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Feb 22 16 tweets 3 min read
1/16 Yesterday I watched the “session of the Security Council”, this gathering of dotards and thieves (it seems to me that our Anti-Corruption Foundation has done investigations into the corruption of every single one of them).
2/16 And I thought about the same gathering of nomenklatura dotards from the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, who, quite similarly, on their own whim , imagining themselves as geopoliticians at the “grand chessboard”, decided to send Soviet troops into Afghanistan.
3/16 The result was hundreds of thousands of victims, injuries to entire nations, the consequences of which both we and Afghanistan still cannot overcome, and the emergence of one of the key reasons for the collapse of the USSR.
4/16 Those morons from the Politburo covered themselves with a two-faced ideology. These Putin's dotards do not even have an ideology - only constant and undisguised lies. They don't even bother to give their casus belli the slightest credibility.
5/16 Both of them need one thing: to divert the attention of the people of Russia from real problems - the development of the economy, rising prices, reigning lawlessness - and switching it to the format of "imperial hysteria."
6/16 How long has it been since you last watched the news on federal channels? It's the only thing I watch now, and I can assure you, there is NO news about Russia there AT ALL. Literally. From the first to the last piece, it's Ukraine - USA - Europe.
7/16 Bare propaganda is no longer enough for the senile thieves. They want blood. They want to move around tank figurines on a map of hostilities.
8/16 And so, the head of the 21st century Politburo makes a truly insane speech. Twitter gave the most accurate metaphor for it: “It's just like my grandfather getting drunk at a family celebration and annoying everyone with his stories about how world politics actually works.”
9/16 It would be funny if the drunk grandfather was not a man of 69 who holds power in a country with nuclear weapons.
10/16 Replace "Ukraine" in his speech with "Kazakhstan", "Belarus", "Baltic countries", "Azerbaijan", "Uzbekistan" and so on, even including "Finland". And think about where the train of geopolitical thought of this senile grandfather may take him next.
11/16 All this ended very badly for everyone in 1979. And it will end just as badly now. Afghanistan was destroyed, but the USSR also received a mortal wound.
12/16 Thanks to Putin, hundreds of Ukrainians and Russian citizens may die now, and in the future, this number may reach tens of thousands. Yes, he will not allow Ukraine to develop, he will drag it into the swamp, but Russia will pay the same price.
13/16 We have everything for powerful development in the 21st century, from oil to educated citizens, but we will lose money again and squander the historical chance for a normal rich life for the sake of war, dirt, lies and the palace with golden eagles in Gelendzhik.
14/16 Putin and his senile thieves from the Security Council and United Russia are the enemies of Russia and its main threat, not Ukraine and not the West. Putin kills and wants to kill more.
15/16 The Kremlin is making you poorer, not Washington. It is not in London that economic policy is being conducted in such a way that a pensioner's "borscht set" has doubled in price, but in Moscow.
16/16 To fight for Russia, to save it, means to fight for the removal of Putin and his kleptocrats from power. But now it also means the banal “to fight for peace”.

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May 16
1/9 Why have I waited until today to write about the sanctions 🇬🇧 imposed against Kabayeva and Putin's "wallets"? Well, because they are not talking about it on TV!
2/9 And this specifically shows how rightly Britain, @BorisJohnson and @trussliz are acting now, showing remarkable leadership regarding Putin's war on Ukraine in general, and sanctions in particular.
3/9 Individual sanctions, asset freezing and confiscation, visa bans and seizure of yachts and accounts of officials are very popular among Russian citizens. Even the most dormant Russian voter is in solidarity with and more radical than the West on this issue.
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May 16
1/9 Почему я пишу о санкциях, введенных 🇬🇧 против Кабаевой и “кошельков” Путина только сегодня? Да потому что об этом не говорят по телевизору!
2/9 И это отдельно указывает на то, как верно действует сейчас Британия, Джонсон @BorisJohnson и Лиз @trussliz, проявляя замечательное лидерство по вопросу войны Путина с Украиной в целом, и по санкциям в частности.
3/9 Индивидуальные санкции, заморозка и конфискация активов, запрет виз, аресты яхт и счетов чиновников очень популярны среди граждан РФ. Можно сказать, что это тот вопрос, где даже самый дремучий российский избиратель солидарен с Западом и радикальнее его.
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Apr 27
1/14 Putin is the tsar of lies. He was a champion of this sport even in normal times, but now he needs lies to wage war and kill. In this thread, I’ll explain how we confront Putin's lies and how you can help us.
2/14 A week before the war, Maria @pevchikh, head of our investigations department, wrote to me: “Look, all hell is breaking loose. We were wrong - there will definitely be a war. And all journalists will be jailed, crushed and kicked out. There won't be a single word of truth.
3/14 So I don't know how, with whom or with what money, but we have to launch a new big daily media outlet. After all, there are very few people in Russia besides us who are not afraid to tell the truth. And we’ve got nothing left to lose, we are already «extremists», outlaws.”
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Apr 27
1/14 Путин - царь лжи. Он и в обычное время чемпион в этом виде спорта, а сейчас она ему нужна для того, чтобы вести войну и убивать. Тред о том, как мы противостоим путинской лжи и нуждаемся в вашей помощи.
2/14 За неделю до войны мне написала шеф нашего отдела расследований Мария Певчих @pevchikh: слушай, происходит ад. И мы с тобой ошиблись - война точно будет. И всех журналистов посадят, раздавят и выгонят. Не будет ни одного слова правды.
3/14 Поэтому я не знаю как, не знаю с кем, не знаю на какие деньги, но мы должны запустить новое большое ежедневное СМИ. Ведь в России, кроме нас, очень мало тех, кто не боится говорить правду. А нам уже все равно, мы и так “экстремисты” на нелегальном положении.
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Apr 26
1/6 Тред для таких, как я сам. Тех, для кого один из главных вопросов по жизни: чего бы такого хорошего почитать?
2/6 Во-первых, у меня для вас есть отличная книга - это новая книга Киры Ярмыш @Kira_Yarmysh “Харассмент”:…
3/6 Я был первым ее читателем. Кира присылала мне ее сюда в тюрьму по почте частями. Это, правда, просто отличная, захватывающая книга, и я постоянно писал Кире: ну давай уже следующую часть, хочу знать, что дальше.
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Apr 25
1/9 I applaud @CanadaFP decision to finally put Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Central Bank of Russia, on the sanctions list. I hope other countries will follow suit.
2/9 Why is this important?. Because Nabiullina belongs to one of the most disgusting kinds of Putin's servants. She works for the Kremlin, she works to destroy and enslave my country.
3/9 But she is terrified of sanctions, so she leaks information through her economist acquaintances about how she would love to go, but "they won't let her”.
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