WELCOME TO the 10th Annual March Mammal Madness Tournament! (1/N) #2022MMM 2022 March Mammal Madness Tournament Bracket. Here is a link
Everything is going great and some people are saying this is the best tournament launch ever. (2/N) #2022MMM Vintage "technical difficulties" screen from telev
As of 2:22 on 2-22-2022, N=6000+ educators had requested curricular materials to use MMM with their N=540,000+ learners! Clearly, the tournament is doing numbers, as the kids say. (3/N) #2022MMM
[gif is brown-haired white woman saying "That's a lot."]
Traffic to the @ASULibraries March Mammal Madness KEEP collection was a teensy bit overwhelming last night and this morning, requiring a reboot of the servers. (4/N) #2022MMM
[gif is Dr. Gregory House disingenuously saying "Oops"]
Whether this is your 10th or 1st time playing March Mammal Madness, #2022MMM is going to be AMAZING!
And while you can be any level of high to ride this ride, there are different ways to play (5/N)
[gif is Scooby Doo & Shaggy riding a roller coaster]
STEP 1 for Everyone: Bookmark ASU LibGuide, curated by the brilliant Scholarly Comm Librarian Anali Perry @grumpator bc this has all the bracket links, the guidance on researching combatants, & finding out the tournament battle outcomes. (6/N) #2022MMM libguides.asu.edu/MarchMammalMad…
STEP 2 for You
Follow @2022MMMletsgo. The account ONLY RTs & creates OFFICIAL MMM tweets, safe for classroom use, safe to direct your students to follow [7/N] #2022MMM
[gif dog dressed in orange shirt, plaid tie, & glasses as Dwight from The Office says 'I'm a professional']
Step 3 for We
Step 4 for More:
Get the key rules, some specifics about the 2022 Tournament, essential links, & meet the TEAM! (9/N) #2022MMM drive.google.com/file/d/1PHXPzb…
[gif is young man listening to advice from other young man; says "I'm writing this down. This is good stuff.]
Okay, now it's time to choose your own MMM adventure...
you can casually pick your winners in the bracket, relying on familiarity & seedings #LevelBasic (10a/N) #2022MMM
[gif is Keanu Reeves saying "Just basic stuff"]
OR you use the handy-dandy combatant info slide-deck by @JennaKissel docs.google.com/presentation/d… #LevelKidSwim (10b/N) #2022MMM
With handy dandy size scales & generally good advice image is silhouette of black bear and a silhouette of a man
OR you can avail yourself of the curated ANIMAL INFO portal at the LibGuide #LevelInItToWinIt (10c/N) #2022MMM libguides.asu.edu/MarchMammalMad…
Or you can get very serious about your research with a deep knowledge of tournament game mechanics & past events #LevelSuperFan
@NatickBobCat has a purrfect rundown here: (10d/N) #2022MMM
OR you could dial your research to #LevelScholar by visiting the *free* Special Issue of MMM Combatant Articles curated by our friends over @OxUniPress (10f/N) #2022MMM academic.oup.com/asm/pages/marc…
And members of the general public- you can pull up this cheat-sheet of resources for educators- and go ALL IN libguides.asu.edu/ld.php?content… (11/N) #2022MMM Vintage painting of dogs playing poker.
There's free printable MMM Collectors Trading Cards by @ianhecht! (12/N) #2022MMM drive.google.com/file/d/1EIZ7RQ…
There's a March Mammal Madness PLAYLIST with animal, nature, and environmental themed music! (13/N) #2022MMM open.spotify.com/playlist/0Ekoa…
Feb 25th there's a #2022MMM Festival with @EBTSOYP: different panels each hour of so many amazing MMM Scientists and Artists. Learn about their adventures with animals, fossils, robots, and DIRE WOLF DNA! (14/N) #2022MMM drive.google.com/file/d/1zg8fsX…
Got a 4th grader in your household? Help them sign-up for their FREE National Parks Pass with the Every Kid Outside program & you could even do the MMM lesson plan as a family (16/N) #2022MMM
In the lead up to the wild card, you can forget the tournament is going on, or get real serious about following and/or engaging in all the #2022MMM banter (17/N)
[gif is rubber ducky w/ cool shades floating in pool with text that says Splish Splash Your Opinion is Trash]
Details about the week of Exhibition Games is forthcoming... I'll add it to this thread March 1. #StayTuned (18/N) #2022MMM
[gif is brunette white woman saying "you're not gonna wanna miss this"]
And then once it's officially tournament time, again you have some options, outlined carefully in this thread from last year (19/N) #2022MMM
Figuratively speaking, whether you do a flailing bellyflop into the mighty river of MMM, or wade the tangled banks looking for crawdads, or just briefly dip your toes, we are so glad you are here. (19/N) #2022MMM
[gif is blonde white man casually jumping in river]
So get ready rock-steadies, March Mammal Madness is going to be inTENse. (20/N) #2022MMM

[gif is Emilio Estevez saying "Let's Get Ready for Battle in the Mighty Ducks revamp project]
& always remember the March Mammal Madness Motto and Mantra-
If you're LEARNING, you're WINNING!
(21/N) #2022MMM

[gif is young Vietnamese-American girl in bright pink flower print dress with backpack & lunch bag running toward school saying "can't wait to learn!"]

• • •

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Feb 24
Tomorrow is an extravaganza of mammalian proportions with a #2022MMM #10thAnnual March Mammal Madness Festival!
PDF w/ embedded links: drive.google.com/file/d/1zg8fsX… Image
Friday Feb 25th 8AM Join @tinkeringprim8, @sexchrlab, @MarcKissel, & me Live at YouTube here:

#2022MMM #10thAnnualMMMFestival Join us for a March Mammal ...
Friday Feb 25th 9AM
Join @am_anatiala, @AnneWHilborn, @chumblebiome & @PKurnath Live at YouTube here:

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Dec 6, 2021
For a few years now, but ESPECIALLY codified this semester, I allow students Revise & Resubmit options on essay writing assignments- I give substantive writing feedback, grade accurately, and let them know they can R&R and/or apply the feedback to subsequent assignments... (1/N)
Yes, it's a substantial amount of work for me BUT since some of the same issues come up a lot, I have a bank of "pro-tips" I can pull from- so I am not LINE-EDITING their essays, so much as highlighting examples & giving them broadly applicable pro-tips... (2/N)
Common themes of feedback:
1) Identifying & prioritizing recent, scholarly sources (differentiating primary, secondary, tertiary sources and when & how to use them).
2) Weaving citations together WITHIN paragraphs.
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Aug 28, 2021
Finally dug into the details of the California teacher who was a Typhoid Mary to her students...
I'll just quote from the CDC report (cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/7…)

The teacher became symptomatic on May 19, but continued to work for 2 days before receiving a test on May 21.
"during this time <of active COVID symptoms>, the <unvaccinated> teacher read aloud unmasked to the class despite school requirements to mask while indoors."
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Aug 26, 2021
Let's talk about the ways that humans socially learn, bc without that context it may be hard to understand how we got to the "folks taking livestock medication & shitting themselves in public" situation (🧵)
As humans, our adaptive cognitive architecture for social learning is <chef's kiss>

(also, y'all should go ahead & follow Prof @MichelleAKline bc she is really in the know about all this)
From an individual perspective, learning things through "trial & error" or "guess & check" is fraught with pitfalls. At BEST it can take a LOT of time, limiting how much a person can learn in lifetime...
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Mar 31, 2021
[Woman at the wheel of a truck, looking over asking "you ready?"]
[gif is World Wrestler jumping up on arena ropes hollering out "I SAID, ARE YOU READY?!"]
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Mar 30, 2021
LAST UP: Of Myths & Monsters #1-seed Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) vs. Sea Beastie #1-seed Saber-Toothed Anchovy (Monosmilus chureloides) #2021MMM Dark brown-gray-black & white Harpy Eagle with curved beak, Painting of an underwater oean scene with fossil Saber-tooth
Special thanks to @chumblebiome & @alyb_batgirl for clutch contributions to this battle! #2021MMM
On his path to tonight's battle, #1-seed Sabertooth Anchovy swirled Copepod, devoured Pink Vent Fish, mercy-masticated Vampire Squid, & demolished Midgardia Sea Star! #RipTide #2021MMM
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