should do everything possible to prolong their own lives, and those of their relatives. /3
Consequently they need the Supreme Court of the US to decide if they may be administered death as they are administered life. /4
No one wants to face the question of what it does to human beings to live in an a-mortal world, a world in which there are no dead around. /5
If the struggle against death became a competence of the physician, and the physician was therefore put in charge of life “from sperm to worm”, then execution would inevitably become a medical duty running parallel to the fight against the onset of death. /6
Everyone is now forced to assume responsibility for his own death, which is no more that the cessation of life. /7
We are far from 15th c idea that you cannot choose your death but only accept the death which has been destined to you and hope that you are fit to bear it with dignity. /8
The production of of disease definitions, the number of conditions that can now be diagnosed and ascribed to us, has multiplied more rapidly than any other form of production. This is our strange privilege. (cf. a cold or flu vs covid, Delta, Omicron) /9
Increasing demands for care are reality. Now every layman must be taught how to offer professional care and counsel to himself and others. The professionalization of the layman and the transformation of professional care into self care has reached a high point. /10
(Eg. Self-testing for covid, counselling on immunity, vaccination, need to prevent disease and death re:covid that takes place within laiety by volume more so than between professionals). /11
From #IvanIllich The Rivers North of the Future. /12

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Jan 19,
I have become a confessional for how difficult it is to be a martyr and wear an N95. Many people at work wear N95 voluntarily. I am a serf so I wear it because my master told me to. Just about a third of voluntarily N95'ed people lamented their issues to me. /1
I became a draw because I wear a comfortable loose fitting KN95, origami-ed into a contraption I can breathe in and not end up a wrinkled mummy.
-Where did you get it? Do we have more?
- I bought it on Amazon. A large pack.
- Do we have them here?
- No. /2
Many people have their faces turn into inflamed red mess, either due to skin infections or allergic reactions to particular masks. People with dark skin chafe their skin to the point on skin color change. /3
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Jan 18,
You can observe first hand how “science” with its tool of technology, a test in this case” create wishful thinking story. Observe the arbitrary establishment of default norm of symptom onset and gauging of early/late in relation to it. /1
In this inflamed imagination symptoms and the supposed “immune response” exist unrelated to the potential pathogen (virus). You are led to believe there is pre-set viral load that is of concern without regard to a host susceptibility. /2
You are led to believe that all symptoms are identical (fever = cough = sneezing). That disease matters only if it presents potential danger to others. Or that a test is an accurate measure of your ability to infect others. /3
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Nov 13, 2021
Purges from the hospitals will begin on November 15. Those who refused to lie and engage in the game the system offered to play, will leave. The administration and people around offered to assist with securing exemptions but some people refused because it would be a lie. /1
From history I know a few? many? people killed themselves when Germans came looting their houses to ship them to camps. Cyanid was their poison of choice. /2
Many Christians refused to deny their God when Bolsheviks overtook the country beginning decades of Red Terror. Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine being one of them. /3
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Nov 13, 2021
“both have been sick with an awful cold/sinus/chest virus which has been going on for weeks. Picked it up on our travels… It doesn't seem to want to go away. I always have a bout of bronchitis but this is different.”

Fractioning and reducing reality to one disease obscures reality - as I have been saying, no matter how vaccinated you are, you will get sick with transient respiratory infections for the duration of your life. /2
In this story from my best local friend we don’t know what caused his and his wife’s illness. He didn’t say it. I didn’t ask. I can tell you that they are most likely doubly vaccinated. Again, I didn’t ask. /3
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Nov 12, 2021
- What do you do?
- I am an epidemiologist. Image
I think I’m ready for this performance. Masks are more effective than vaccination. La Vita E Bella (2021).
- Is an epidemiologist a doctor?
- No. I am a PhD.
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Nov 10, 2021
In late October her lungs were filled with water. Her heart was not pumping well. Her kidneys were giving out. She was put on dialysis. She died during a dialysis session and was revived. She is 82. /1
His lungs filled up and he couldn’t breathe from pneumonia. It was the result of chemotherapy treatment. An adverse event. He died in a mask delivering oxygen during the first week of November. /2
Both of them were triply vaccinated “to protect them from oh the horror of lungs filling with fluid from covid.” That type of death that was first line of fear attack. The irony. /3
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