1. The first thing to know about the media is that they're lazy. They'd rather re-write a government press release than get up from their desk and report from the field -- especially when it's -20° out.

So they repeat Trudeau's lie that the truckers are racist and sexist.

2. The second thing to know is that in Canada, more than 99% of journalists receive a payment from Justin Trudeau. Here's the list of the journalists who took Trudeau's $61 million pre-election pay-off: rebelnews.com/exclusive_news…

It's more than 99% of working journalists.
3. There is an illusion of media competition in Canada, but it's an oligopoly. Postmedia -- the largest recipient of Trudeau's media bail-out -- owns every English-language daily newspaper in Canada, except two. And even they just run the same wire copy as their competitors.
4. And Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster is larger than all other news media combined. Every non-CBC journalist tailors their work so that, if they're laid off, they can get hired at the CBC, since it's "too big to fail". It's the last resort.
5. There used to be some conservative media in Canada, e.g. the National Post. But for years they hired woke leftist underminers. Personnel is policy. A majority of their newsroom signed a letter to fire their star columnist. They're no better than CBC: rebelnews.com/_struggle_sess…
6. TV is the worst, of course. They are highly regulated by the CRTC, which has the power to kill any TV or radio station. They cancel the licence of any company that airs conservative views that offend the regime. Example: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CHOI-FM#D…
7. When I worked at Sun News I learned that the TV part of TV companies was economically unimportant compared to the cell phone and cable side of the business. That's how the CRTC pressures TV companies. News shows are a rounding error compared to regulatory givings and takings.
8. These are all structural issues. But an obvious point is the lack of diversity in the news media. I don't mean race or sex -- I mean intellectual and class diversity. The Media Party (as I call it) is politically and culturally homogenous. Urban, woke think-alikes.
9. They don't know any truckers or farmers or anyone who works outside or wears a hard hat or a uniform. My favorite tweet from the Globe and Mail was this masterpiece. The reporter covering the working classes thought this was a wrecking ball and got scared. Image
10. How can this rotting industry -- monopolistic; corrupted by government money; regulated by government censors; a political monoculture; infected by woke cancel culture -- possibly cover a populist workers rebellion? They are intellectually and structurally incapable of it.
11. Psychologically, these middle class narcissists (every journalist must be a narcissist to believe the world needs to hear what they have to say) cannot believe that the working classes reject them. They always posed as saviours of the working man. It made them feel better.
12. So the Toronto Star, with its Marxist Atkinson Principles, calls for martial law against working men. They're for the mass firing of unvaccinated union members, a violation of collective agreements. They're in bed with Big Pharma. They don't use the phrase pro-choice anymore.
13. My point is, for the media to report what's really happening out there -- 100,000+ truckers across the country; 1M people or more who cheered them along the way -- would destroy not only the media's worldview but their self-image. They just cannot believe their eyes.
14. The pro-Trudeau pollster Abacus shows that 32% of Canadians see themselves in the trucker convoy. If the truckers were a political party, they would immediately be in first place. This is enormous cognitive dissonance to the Media Party who keep calling it a radical fringe. Image
15. A reason why the Media Party narrative is failing is that a million people have had first-hand contact with the truckers. The revolution IS being televised, just not on CBC. It's alive on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. These aren't "racists":
16. So many institutions have failed during the pandemic -- Parliament, the opposition Conservatives, the courts, colleges of physicians and surgeons, police, etc. But the media has failed the most. But because they are immune to most consequences, they haven't noticed it yet.
17. They don't understand why people don't trust them. Here's CTV, mad that the convoy they've been defaming for two weeks won't invite them in to a press conference as an honoured guest:
18. The icing on the cake is that CTV is part of the government press gallery that excludes conservative media (like Rebel News) from the Parliament. They voted to protect Trudeau from our questions (but they're accepting applications from Xinhua): blacklocks.ca/xinhua-seeks-p…
19. CTV is huge. They're owned by Bell, the cell phone and cable company, that also owns two NHL teams. Which helps explain why they liked the lockdowns so much -- but lobbied for special exemptions for them, but not for your kids' hockey teams.
20. CTV seems large to you, but it's unimportant as a business to Bell, it's a rounding error. It's value to Bell is the same reason Jeff Bezos bought Washington Post or Carlos Slim bought NY Times: it's a way to influence government. It's a lobby group. Your mind is the product.
21. Even if there were an independent journalist at CTV, they wouldn't be able to contradict the corporate objectives of Bell. The Globe is owned by the Woodbridge Company. Postmedia is owned by New Jersey's Chatham Asset Management. They're all political toys of billionaires.
22. I have to go to work now (I'm not some government journalist like those at Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster, or the 99% of Canadian reporters whose paycheque is directly subsidized by Trudeau). But let me leave you with this delicious moment...
23. We had reporters at NINE different trucker convoys on the weekend. We're embedded at the border in Coutts. We've got half a dozen people in Ottawa (on the street, not safely tucked away in offices). So people choose our news over the Media Party's punditry.
24. The whole world is riveted by what's happening in Canada. But who can they talk to about what's really happening? They could call the CBC, and I'm sure CNN does. But that's just Trudeau's point of view, it's not really telling you what's happening. So they call us.
25. Yesterday alone our team must have done ten foreign interviews. I was on Tucker Carlson; our young reporter @lincolnmjay was on Hannity (I'll have to find that clip). Those two shows are, what, 8 million views?
26. So what's a government journalist to do? Here's the CBC, reduced to tweeting about our reporter appearing on Fox. She's rage-tweeting at people with ten times the viewership she has -- even though (because?) she has a $1.5B/year subsidy.
27. Is this tweet the work of a reporter? Or something different -- a Trudeau war-room staffer, trying to rebut opinions and messages that aren't approved by the Liberal Party
28. I really have to go to work now -- unlike the CBC, Woodbridge, Bell or Chatham Asset Management, we have to win the support of our viewers every day.

Do you know what our motto is? "Telling the other side of the story". I don't think the Media Party believes in that, do you?
29. If you like what we're doing, please consider helping us out. We're crowdfunding our trucker coverage at ConvoyReports.com. Please chip in a few bucks if you can. Unlike the CBC, I won't just take it straight out of your taxes!

• • •

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The Globe and Mail — owned by Canada’s richest oligarch, David Thomson (net worth $46B) — wants you to know that the recession and inflation are actually really great for young and poor people.
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The Alberta Court of Appeal just destroyed Jason Kenney's two-year persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

They ruled that the injunction against him, his arrest, his jail time, the censorship order and fines against him were illegal.
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Today the Court of Appeal ruled it was an illegal vendetta.
3. Pastor Artur would never have had his day in court were it not for thousands of Rebel News viewers who sustained two years of costly litigation. Thank you to all of you. If you haven't had a chance to help yet, please do, at SaveArtur.com.
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1. The normalization of Trudeau's corrupt henchman Gerald Butts and the marginalization of Jody Wilson-Raybould, the only honest woman in his cabinet, shows the decline of Canadian democracy.

Brenda Lucki sees what is rewarded and what is punished, so she has corrupted the RCMP.
2. What Butts did was straight out of a Sopranos episode -- he tried to pressure the prosecutors to drop criminal charges against his friends. He was rightly thrown out of the PMO (into a very soft landing at @EurasiaGroup, where he had directed sole-sourced contracts).
3. But Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster has rehabilitated Butts, effectively giving him a pardon for the worst corruption scandal in modern Canadian history. So much for the CBC's solidarity with the first Indigenous justice minister.
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Jun 14
Why is Trudeau ending the no-fly list for his unvaccinated enemies?

1. In February, the trucker convoy broke the false consciousness that an endless lockdown was accepted by all Canadians. The political parties, the media, the courts & businesses had perpetrated that falsehood.
2. That didn't dissuade Trudeau -- in fact, it made him more vengeful. But it showed Canadians they weren't alone if they disagreed with Trudeau's civil liberties bonfire. And the truckers removed Erin O'Toole, Trudeau's Conservative lockdown collaborator.
3. But still, Trudeau persisted. As every other country abandoned lockdowns, Canada went rogue. And why not? Jagmeet Singh gave Trudeau an effective majority; and 99% of journalists were on the take with his bail-out. No judge stopped him. Really, why would Trudeau relent?
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Jun 11
1. This censorious bigot is in charge of @UCalgary’s disinformation project. He’s just a garden variety left-wing propagandist, funded by both Trudeau and Big Pharma. He dresses up his hatred in pseudo-academic jumbo-jumbo — and the Media Party buys it.
2. I was embarrassed for the @policy_school for even publishing his propaganda. It’s rife with errors — not knowing basic factual information about journalists like @johnpilger & @ggreenwald. And just bizarre statements like: @TulsiGabbard is “US-influenced”. Huh? So cringe.
3. These partisan shills — paid by Trudeau and @Merck — say that anyone who undermines trust in the “Liberal government” or “the media” is by definition part of Putin’s “apparatus”. So 67% of Canadian voters are now enemies of the state. I’m shocked @UCalgary would publish it.
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Jun 5
This irresponsible judge publicly denounced the peaceful trucker convoy as “the beginning of anarchy… to take other citizens hostage."

He must recuse himself from any case touching on the truckers. But the damage is done: he signalled to lower judges to throw the book at them.
So now that he has revealed himself as a political activist, by denouncing a peaceful political movement using Trudeau's language, he doesn't like the fact that he is being criticized as all politicians should be. He wants it both ways. Really, he wants censorship.
So he'll pre-judge the truckers. And his predecessor, the disgraced Beverley McLachlin, will denounce Canada for a "genocide". So they'll not just be political, they'll be political extremists. But if you little people dare to clap back, he'll call you a public danger.
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