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13 Facts about Xinjiang and Uyghurs Image
1. Xinjiang has been an inseparable part of China since the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD). In ancient times, Xinjiang was called "西域", The Western Territories. Before, all ethnic groups in Xinjiang were brutally ruled by the Huns until Han Dynasty defeated them. Image
2. The so-called "East Turkistan" did not exist in history, and this term did not even appear until 1930s. It was introduced into Xinjiang with "Pan-Turkism" and "Pan-Islamism" in the early 20th century, and It became a political tool used by western imperialists to divide China. Image
3.Plz do not classify Uyghurs as Turks!Genetically, Uyghurs not only have nothing to do with Turks, but there’re even deadly feuds between Uyghurs and Turks in history! Uyghur’s ancestor were "回鹘人", in 7th century AD, the Turkic Khaganate invaded and killed countless "回鹘人". Image
4. Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is a terrorist organization recognized by the UN in 2002. Yet, in other to hype Uyghur topic and demonize China, the US govt removed ETIM from its terror list in 2020. Image
5. Xinjiang spans over 1.66 million square kilometres, which is about the size of seven UK or three France. There’re 47 ethnic groups currently in Xinjiang, among them, Uyghurs, Kazakhs and Hui are the three largest ethnic minorities. Image
6. The average life expectancy in Xinjiang in 2019 was 74.7 years, and the Uyghur population also increased from 3.6m in 1953 to 11.62m in 2020. The so-called "genocide" is the most shameless accusation in human history and the most despicable lie of the imperialists! Image
7. The so-called "forced labor" is absolutely nonsense! The northern part of Xinjiang is an important cotton planting base, and its mechanized picking rate has reached 90%. More ironically, the cotton pickers used in Xinjiang were imported from the American brand John Deere. Image
8. The so-called "forced sterilization" is another joke. When China began to implement the "one-child policy" in 1982, the target of this policy has always been Han Chinese, not ethnic minorities including Uyghurs. Image
9. Xinjiang began to implement the first-stage "bilingual education policy" from 1950 to 1977, and then supplemented and deepened the policy from 1977 to 1990. Therefore, all Uyghur students can speak two languages, Uyghur and Mandarin. Image
10. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy freedom of religion! Xinjiang currently has around 25,000 mosques, with an average of one mosque for every 530 Muslims, which twice as many as Turkey. Image
11. There’re no "re-education camps" nor "concentration camps"! Extremism have brought lots of pain to Xinjiang, so the Vocational Education and Training Centers assists those who have been poisoned by extremism learn Mandarin, learn skills and help them reintegrate into society. Image
12.The "Gaokao", known as China's university entrance exam. The Uyghur and other minorities candidates enjoy extra 15 scores, which something that Han students don’t have! Xinjiang ppl enjoy 15 years of free compulsory education, meanwhile the rest of China only enjoy 9 years. Image
13. Xinjiang has high-speed rail! This is what the world’s "most powerful" US does not have! 😂
Xinjiang's infrastructure is better than yours, and Xinjiang ppl live better than yours! Your infrastructure is just a piece of shit, fix your mess first! Image

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This tweet I am gonna compare the GDP of China and the US to prove why China has never regarded surpassing the US as its goal and how is the US economy being exaggerated? (1)
In 2020, the GDP of the US and China is $20.6 trillion and $15.6 trillion respectively, so the gap is about $5 trillion. But the problem is that at present, there is no unified regulation on the statistical method of GDP worldwide. There are many statistical methods, among (2)
which the US adopts the "Expenditure method", that is, the total expenditure of the whole society to buy the final product, including both personal consumption, personal domestic investment, government expenditure and net exports. (3)
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