A year ago I had no idea what a ghostwriter was.

After 3 months of writing for clients I'm leaving my teaching job to double down.

Here's what I learned.

(Use this to become a twitter ghostwriter too)

p.s. It's easier than you think

= Thread =
There is no credential needed to be a ghostwriter.

It starts with positioning.

Let me explain...

Without positioning - you have to find clients.

With positioning - clients come to you.

This is how you position yourself:
But first, grow over 1k followers:

A twitter ghostwriter helps clients grow a presence and make money.

Already over 1k followers?
Without doing follow for follow?

Great, you're know enough about twitter.


If you are just starting out...
Learn how to grow over 1k followers.

It's much easier to provide a service when you know what's involved.

Now you've got some twitter experience...

It's time to get in front of your potential clients.

Here's how you do it...
Position your profile:

Clean pfp (your face it better)

Put Ghostwriter in your name, banner or bio.

In your bio make sure you explain what you do.

Be willing to adapt as you grow.
Show your skills and knowledge:

Write about writing and twitter tips.

+ the niche you want to focus on.

My first client DMed me 10 minutes after I wrote that imbedded thread above.

The thread was the selling point.

Your content is your resume
Comment on your ideal clients' tweets:

Choose few ideal-type accounts you would like to write for:

Follow and set notifications.

Comment as soon as they tweet...

Add more value to their tweet...

And your personality...

Show people you exist.
Offer free advice:

2 of my clients came from offering free twitter advice.

The conversation turned into my service and we had a call.

I walked into the DM with the full intention to help.

Give before you get.

People will ask about your service if your advice helped them.
Offer free tweets:

My favorite client shopped around for a ghostwriter.

I had no use case...

So I wrote him 5 free tweets.

2 performed well.

Boom! We started the next week.

You could send free tweets to any account you like.

It's good practice to see what works.
Now you have positioning...

That daunting moment of getting your client to hand over money arrives.

You need to close a deal.

Here's some quick advice:
Get them on a call:

Ask yourself...

Do you know this prospect?
Schedule for later than day.

You don't know them?
Schedule for the next day and research.

You need to know what value you're giving them before the call.

But what value?
You don't sell tweets.

You sell what the tweets provide:


When you have a call you need to make sure you understand what the goal is...


You could face difficulties with 2 problems:
1st problem:

Closing the call:

If the value isn't clear...

The prospect will ask:
"Why would I pay for this service?"

And you're left scrambling for an unfulfilling answer.

Even worse...

You lower your price to compensate...

Or don't close any deal.
Problem 2:


If you don't know what they want...

Your client will be disappointed...

While you're left scratching your head.

Results > Amount of work.

Be clear from the start.
Be willing to walk away:

Neediness leads to traps...

It's better to say no to a deal...

Than to say yes and have to step out later.
They pay upfront:

With a money back guarantee...

When a client pays they're making a commitment.

Think about it:
How many FREE courses have you actually read?


Make sense? Now...

This thread shows you the blueprint I used to get ghostwriting clients.

From 3 months of ghostwriting experience.

You'd be helping other people who want to be ghostwriters by retweeting the first tweet.

• • •

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