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Feb 19, 2022 17 tweets 7 min read Read on X
1/ I think my RT yesterday about calling others out for inaccurate information was misconstrued by some.

So, let me try to explain further the frustration that sparks posts like that.

This may be a long, but controversial, thread. But it needs to be said.

So, here goes.
2/ I truly mean no disrespect to ANY party, but I think @MiddleOfMayhem (I am NOT speaking for him) and his recent posts point out a trend. A trend that goes back to day one of visuals used to fit a narrative in this current UFO conversation. BUT they aren't accurately portrayed.
3/ And I truly mean DAY ONE of this current conversation.

In the original press conference in October 2017 that introduced Luis Elizondo to the world, a party balloon was shown to depict a tic-tac as Chris Mellon talked.

This, of course, was entirely inaccurate.

Moving on... Image
4/ In Luis Elizondo's Oct. 2018 lecture in Italy telling the world stage about UFOs, he talked about a series of events where in 1952 UFOs were seen buzzing the Capitol and the White House.

He showed "real photographs" that consisted of a CGI construct, and a cartoon.

Moving on ImageImageImage
5/ In August 2018, a video was released by @TTSAcademy saying Mr. Elizondo and the team were collecting UFO material "samples." The conversation then shifted towards metamaterials, and how these "samples" could blow the entire topic wide open.

A press release was sent out.
6/ That press release outlined numerous pieces were acquired by TTSA, which come from "an advanced aerospace vehicle of unknown origin."

In that announcement? They show a rock known as "malachite" from a stock photo house.


Moving on... ImageImage
7/ In the television series "Unidentified" - Mr. Elizondo, Tom DeLonge and three unidentified individuals are shown with the insinuation that they were the ones running the current AATIP / UFO investigative efforts. One of the three unidentified individuals have come forward... Image
8/ According to him? He was entirely misrepresented and was forced to file a report to his superiors with the DoD. And the story gets much weirder...

He came forward, and PART of his story is here:…

The rest? May be told very soon. 🧐🤔

Moving on...
9/ Just this last week, Mr. Elizondo profiled an article from The Sun, a commonly lambasted UK tabloid-style paper which commonly runs over embellished stories about "aliens."

Mr. Elizondo conveyed one of those false narratives on @JChurchRadio, which created a firestorm.
10/ But that firestorm of excitement was unneeded. Not only was the headline misleading; the "declassified NSA" material was nothing of the sort.

The entire REAL history behind the document that was talked about - can be found here:…

Moving on...
11/ As people like @MiddleOfMayhem, myself, and others are lambasted for bringing up stuff like the above -- where is the same criticism for the trend on inaccuracies?

I am, in NO WAY, even close to perfect. I make mistakes all the time, and where known, I correct them. Like: Image
12/ But why is there such a double standard when it comes to the "heroes" and the "villains" in what has turned into a role-playing-game for so many? Yes, this has become a LARP.

Some can do no wrong, while others, can do no right.
13/ There comes a time when there is enough misrepresentation of material, questions SHOULD be asked. It doesn't mean there needs to be insults, or public lashings, or anything of the sort.
14/ But, if I continually used false imagery, or misrepresented documents, I can assure you there is a handful of people that would make mega blogs about me; create memes; tweet obsessively about it; and they would party into the night in their triumph within their secret clubs.
15/ I, yet again, am reminded about the double standard that exists within the UFO conversation. I won't be afraid to "call out" (that isn't a "call to arms" as some want you to believe I meant) the inconsistencies.
16/ And if they are resolved, great. We move on.

If they aren't? Then we ALL should continue to ask questions, and press for answers from those who claim they are giving you the honest truth.

I speak for only myself here, but I am not wanting to be in an echo chamber.
17/ I encourage respectful dialogue, and if I make a mistake, CALL ME OUT. All of the above all applies to me too, and I've ALWAYS said that.

We ARE a team, and despite what some people think, we don't have to walk on eggshells as we pursue the truth. It's tougher than that.

• • •

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Feb 12
The SOL Foundation released video presentations this morning that were from their November 17-18, 2023, symposium.

It includes Karl Nell, David Grusch, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Christopher Mellon, Dr. Avi Loeb, Dr. Garry Nolan and others.

Here is a thread of them all:
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Aug 25, 2023
🧵🚨New documents unveil Luis Elizondo & Christopher Mellon's push for the Pentagon to clarify Elizondo's role in AATIP.

They also provide insights into the DoD's internal actions on the issue.

A thread: 🔽 Image
2/12 - “Mr. Elizondo had no responsibilities with regard to the AATIP program while he worked in OUSDI, up until the time he resigned effective 10/4/2017," was a statement by Pentagon spokesperson Christopher Sherwood that was published by The Intercept on June 1, 2019. 🔽
3/12 - It would later be changed to " assigned responsibilities..." but the anger was palpable about the DoD's official stance.

Newly released records show what happened in the days that followed that statement being published, and are published here for the first time.🔽
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Jul 25, 2023
1/7: You all want a REAL 🛸UFO/UAP hearing?

THIS would be the one to see:

- DoD Inspector General Robert P. Storch
- Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Thomas A. Monheim
- Secretary of the Air Force Mr. Frank Kendall
- Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin



- Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines
- CIA Director William Burns
- Former DoD Counterintelligence Agent Luis Elizondo
- Former Director of Defense Intelligence for Counterintelligence, Law enforcement and Security, Garry Reid



- Former Intelligence Officer David Grusch (And whomever was the primary source(s) are)
- Adjunct Professor (Baylor University) and Astrophysicist Dr. Eric W. Davis
- Former Director of the DIA Vice Adm. Thomas Wilson
- Investigative Journalist Ross Coulthart


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May 23, 2023
1/X - Here are new UFO videos of a "Triangle UAP" around Twentynine Palms, California, published by @g_knapp and @JeremyCorbell.

The information is in Jeremy's tweet below.

2/X - It IMMEDIATELY reminded me when I was producing/writing Season 3 of UFO Hunters (with Bill Birnes @billufomag, Pat Uskert and Kevin Cook).

It was a different case, but it took me right back to the HOURS upon HOURS we spent on that show with stuff just like this.

3/X - So, I looked up the military activity in the area for April 20th, 2021.

Take this however you want, but the Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) course 2-21, at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, in Twentynine Palms, was underway on this very date of April 20, 2021.
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Dec 16, 2022
1/ The call was interesting. I believe it was an off-camera, but on-record briefing in the Pentagon Briefing Room. Some of us were invited on the phone to take part and listen in. I was in line to ask a question, but sadly, I didn't get called.

Here are some quick thoughts...
2/ The opening remarks by Ronald Moultrie and Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick were reminiscent to the UAP hearing opening remarks by Moultrie and Scott Bray.

It seems they consider AARO very much a new effort, and still getting off the ground. However, as I reported a couple weeks...
3/ ago, it seems that AARO does, in fact, have "hundreds" of cases. They called back to Bray's reference in the hearing, and the number of cases has grown since then. They would not lock down numbers, nor would they comment on ODNI's UAP report delivery.
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Dec 8, 2022
1/ Bob Lazar "deep dive"?

Ok, you got it.

But, I want to do this one differently.

I want you all to steer me a bit with your beliefs and/or disbeliefs, both pro and con, and I'll see what I come up with.

Here's a thread I want you to take part in if you care about this.⬇️
2/ First? I tried to contact Bob Lazar. He was "too busy" when the documentary first came out. I am trying again, but zero response as of yet. I will continue to try. I much rather an interview.

Assuming, however, that won't happen, I want you all to participate in the below. ⬇️
3/ Respond to this tweet if you *BELIEVE* the story of Bob Lazar.

What is the most compelling, real and true evidence to you that makes you believe him and his story?

But if you don't...⬇️
Read 4 tweets

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