This requires federal intervention. This was murder by firing squad for no legitimate reason. Every officer in this video should be arrested tonight.
This would become an international incident if U.S. troops did this to a person in a foreign country
Like, are these cops just . . . free to go home tonight? This is one of the most abhorrent extra-judicial executions by law enforcement I've ever seen. These people should be held accountable immediately.
Cops never understand (or ignore) the psychology of ganging up on an agitated person. They’re so consumed with ensuring their own safety, they don't realize (or don't care) how surrounding a person with weapons drawn is a major escalation. All but one shoulda been in their cars.
Where were the less-than-lethal rounds every police department in America swore up and down they had no choice but to use on protesters in summer 2020? Couldn't find 'em today I guess.

• • •

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Jan 29
Remember this state trooper who went viral in October? He refused to get vaccinated, was fired, told Governor Inslee publicly to "kiss my ass" and then went on a Fox News tour.

He just died of covid. He was 50.
Can't make this up. An absolute death cult. Image
He said he and his family "don't do vaccines." People will dance on this guy's grave, but it's largely Rupert Murdoch's fault. He should be in jail for brainwashing tens of millions of people. Hold him accountable for the damage he's done to society.… Image
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Jan 21
I want to introduce y'all to @PhilipTKingston, a candidate in Texas you should know about. Local elections are absolutely crucial. Especially in Texas. We often talk about it, but here's one where you can actually help make a difference. 🧵…
When I left DC, I had no intention of getting involved in local politics. But back in Dallas, Philip was my city council rep. Getting to know him changed my mind. There are few people who know more about how city and county governments *should* work than Philip.
He doesn't just know how to give a rousing speech. Philip is interested in good governance — which is lost on many politicians. And he's not only committed to progressive Democratic values, he fights for them. If you know me, you know I can't stand fearful Dems. Philip isn't one.
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Dec 10, 2021
The weirdest thing about a civil conflict is how life will go on normally in parallel with things like street battles and assassinations. Netflix will keep launching series and people will go to school and work and get haircuts and whatnot while the civil state disintegrates.
People will go to extreme lengths to keep their lives as normal as possible. You'll have an open gun battle in the center of town, while two miles away, parents throw a birthday party for their kid with friends over.
I see this right now with my business in Myanmar, where our suppliers are largely unimpacted by the violence. In my past life, one of the weirdest things I ever saw was during the invasion of Iraq.
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Dec 10, 2021
One reason "Americans" don't care about the dissolution of democracy has to do with how we consume media. We choose our own media. Algorithms tell us what to care about. 🧵…
Millions inside the Fox News/conservative Facebook bubble are preparing for war because they're in an echo chamber whipping themselves into a fascist frenzy. They're speaking of plans to enlist "shock troops" while buying ammo and passing state-level voter suppression laws.
They're doing this in the open. They're posting family Christmas photos with their kids brandishing military-style weapons. They're doing it as a performative threat to their political opponents.

I doomscroll all day long on political Twitter, so I see what's coming.
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Dec 9, 2021
Pinterest predicts tea will be a big trend in 2022. No doubt. But when I posted a thread recently saying tea culture and marketing in the U.S. was feminized relative to the rest of the world, I got yelled at. This article, however, is a perfect example. 🧵…
That the American tea industry goes along with these stereotypes makes little sense from a business standpoint. You're leaving half the potential market on the table. It makes even less sense when you consider the U.S. is the *only* country that does this.
Anyway, this has been a big motivator for @RakkasanTea. We didn't launch the company to create "tea for bros" or "tea for dudes." But we did want to grow the overall market by making tea products for everyone, *including* men, to bring the U.S. in line with the rest of the world.
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Dec 8, 2021
As bad as Zuckerberg, Musk and Bezos are, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if they had the personalities of someone like, say, Erik Prince. Like if their multi-billionaire obsessions weren't e-commerce, electric cars and space flight, but actual private armies.
For example, Ron DeSantis is attempting to allocate $3.5 million to create his own Florida State Guard. But what if Elon Musk said, "Ron, give me some say in the project and I'll give you a BILLION DOLLARS for your own State Guard."
So now you're combining the resources of billionaires with the interests and state legitimacy of an anti-democratic governor for an armed force.

Neither Zuckerberg, Musk, nor Bezos would do that, but there are plenty of other billionaires and things are weird now. So heads up.
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