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16 Jul
This is extremely fucked up and citizens of any American city should not tolerate masked, armed gunmen kidnapping people in unmarked vans
Whoever these guys are, they're cowards. Look at this goofball playing Army dress-up.
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13 Jul
People are ripping Disney World for opening in Florida. Can't speak to their finances specifically, but you're about to see MANY businesses do things they shouldn't as PPP funds run out. PPP funds were only meant to cover payroll for EIGHT WEEKS.
2. In fact, I'm not sure many people, especially journalists, are even aware of this. The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funds were designed to cover eight weeks of lockdown and then capped. It's been eight weeks and now the money is gone.
3. This is TERRIBLE for the economy because it forces businesses to a) reopen amid an ongoing pandemic or b) stay closed and go out of business.

But here's the catch: If a business reopens, it incurs all the costs of operating, but customers still aren't shopping/eating/buying.
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4 May
1. Elected officials across America are beginning to give up on governing.

Here, the Senate is failing to hold political appointees accountable. This is common now. The Senate has done it elsewhere, confirming judges deemed "not qualified."

But it's not just the Senate.
2. In Stillwater, Oklahoma, the city mandated that business patrons wear a face covering. After receiving death threats, the city changed its policy. The mayor just gave up because he couldn't physically enforce the policy.…
3. When armed gunmen stormed the Michigan statehouse last week, they weren't arrested. That's because the governor didn't want to provoke violence. So we all just pretended this was normal and okay. It was neither.…
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18 Apr
Armed civil conflict happens all the time, all over the world. It's already happened here twice (including once at such an epic level we're dealing with it 150 years later). Americans need to grasp very quickly how dangerous this is.
I've long said the polarization in this country would likely lead to violence if we ever experienced a significant economic downturn. Well, here we are. Money is the guardrails. Once people have little or nothing to lose -- and time on their hands -- things can break bad quickly.
I suspect there's still enough money circulating to prevent widespread violence, but if the economy worsens (likely) and the president keeps instigating (a certainty), then we could be in real trouble.
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11 Apr
I don't think there's a bigger story right now than this: As the U.S. economy collapsed, Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus. Trump signed it into law and touts its success every day.

And yet: A month later, most individuals and small businesses haven't received a penny.
Most news outlets have largely focused on the legislation itself, not the implementation, which has been a failure to this point.

The reason, I think, is that we took the execution for granted because we're used to having a competent executive branch. That's no longer the case.
If you're poor or you own a struggling small business, you have to really wrap your mind around the fact that you're on your own. Things aren't the way they used to be.
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21 Jan
This is the plan I've been waiting for. What makes Warren such a uniquely suited candidate is that she built a federal agency from the ground up. That experience will be incredibly important as we work to restore effective American governance after Trump. #Warren2020 #TeamWarren
2. Just want to provide some more context for why I believe this. In 2009, Tammy Duckworth asked me to move to DC to lead the effort to build VA's first office of digital media. VA wasn't communicating with veterans online. When I arrived, I had no staff, no budget and no policy.
3. We had to carve the office out of existing funds, navigate the hiring process to find the best people and write our own policy that took 18 months. It was intense and took 100% focus. It's hard to even contemplate creating an entire agency.
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28 Dec 19
1. Tonight @realDonaldTrump once again defiled the office of the presidency by re-tweeting the image below in reference to Bernie Sanders. While that's significant, let's investigate who exactly he was re-tweeting: @DebPort03755076 Image
2. As you can imagine, @DebPort03755076 is likely a bot or a Russian troll. How do we know? Do a reverse image search on the profile photo. Turns out it used to belong to a user called @DebPort48849817.

So what happened to @DebPort48849817? ImageImage
3. As it happens, @DebPort48849817 was suspended by Twitter less than a week ago. The new account, @DebPort03755076, was then created. The new account has tweeted more than 600 times in less than a week.

And that's whose message @realDonaldTrump is amplifying. ImageImage
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6 Dec 19
1. This absolutely appalling highway shootout yesterday encapsulates the under-trained, military-cosplaying, Punisher-wannabe cops who permeate America's police departments.

They killed both the hostage and a bystander, then bragged "no LEOs were harmed."
2. Here are a few things that those in charge of this disaster should be held accountable for:

-Choosing to assault the vehicle

-Choosing to assault the vehicle in the middle of stopped rush hour traffic

-Using civilian cars with people *in them* as human shields
3. I count at least five instances of cops firing on the vehicle *with the hostage* while using occupied civilian vehicles as *human shields.* This is shocking and deplorable police work. Everyone should have their badges and guns taken away.
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9 Aug 19
The ICE raid in Mississippi reminded me of this letter I saved during some genealogical research. I don't remember where I came across it or why I saved it. It's a bit of a historical mystery. But it strikes me as an example of how far parts of America have regressed since 1927.
So far as I can tell, farmers and landowners in Wheeling, Louisiana needed laborers (not far from where my 6-year-old grandfather lived). So they relied on the local colored community. Everything apparently seemed fine.

But being that this was rural Louisiana in 1927, it wasn't.
It seems not everyone in the community was on board. From the sound of the letter, it looks like the workers were being harassed. Maybe by racist law enforcement. Maybe by the Klan. Who knows.
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4 Aug 19
Using the El Paso terrorist's manifesto, I connected the dots for folks still having trouble doing that.

This is just the first page.
There are literally straight lines between what the terrorist believes and what is repeated daily by conservative media outlets and the U.S. president.
Lots of smart people are saying don't share the manifesto, but it's important to show exactly where this hatred is coming from. It's not video games.
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9 Jun 19
Dallas is not having a good afternoon
This happened fast and it was severe. Every part of Dallas has been affected.
I'm at Chuck E. Cheese's in north Dallas. We have no power. My neighborhood, 13 miles southeast, also has no power.
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2 Jun 19
Most Americans don't know what Shopify is, but this highlights a problem with centralization in e-commerce: 800,000 businesses in 175 countries just went offline
Just saw that YouTube and Snapchat are down too. Weird.
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29 May 19
Delta is about to have a Big Problem
Delta is going to need a new PR firm by the end of the day. Not accommodating breastfeeding moms on a 9-hour flight isn't a great look. Broadcasting it on Twitter is even worse.
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27 May 19
Yo. Most combat infantrymen have photos of dead enemy fighters. That's not even *close* to being all that Navy SEALs accuse Gallagher of doing. He bragged about knifing and slaughtering a kid like a hog. His colleagues messed with his sights because he kept shooting civilians.
This recent knee jerk reaction among conservative veterans to defend war criminals is one of the weirdest, most disappointing things I've seen since 9/11.
.@Rep_Hunter hey, how do you feel about the Navy SEALs who turned in Eddie Gallagher for shooting civilians? Are they heroes or rats? Asking for a professional military.
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19 May 19
Seriously who is this clown's boss at the NYT? This is a total misrepresentation. Pete said nothing about renaming buildings or monuments.
Here's the full quote. He was talking about the Jefferson-Jackson dinner and it's a thoughtful answer.
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14 May 19
I try not to be the "you weren't there you don't understand" guy, but it can't be understated what a good idea war sounds like to certain people who haven't participated. (I was once one of those people.)
I feel like there are a handful of subjects one should be careful, thoughtful and, in many cases, deferential in discussing when one has no personal experience:

1. Pregnancy
2. Parenting
3. Home ownership
4. Life-threatening illness
5. Starting a business
6. Combat
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9 May 19
Rotating habitats are cool, but has he thought about spending it on, say, cancer research or endowments for universities that serve underprivileged students or a malaria vaccine
Or this, the best idea: Take his money and spend it on the genuinely useful and civilizationally important things above
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4 May 19
She also spent a lot of time explaining why the best strategy is to do nothing about it.
Pelosi is saying A) the President may not leave office peacefully if he loses.

But she also assumes B) it will be a free and fair election.

If you believe A, then you should not assume B.
Pelosi is quite literally abdicating her responsibility to conduct proper oversight of the presidency. That's the job of Congress. She's Speaker of the House.
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1 May 19
The #MAGA crowd got @mistermegative suspended for calling Robert E. Lee (who died 149 years ago) a traitor.

This is ridiculous @Twitter, so you should fix it. @TwitterSupport @jack
Now @Twitter has rejected @mistermegative's appeal and threatened to permanently suspend his account -- for insulting Robert E. Lee.

While @mistermegative remains in Twitter jail, @jack allows Donald Trump's truly destructive account to remain. Absurd. @TwitterSupport
Here's another example of trolls mass reporting something innocuous and Twitter suspending the account. Pretty ugly.
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30 Apr 19
1. The uncensored 911 call from former @DallasPD officer Amber Guyger has just been released. The call takes place immediately after she shot unarmed Botham Jean in his own apartment.

A few immediate thoughts come to mind.
2. It's heartwrenching to listen to. A lot of folks are going to key on Guyger's seeming concern for her own job. Wouldn't focus on that too much. Poorly trained people under extreme duress say weird stuff. She clearly regrets shooting Jean. However . . . .
3. What's most clear to me is that Guyger had no business being a police officer. She sounds completely overwhelmed by events. Absolutely untrained and unprepared. You simply cannot be the type of person making this call while also being a cop.
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30 Apr 19
48% of Americans commit suicide with a gun. Among veterans who commit suicide, nearly *70%* are completed with a firearm.

When the topic comes up at a hearing, Republican @RepBost reflexively defends the 2nd Amendment. Because Republicans care more about guns than veterans.
The remarks by @RepBost came right after @RepKathleenRice laid out why talking about guns -- not taking them, TALKING about them -- was important.

We're dealing with a gun cult.
Here's the video. It's worse than I described.

"Losing one veteran to suicide is tragic and none of us take it lightly. THAT BEING SAID, the veteran's 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT . . . ."
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